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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Witney Michael & Mariah - The Family Awakening

Whitney Houston a gift...a beautiful voice...and such a tragic ending. I was told to get in touch with her in a time of my own struggles when already been offered all expenses to help someone in America - instead finding myself battling to survive with the circumstances facing my life...

If I was in America..would I have contacted Witney or Michael -two people died who I was told to get in touch with..not thinking that a telephone line might have resolved the distance issue..

We all  go through different experiences to force us to grow as people and there are people who go thorugh so much in their life...these people have the greatest capacity to reach other people. I beleive that Oprah Winfrey is meant to be the person who reached many millions of people because her heart, her healing experiences and her ability to connect at an empathic level is what people gravitate too. Having someone to care and say hey I know you hurt but it will not always be this way.

It was not my place at the time to contact Witney or Michael..If either of them knew someone who knew me and this came by recommendation...then it would have been different. Surely there are people in America who are far better qualified and closeby ////and yet this did not alter the fate of these lives.

Years ago someone bought me an album of Witney Houston that was never played becuse I did not have a record player...still I listened to her songs and some touched my heart more than others...Watching the Bodyguard I cried...the intensity between the body guard and protection between them both...Was this man a symbolic representation of someoone else...a guardian angel or even Christ himself.

It is not knowing if I was picking up on something else....the assassination attempt. Looking on the streetmap in London..Portman Street was named and I shuddered...Already seeing the map has taken shape and plans already laid down....surely it does not take intellignce to comprehend how billions is spent on war...with the hunger for more..and yet there is a lack...a lack of soul....a lack of heart..Cold, cold hearts.

Just finding this video the stage setting captures an open temple...I have stood on the steps of the ruined Acropolis temple and when being told as a teenager still about the stolen Acropolis Marbles..I said then they should be returned...not fully understanding my connection to this place and the people.

Mariah has the name Maria...Saint Mary Maria, Maryram...all these names trace back to the ancient times of the time of the Temple  Athena is connected with the Acropolis and so is the Virgin Mary. Any successors to this particular bloodline THE LEVITES will also be connecting the House of David and Jacob.

Miracles if you beleive....Miracles happen when we pray..God grants the miracles as along as we keep praying...In listening to and watching this song being performed...two women...two spiritual sisters are singing a song that actually has resonated with my heart for years...And now the Acroplis these years is being rebuilt...I dod not know why or the purpose..Just knowing a great wrong has been done to the people in Greece and probably far more wider in this world now because we are scattered.

Rachel is the nameof the Role of Witney Houston in the Bodyguard...A song that moves me deeply knowing that there is no man I could say I feel this sentiment for and yet without God I have nothing...not that my life is materially blessed...we are many who hold on to our faith and yet if we did not cry out for help in deperate times, we would give up because mostly people are not going to meet our needsor be there all the time...

As a young woman I was head hunted to be in films and would experience anciety inside..even with being popular, there were stabsof jealousy...the more popularity came, there were vicious people around too.It was in watching this movie that made me realise exactly why I did not want fame...This anciety started at school when a teacher bought attetnion to my mothers paralysis..most children were shocked and a couple were cruel..I wanted to protect her form the cruelty...She had magnatism and had the same with people who were insanely jealous...a very distubing mindet....It never occurred why anyone would want to cause my mother to become injure me either...there is more to this...

Notice in the video, before the assination attempt, Witney is dressed in a cloak and her body guard Kevin Kostner gives her a CROSS...I do not think tihis is coincidence. The bodyguard who knows someone is in danger and the reason why....the man with the cross, who was willing to give up his life, Jesus Christ...

Rachel is a biblical name...the middle name of my French Grandmother.

Rachel was the daughter of Laban and the younger sister of Leah, Jacob's first wife. Jacob was her first cousin and she was the younger niece of Rebekah.

Rachel's son, Joseph, is destined to be the leader of Israel's tribes between exile and nationhood.'This role is exemplified in the Biblical story of Joseph, who prepared the way in Egypt for his family's exile there,and in the future figure of Mashiach ben Yosef (Messiah, son of Joseph), who, in the Rabbinic Jewish view, will fight the apocalyptic Wars of Gog and Magog, preparing the way for the kingship of Mashiach ben David (Messiah, son of David) and the messianic age.'

In this image connected with the page of Rachel from biblical times, there is a feature that is prominent in a family line that appears...a narrow forehead.. With Rachel being Hebrew, from Canaan and with family being from a mixed heritage. being connected with the Holy Land is not really unexpected.

In this 1989 performance,I was guided to find a video with both Witney Houstorn and Michaels sing one after the other.. Witney sings One Moment in Time and Michael from his heart 'you were there'

There is a connection between spiritually sensitive people. There is also a connection to people who are related to eachother...Soul singing is named with singing from our soul and it is in reaching to other people hrough their heart and soul more souls are gathered together...When Witney and Michael were no longer here, their souls went on and the souls here who were ignithed in their heart, continue to to touch the lives and hearts of other people..

America the land of the Free is with Lady Liberty. The announcer finishes with "The Palace now has a Queen and the goosebumbs will continue"

There were many times I could have reached out to people across the pond and yet, that did not stop me thinking about people, and praying too. We can ALL send our love and pray for people who are struggling in whatever situation that they can find the strength to come through this difficulty. .

It is the most horrible cycle to be caught in a destructive relationship....and one that is involving drugs too - the person must want to get outof this and choose life, The person must want to survive and kick that habit for good. That person must want love instead of pain. That person must want to be their own true self instead of giving up and being what is expected. Difficult to do in the Fame business and also in relationsips. If this had been now and I met Witney, it would be easier to challenge her fiesty character - the personality front is not the real person inside and the seemingly strongest and most gifted people might feel weak with so many insecurities..Everyone has a story. These gifted people are also channels for inspiration too.

Whitney was born in  Newark, New Jersey NEW ARK.She was of African AmericanNative American, and Dutch descent -  This unity of family lines is profoundly significant with uniting people and nations in peace...Whitney, Princess used her voice to do this in her calling.

The Ark is connected with Africa. 

Michael was born in Chicago; he had a difficult life. He could relate to multitudes of people and people gravitatingto him was because of this.His Mother Katherine is the name of a Princess Saint and also Empress, His father Joseph's name is from the Royal House of David. The throne, crown and Byzantine Eagle were revealed before Michael was killed. 'This IS IT' Jubilee Law OF RETURN.. Prince Michael continues to reach to peoples hearts who are suffering persecution,  hurting and without love - and he had profound awareness of people starving in our world. He knew about the crown too.

Michael being known as a King of the People placed him at risk..

Mariah was born Long Island, in Huntington, New York and is of African American and Venezuelan  and Irish descent. The last name Carey came by a name-change by her Venezuelan grandfather, Francisco Nuñez, after emigrating to New York..Long Island featured in Eyes Wide Shut.

Notice Jim Carey has the same name...with a cousin named Jim Karey...- Jim went to live in San-Francisco.. Saint Francis. These soul singers have been born from the Saint lines. When people's voices have been silenced in theancient timers, evenif they succeeded today the voice gets louder...Without fame, they woujld not have delivered their most profound messages.

The greatest gift you can give is your love...

My personal connection with Africa is being brought into tnto the World by 'Joy' from South Africa nad yet with no record, of genealogy it is not known whatever other connection for definate. With Michelle Obama communicating with me in a dream - this might provide a bloodline link, with Barack Obama visiting Ireland to look at archives in connnection with his ancestry.Very interesting indeed.

Men have a brotherhood....women a sisterhood...our DNA lines provide connections to family lines to communicate..In one dream a man gave me a paper and said 'this is Barack Obamas private number that you can access any time 24/7' -  Are we family too?. The Egyptian connection might be revealing. in this  Thought this was interesting too...The family remembering reuniting...

This is our calling...all I can do is pray...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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