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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Actress Kristin Scott Thomas as Queen Elizabeth II

While there are more significant articles to write about published today, this one caught my attention. Not the article, the photograph of Kristin Scott Thomas as a beautiful Queen Elizabeth II.

The crowing glory: Kristin Scott Thomas is pictured in costume as Queen Elizabeth II ahead of her role in The Audience at London's Apollo Theatre

The photographer has captured the lady with seriousness and reserve, looking in a direction as if beyond - keeping a focus on the destination. The divine plan has already been written down. 

To quote the article ;Dame Helen Mirren has the crowning glory of an Oscar and a West End reign to show for her portrayal of the Queen.

But BAFTA-winning actress Kristin Scott Thomas will be next to the throne as she prepares to play Elizabeth II in The Audience.

Kristin, 54, was pictured for the first time in costume as her Royal Majesty before she replaces Helen in the West End in April 2015, while the Dame will take the starring role to Broadway.'

All smiles: The Queen had previously congratulated Helen on her portrayal of the monarch herself   

The Queen is captured here wearing a woven outfit with matching hat with gold..and with hats symbolising crowns, the lady is wearing a gold crown....The smile is almost as if mischievous and yet congruent in the moment

Seeing double: Helen received a damehood before the portrayal but also came face to face with The Queen in February, with Helen admitting her nerves.

This is one of my favourite photographs of the Queen because it captures the lady looking on and listening, probably a rare glimpse into what is going on internally. It is said no one knows what the Queen is really thinking and feeling except herself and God.....Sometimes a picture can tell a thousand words. Her expression is attentive and serious.

The Queen, it has been shown in a dream is a remnant chosen by grace, She is the person who was holding up the same blue material up towards her face, as was on my the dream.  A remnant means an off cut of a larger piece of material. Other dreams have revealed a wedgewood blue carpet in an old house, to discover Royal Wedgewood is connected with the bust of Minerva ....The dreams bring messages just to reveal an unfolding situation.

The serious Queen will look with such closeness even in her own family. Whether she is actually very strict is not known but she is very observant. People think because she is old and have even referred to her as stupid and yet from a man, that just shows typically the disregarding a woman in her role, who might have gained wisdom in her years. Whether this be divine wisdom being guided by God or learning important lessons, applying them is most important. 

If the Queen is a sincere servant of God, then she knows the difference between distracting people away from the Lord and leading people towards Him because after all, the crown wearer sits on the footstool of heaven on earth.

The Queen it is reported meets with her ministers to discuss affairs. Queen Elizabeth reportedly has met with 12 ministers during her reign. I wonder how many men actually listen to what she is really saying. As not even God will compromise with people's Free Will because he gave this to us all, the concern is when the British establishment do have obligations to fulfil if they are serving God in truth. They might not be. That is why people suffer.

During the Queen's 60th Jubilee a river pageant took place. There were two throne chairs on the Chartwell Boat, the name of the home of Winston Churchhill. Two Actress Queens are shown above. On the border of Bolton and Bury in England there is a pub named THE QUEENS - plural. The Holy Bible refers to the Queen of the South.

As Queen Elizabeth took her coronation vow to God Almighty,  she cannot serve two masters and so would know the position that I am in too...Her officials need to respect this. The rule of man does not rule over God. 

The Queen is preserved as a lady who took her promise to God even if justice is repeatedly denied. It is because Justice is repeatedly denied and the Laws of God have been broken that Jesus takes His Kingdom back.

It is for this reason since the time of the 60th Jubilee that Jesus has been revealing himself, First in Cornwall in a dream of a child - the Queen's eldest son Charles is the Duke of Cornwall. Jesus has also been appearing to children wearing his crown in Bolton on land directly connected with The Crown wearer - on the Duchy of Lancaster.

What will happen next....time will only tell.

The future is already written. Everything will come to pass.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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