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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Waking Up: The Differing Views About Israel

Before sleeping I asked God to help me and guide me with what I need to know so that I can understand clearly.....Then in finishing my prayer, with my eyes closed I was given a vision,

A cream/beige coloured marble steps going up towards an upper floor of a building. The light was upstairs. The stairs were not straight up and they were not spiral stairs either. They had a curving..

After completing this article I found this video...this image is how the stairway was shown except I was about 10 steps from the top to the open door with light shining inside.

Just before waking up and opening my eyes I had another clear vision - the map of Israel in different territories like this...the vison on both times were just a few seconds...both very clear.

'Hearing' 'the differing views about Isreal are justified' - realizing when people remember their ancient history, they will remember that the land was partitioned according to the instruction of God.

Jacob had 12 sons who became the Patriarchs...he also had a daugher Dinah who was raped - she marred a Prince of another tribe. In history there was assurance that the families would always be able to remain under the authority of God and there was also obligation to be obediant to Him too.

'There can be now king over Israel' because God is the ruler over Israeli' came to mind...Jacob was a Prophet. Jacob became the head of his family.

The stairway I saw at first made me think of the stairway toheaven except this was going to the upper floor of a building (a church)..and I thought then 'the upper House of David'..David was an anointed King. This could indicate that in particular the Virgin Mary was also connected to the family

This would make sense because there are connectons.

High Priestess comes to my mind now and this image.


Jacobs ladder is a famous painting....His pillow sits underneath the coronation stone of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has also been named the United Kingdom of Israel.

Look at the demons trying to prevent people ascending to heaven. It is known if we ascend to heaven we belong to the Lord and the lower entities on this earth might be preventing progress. Of all the people who do not beleive...a great deal of work has gone into helping people forget.

As the plan of man does not include God - he who rejects God might never do the work to ascend...The people who have the focus pointof Christ is because he said He is The Way and he IS!

The steps connected with the House of David- are also connected with the church. As the upper floor is with light, indicating enlightenment. The anointed King of Israel is spiritually enlightened by God.

Of the land that was partitioned - the Levites would not have any inheritance. Their inheritance is God and in turn they would be provided for. Their role is to ensure people walk in the way of the Lord. This can be open to interpretation - Walk in the direction of the Lord and you will meet him.

The Levite Priests were given the responsibility to minister for the Lord and ensure the upkeep of His Laws. They were given the role of responsibility to Minister to All Tribes.

This High Priest is pointing towards the heaven..The finger index finger is also found to be significant as representing the star....'It is written in the Stars'  comes to mind 'everythingis written in the stars' - The ancients knew that whatever was written, the prophesies given by the Prophets will come to pass. My grandmother used to say 'your destiny is written in the stars' The ancients thought this way.

Another thought, 'Prince Phillip gained possession of land with the building 'in Jerusalem' rented to the Israeli government. This could place his family influences over the decisions made - directly or indirectly. Jerusalem is the City - Israel is the Holy Land. Jerusalem is the City of the Holy Land.

Another thought came 'whatever they do will not change anything'- the impression in my mind is for all the efforts, they, whoever they are will be playing into the hand of the Lord.

This world was never given for personal possession..It was given so that we could all live on and thrive. That we would take careof this land and to take care of eachother.

The visions of the steps and the map of the land of Israel and Palestinian Territories was shown to be connected and validated too There are for each tribe symbols ...symbols have meaning and when we understand the meaning then we will be more clear in our understanding of God's plan..

All the tribes cannot be excluded because they are one family. And the tribees have intermarried with other tribes - through this marriage has brought everyone under the authority of God, not just the Jews. This has been validated with Prophet Muhammad with his night journey to speak with the Lord..

If you will make sense.

People are slowly waking up to their inheritance..

As some people have the BIRTHRIGHT INHERITANCE that cannot bedenied to live under the guidance and authority of God so the truth is delivered to people so that they can know the Will of God

There are people who have the BIRTHRIGHT INHERITANCE that was given back in the ancient times By Moses upon instructoin by the Lord 'Worship only one God and love him with all your heart'.

The people this instruction is given to are the Israelites.

The Hebrews - meaning people from over the water.

The Jews were entrusted with the Oracle of God.

The differing views of the State of Isreal...we are all of different tribes and there are people who are trying to bring the Holy Land of Israel back at it should be...This should not be with weapons of war.

The war mongers in our world are what they are. The peacemakers are who they are...Blessed are the peacemakers in this world.....for the meek shall inherit the earth, it is written.  Matthew 5:5

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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