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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

BBC Documentary - The Diamonds Lab

With diamonds being a mutlibillion dollar industry, it has been shown that there are people up and down the scale of the diamond industry that place profit and control as a priority. Evil comes in many guises. The name Blood Diamonds is not given without reason. Underground, resources including minerals and quartz can become a magnet for people who want to control land and resources - by.whatever means.

There are people who love the look of a cut diamond, but if we consider that the diamond has come with contributing to poverty to people, suffering, fear, decapitation of hands and even death, would we even want them? In a progressive world, there had to be the intelligence to work out another way..

The first time I head of diamonds grown in a lab, it surely took my interest. I was told that Richard Burton had given a YAG to Elizabeth Taylor as a gift and she accepted this token of love, as if it was naturally formed underground. I was also told there are people who keep the real thing locked up in bank vaults and instead have industrial diamonds - worn for a fraction of the cost, with the investment seemingly secure.

Yesterday I came across the video of Blood Diamonds and today the documentary 'The Diamond Lab'. Rather to see these stones be manufactured and have men put down their weapons of war.

Last year I was thinking, the oil and resources are in our ground for a reason. Man has raped this earth for gains. There are barren lands for a reason. If all the seemingly wealth that is reaped from diamonds, what about food and water to survive. If there is no food and clean water, diamonds are not going to nourish the body. While money allows people/ from another resource..The cost of living rises.

My Greek grandmother one day spoke about a large diamond that went missing - She did not know if it had been stolen 'or thrown away by mistake by the maid', It was to be my inheritance one day. She said my Grandfather and his uncle owned a diamond mine. He gave up his share to pay his relatives gambling debt, not knowing if the gambling debt was from a game of cards or if cheating was involved.

My grandmother never placed materialistic value on diamonds. Seeing the large diamonds worn her dear friend - they were jewels, not status symbols. If a diamond is mined and bought without conflict, then the energy that is transmitted from this, would reflect this. Once a diamond being sold as a gift of love forever - an eternal stone, the moment materialism takes dominance, love can easily have a price tag too.

In the Revelation Church of Smyrna is reference to the Crown of Life. The crown of death might be worn by someone who thinks nothing of people being killed for gains and possession of land  The Kohinoor Diamond is a spoil of war and still today there are people who will kill for diamonds. The Mafia families that control lands and resources....are Mafia families controlling food resources too? Water supplies?

Mafia is a criminal organisation for profit and gains.

Perhaps the crown of life is made from diamonds that are not gained by war and being without killing people, oppressing people or cutting people's hands off for theft. Certainly worth thinking about.

Years ago I was told about the YAG. While there are people who want to pass these off as the real thing naturally formed underground - the industrial diamond is not meant to be the same. As the documentary has shown, there are distinct differences and the man made diamonds in the lab are not being sold or marketed in being anything other than what they are. And yet it is also interesting that effort is being made to retain control of the Diamond market...but what we see is a process of quality control and testing.

A few years ago I was speaking to a lady in America who lives in the most tranquil setting. She said her home sits on a quartz mountain. These minerals are balancing our earth energy..If this energy is changed by disruption or destruction, this impacts the earth because an imbalance has been created.

I would wear the diamonds manufactured in the lab and do so knowing  no one has been killed or oppressed or war or other means has taken place that has cost lives and livelihood. There is still a mindset who would kill for gains and steal what belongs to someone else.....and yet, if everyone could see the diamond in it's original form, it would not be so appealing. The gift and skill is in the cutting.

Given a choice, would you wear a beautiful looking cut gemstone that has been grown in a lab and done so with the knowledge and technology to enable this, or one that has cost lives and blood?

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


Labgrown Diamoand said...

Thanks for sharing documentary for diamonds, Such a good blog for lab grown diamonds, man made etc. Keep sharing!!

Lady Pauline Maria said...

Thank you. Your message today is much appreciated.