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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 29 December 2014

France Blog Audience almost 50% more than USA?

Just taking notice of the blog statistics with France a small geographical location in comparison with USA and yet the sudden rise of statistics show almost 50% more visitors....

Last night I was thinking, with news of China being blocked from access to Gmail - GOOGLE MAIL - GOOGLE - GOOGLE BLOGSPOT....Are people being deliberately kept in the dark?

Who,is really the puppet master of power over man?

Jesus has shown that he is communicating with people from all backgrounds and even with deaf people. When a lady told me he was giving bread and wine to Arab boys - and he pointed to his arms to show her and she understood this to be from his body and his blood - he was showing her that they are family. The children received him....the alternative is not something they are given, to be taken away.

I have not had time to document news reports of what is found in the Daily Mail - in particular in relation to incidents of crashes, floods and people who have been killed. As has been shown in previous articles. locations and names, numbers all have meaning and purpose...,There might be a reason for this that we are meant to know and understand. What people do not know - the mind is more aware....

Your mind is able to comprehend beyond what is written.

The mind can be controlled and given information...The information you find on this blog is mixed - with my own learning and discovery, what is being revealed and also now openly sharing divine guidance too. Divine is because the Holy Spirit is Divine...The Holy Spirit is from God and I have been on a life journey of learning to trust this...But still it is for you tto seek the truth from God...and the truth will be revealed.

If there is any media blackout - what is being silenced deliberately is going to be revealed anyway...There is a lot happening in our world - good, evil, generosity and poverty, lust for power and meekness - the ability to let go and let God take control is not easy.. When we have to be tough to face difficult situations, I am learning, being made vulnerable, that God has so far, fulfilled his promise to me a few years ago..

I have no idea for the sudden domination of France on this blog - perhaps this is for a reason that might be revealed in the numbers...What I would like readers to know, it is with risk to write openly, sharing thoughts and observations, sharing experiences with prayer and revelation too...but it is not done with being frivolous. I find myself in a positon with a very heavy heart living in a land that refuses to work for justice.

In history, God put the anointed ones in the location of the evil one...As witness to evil and injustice, this is the reason why God claims back his kingdom from the mockers who continue to deny his authority.

Being part French...the interest from France is intriguing and yet, I hope wherever my readers are from, you can gain something positive and in particular be inspired in faith that is why I write openly.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


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