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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Gerald Carroll: Biggest Criminal Fraud in British History

Gerald Caroll - the man who has known what happens behind the scenes - made his fortune and lost a fortune, with reports of death threats, evidently he knows something people want silenced.

Assets disappearing...Sky News reporting what BBC has not?

In the describing of the dummy companies, this procedure to shift money around could be applied in other unscrupulous corporate dealings in the UK or  indeed elsewhere. Who questions this?

Why would Gerald Carroll be set up is certainly worth looking into. He claims either his signature was forged or a signature stamp was used. A  man who has been set up for a fall, or is he being silenced?

The Scottish Companies, Irish Companies, American Companies with the Australian Companies -  you know the Architectural Control Systems

'The big break and I say this allegorically because it really is I suppose the most momentous time of my life that, you know sitting on that raft in the middle of the Atlantic with the Titanic that's gone down with only a few bits on the water, I mean who would actually believe me that a)there actually was a Titanic and b)that actually it had gone down and c) that I'd been the captain..........' 

 'The Inland revenue began an investigation but it was hampered by a critical factor. Much of the documentation had vanished. The paper trail had gone cold.

Predominantly what we are dealing with here, we are dealing with opaque Trust Law which is a function of Trust Law and we are dealing with the fact that Trusts have no obligation to file documentation in the public domain. Which is a function of Trusts......................'  

As one comment is left in part 3 reads underneath

The only mystery about all of this is how do the police sleep at night, arresting and hassling people for non crimes whilst having this whacking great scandal in front of their noses and totally ignoring it!

In this apocalyptic time - meaning a time of revealing the truth, what has remained hidden is being exposed. THE ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL SYSTEM is revealed here. Man's plan to control the world resources and rule over lands and people by deception would merit this fraud allegation.

And officials do not rock the boat because even though it is completely against the instruction given by God to take an oath, officials swear allegiance to the Queen, her heirs and successors - all her heirs and the Judges taken an oath to the Queen or Monarch and so with a structure in place that refuses to prosecute serious crime, it is protecting the most diabolical activities in our world too. This is the foretold time of evil ruling. 

If you access the video links directly, underneath there is a write up. Only the other day did I come across this video and just hearing the words from Gerald Carroll ''about the Biggest criminal fraud heist in British history in the heart of Westminster...'

Heist meaning robbery....

With the Palace of Westminster being where the Houses of Parliament, House of Lords and House of Commons is is not known if this is the building that is going to be destroyed by the heavens. An inspired painting revealed rocks falling down from the sky in one particular place by a river,

If this is the case..God's Wrath will be known. 

Those illegal wars based on lies - do they still endure?

Sometimes people are put in the position to be inside to know what is happening inside and when it comes to revealing the truth to do so is a matter of of obligation. Gerald Carroll has exposed the biggest criminal fraud heist in British history in the heart of Westminster - he would know and he likely knows a lot more too.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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