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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Elisabeth Hurley 'Anarchy in The Monarchy'

There is a headline today again in the Daily Mail online:

Anarchy in the monarchy!' Elizabeth Hurley stars in scandalous sex-and-booze fuelled teaser for new series The Royals 

Confronting the scandal: Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena attempts to shame her wild daughter, Princess Eleanor, played by Alexandra Park, in the 61-second clip from E!'s The Royals, released on Thursday
Confronting the scandal: Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena attempts to shame her wild daughter, Princess Eleanor, played by Alexandra Park, in the 61-second clip from E!'s The Royals, released on Thursday
The article writes 'Queen Elizabeth II may want to give this show a miss.

On Thursday E! released a 61-second teaser for The Royals, its scandalous take on a fictional version of the British monarchy, starring Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena.

The actress intones 'Money, sex, drugs, power' over images of the younger members of the family, including William Moseley as Prince Liam and Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor, running wild at decadent parties fuelled by sex, drugs and booze in an upper-class world without limits.

Helena attempts to keep her family's indiscretions under wraps in the drama, set in modern-day London. 
But King Simon, played by Vincent Regan, seems intent on destroying it. 

He shockingly announces he's going to ask parliament to abolish the crown as the words, 'Anarchy in the monarchy' flash on screen

Living it up: The young royals indulge in booze-fuelled binges

The remark draws scorn from his queen, who hisses, 'You are the King of England, damn it. Act like it!' 
The clip unfolds as Louder by Kid Karate plays in the background. 

According to Deadline Hollywood, the first season centers on Prince Liam, who is thrust into the spotlight after his older brother, the beloved Prince Robert, is killed in a military training accident.

Liam is in love with Ophelia, a young American played by Merritt Patterson, the daughter of the royal family’s head of security.

Elizabeth Hurley has as some people observe a resemblance to Kate Middleton perhaps both are actresses, one knowing her place in this role. While people gush at the party animal royals, not everyone see what is really going on behind palace doors but there are people who do. While The Royals is said to be fictional adaptation, it is not know if there is some truth.

The 10-part, hour-long drama co-stars Jake Maskall, Ukweli Roach, Tom Austen, Sophie Colquhoun and Oliver Milburn

Coming soon: E! will debut its first scripted series on March 15

Dynasty's British veteran actress Joan Collins will also guest star as the Grand Duchess of Oxford. 

E!'s first scripted series, The Royals will premiere on March 15 at 10 p.m.

In the Daily Mail article, one commenter has written:

'Don't you think Elizabeth Hurley resembles Kate Middleton ?'

Perhaps why she was chosen for the role....the question of most importance is if Parliament is going to abolish the Monarchy for the same reasons, with so many people want today to do away with this after Queen Elizabeth is gone?

Sacred Majesty is a title that is supposed to be held by one who serves and interprets the word of God...Queen by the Grace of God implies being chosen to be Queen to serve God and this would be rightfully the handmaiden of The LORD! 

There are changes going on in our world. The announcement of this article today for a series that is going to be shown months away might be for a reason.. Is there going to be abolishment of the Monarchy in Parliament? There are people who will celebrate. Many people want the monarchy abolished in England. Laws were made to secure their place .

The Monarch gains an income from the Royal Duchy of Lancaster of £13 million a year. The Duke of Cornwall collects around £18  million. A life of excess is easily accustomed to with even much less. If the British Monarchy is abolished through Parliament this income might stop (even if there are other branches of wealth plus plus what is already gained). The lust for power and defiance is real today.

Anarchy implies political disorder or lawlessness within a society - Anarchy in the monarchy implies disorder and lawlessness within the monarchy. Already with reports showing wizard wand waving - defiance is rejecting The Law and Authority of God.

The Royals might be eager to keep their position, disregarding responsibility and how they impact the people even by influence - a young generation who get drunk with excess, is this not what some of the young royals do today. With black  magic and illusion promoted today - witchcraft too, Why? It is reported on Wikipedia that Prince Charles has taken an exam in magic and a member of the Magic circle - illusion is one thing for entertainment if this is known to be so. Masses of people are influenced detrimentally today.

While I do not think anyone expects perfection - the duplicity of presenting a persona to the world with an agenda for gains to the detriment of the mass population, is with nakedness exposed by magasines in Europe; one headline in translation 'the Queen is Naked'. Queen was identified in the headline. William and Kate announced their engagement in The Throne Room of the Sovereign's official residence. It is not known if any ceremony had taken place prior. The future was planned before the wedding on Saint Catherine's day with Kate Middleton wearing the halo tiara.....the McQueen wedding dress carefully chosen too.

I was told in magic, attention is to detail, dates and times.

The pristine marketed image of the perfect princess is very carefully choreographed. As all our telephone calls are recorded, so are members of the British royal family too. Staff see what is going on - they might sign contracts of secrecy this does not prevent the truth being known. As with televisions and PC/Laptops and other modern technology having the ability to record, nothing is hidden any more.

Notice there was the launching of a new ship named Queen Elizabeth. The second name of Kate Middleton is Elizabeth. If she has a daughter and names her Elizabeth, it would not be a surprise at all.

It is rather offensive that anyone who has not evolved, would be put in a position of reverence and overlord pretending to serve God when mocking HIM! There are people in our world who are spiritually enlightened and guided in truth to preserve humanity and deterring another war taking place is a priority.
What will be will be...Justice is not yet served in UK. There are laws to be implemented to protect people and to preserve the lawful marriage union and family. The sham marriage is in different guises...If there is built a house on solid ground that is fair for all within, the foundation is established on righteousness. When there is lack of responsibility and refusal to do right by people - something is seriously wrong!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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