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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 29 December 2014

Devil Worship - The Rise of Satanism

Quoting some statements from the video presented in the hope that all who read this will not ignore that Satanic rituals are taking place and to be alert that children are in danger.

Caryl Matrisciana Author and Occult Researcher has shown in her gentle way spoken in this documentary with the information and evidence included in this documentary, being impossible to ignore.

"Drawings by children reveals how they were forced to participate in atrocious Satanic rituals involving animal and human sacrifice. Sometimes even compelled to ear raw meat and drink blood. 

Heartbreaking accounts of how children were deliberately trapped in cages or graves for hours at a time. Sometimes even with snakes. They were defacated and urinated on, sodomized and raped by adults in Satanic ceremonies. Sometimes adults would wear robes similar to Christian clergy and perform rituals in Christian churches. Not only to mock God but to terrorize the children against the beleif in biblical Christianity. And today, more and more cases are revealing an international link between child pornography and Satanism"

Detective Karl Jackson from Beaumont Police Department: "One of the things that seems to be real consistent with ritual child abuse in your hart core type groups is the fact that it is almost an indoctrination method to make that child become part of that group." 

"If they can ritually abuse children, if they can in any way sexually abuse children - anything to destroy a child's innocence or their trust or their wonder of the world they will do it,"

David Wilshire, Member of Parliament UK: "Satanism exists in this country as it exists elsewhere. It is appaulingly  evil. It is about murder. It is about child abuse. It is about sexual abuse. It is no joke and must be taken seriously and must be dealt with"

The most tragic stories that I have ever heard is where a child has told people what has been happening and the adults have said 'Don't be stupid, that doesn't happen in this country'

Jurors often find such practices impossible to believe, especially when young children are telling such horrifying tales' - quoted in printed matter.

"One of the more powerful rituals in Satanism is the Black Mass, a parody of the Catholic Mass in which text is said backwards and in which many other sacred Christian traditions are mocked"

Satanism is to deliberately Mock God.

Sargent Randy Emom of Baldwin Park Police department: "The reason why some of this is being covered up is for political reasons. It's obvious........................"

The documentary shows as there are dates where rituals are taking place and what is involved - this is a calendar that might be likely shared with other groups of people involved in Satanic rituals too. With people scattered around our world involved in these rituals - this si the power that is dominating at the time. The battle between good and evil, to preserve and save souls is actually very real indeed.

With people involved in rituals speaking out, there is discussion of killing of animals. One lady speaks of her experience of after killing once, wanting to do so again. So imagine the cycle and danger to people, of someone who has killed a human being in in ritual sacrifice. The lust for blood and power is of the greatest evil that is progressive. The people who share their experience defies silencing the truth.

More profound truths are being revealed that are shared here.

'When you join Satanism you take an oath that you state you are there til you die and the biggest gift you can give Satan is to die voluntarily as a sacrifice'

'The human being is a precious instrument in the eyes of the Lord. If someone can come along, if Satanists come along and destroy, murder something that God loves its just what the devil wants'

These various Satanic covens that meet, need to have this kind of sacrifice for their high festival days and sort of, I hate to say it like this, it is sort of supply on demand. The more Satanic covens there are, the more children, babies and teenagers are going to be brought out and sacrificed. And again it is the destruction of innocence that they seek. That's why children are sought. That's why teenagers are sought. That's why, oddly enough, Christians are sought...' 

"In many Satanic groups a mother will be asked to sacrifice her own child to Satan and she may even in fact, ritually impregnated to do that. She may even specifically been impregnated and when a child is born, never registered the child as being born, and the kill it in a very horrible way and sometimes the mother herself has asked to do it."

There are around a million children and young people who go missing every year. We do not know how many people are killed every year in ritual sacrifice and we cannot ignore this any more either.

Silence is no longer an option. The truth must be known.

Brave people are speaking out and at this time. Hearing he voices of officials who are working in the capacity of protecting people, is just as important as the victims and people who have managed to break away from this life and speaking out in their truth, that cannot be denied by anyone.

Let the truth be revealed and known by those who know!

The danger to children who are vulnerable to is to various degrees of becoming victim to an enticement from the security of a loving home and protected knowing that there if a far higher authority over all of us. A child or young person who is unhappy or hurting, can easily stray away and begin on a pathway that would lead them to a life they would not normally be taking with conscious awareness and a loving heart.

The recruitment of young people by these groups can lead them to a life to hurt other people and with the lust for power in our world, and Satanism driving so many people, the evil deeds that are being done against Christians and against the Holy Church teaching is deliberate. With the destruction an distrust, the people easily then become slaves to their masters who are self appointed, as the video has shown.

Officials in England have stated'this land is ruled by dark forces.

Any speculation cannot be of any real value and yet gaining the facts is not easy when people are sworn to keep silent or too scared to speak out. People should be alert in case  monarchs serve Satan. In England it has been revealed with the exposure in the media of paedophile rings. Satanic rings..

It is justified to question if the Queen is a sincere servant of God as someone who is in her position to protect people. However, so easily can evil influence infiltrate the church - it is no wonder that the people in this land are unable to comprehend the meaning of being Royal and Royal Law in context.

There are fundamental laws given in relation to being in the Assembly of the Lord and specifically with the Throne being in Heaven, the footstool on earth, Queen Elizabeth has held alone in her time. 

We are told that the Queen is a devout in her faith. In listening to her two Christmas day speeches - last year and this year, she reveals her truth. This year she made no mention of her family. This is a lady who knows all about the evil  happening on this land and danger to people. She knows of rituals taking place too.

In the video documentary above, it is interesting someone has chosen to be the founder of the Olympus Temple ..In the ancient times, Mount Olympus is located in the mountain range between the border of Thessaly and Macedonia- ancient Greece. With so many people enacting roles of people who were perceive to be or declared as being great, those who battle against God in the divine plan, evoke reactions.

In this timeline the rebuilding of the ancient Temple of Atena is timely. The return to the true faith is timely and for people to understand why being under the protection of God Almighty was given long ago is because it is necessary. In England the land of the God mockers, officials have denied the Law of God and have actually refused to obey the Law and Authority of God. Such arrogance is Satan's influence.

 INDIVIDUALS are speaking out as they are guided to and because they have a conscience to. Being a Christian is not about being silent. If anything there is a calling to speak out, to  protect the vulnerable and confront the errors taking place.We are told evil will be destroyed. This we will see but right now, evil is thriving and people are dying. Masses of people are being killed in ritual sacrifice for power. 
The wars based on lies are Satanic ritual sacrifice.

All it takes for evil to escalate is silence...NO MORE!

"If you are in a church where the Spirit of God is really moving and where the Word of God is really being preached, and where prayer is really going up to heaven for the salvation of souls, then they are going to regard you as their mortal enemy. And they are going to be out there trying everything they can to destroy, to kill and to maim because that is of course the nature of Satan and that is also the nature of his followers. They will try infiltrate your church......"

Satan does not rule over God. The awareness of Satan was brought by Jesus Christ when he offered the world to Christ if he would worship him. Jesus refused and said GET BEHIND ME SATAN.Today there are people eager to worship Satan to possess the world. There are people willing to give up their soul for short term gains. Satan knows his time is short..and that is because of the return of Christ

The effort to silence the truth and debilitate the truth tellers is very real...Killing people who are born in the
Royal Priesthood bloodline chosen by God did not silence the truth..

 Satan's minions are many...God is far Greater and SEES ALL!

The people who have raised awareness of Satanic rituals have had experience or have been made aware this is doing on. The police know Satanic rituals are going on and human sacrifice too. When oaths of allegiance and taking oaths to keep the silence, people are too scared to speak out. Ignorance is not bliss.

Before anyone can say God will not forgive...we are not God to make that judgement. As Judgement is already found written in the Holy Bible and what is happening in this timeline...evil is going to be destroyed
Man will not need to do anything..The cess pit of evil has a point of influence 'underground'

This documentary has shown how people have turned their lives around and turned to Jesus Christ. It is important to consider that most people do not choose to enter into a life of Satanism - there are children born into this influence. However there are people who lust after power and gains, with a willingness to enter and do whatever is matter who suffers and dies, that carries a price.

Ruling over lands and people by deception, is Satan's way.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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