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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Heather Greene Battle Exposes Government Corruption

As the clock turns past midnight, it is now 25th December - Christmas Day. In England a vast amount of people will celebrate today, even get into debt for today. For many Christ will not be even relevant to their experience. Jesus Christ does not want people to get into debt in his name that is for sure.

If anything I am wishing the people a peaceful Christmas - peace in your heart and mind, but there are those who will never have it for whatever reason. officials who have been traitors to the people especially.

When David Cameron went on the campaign to expose the expenses claims, people were applauding him saying he has to be a good chap - after all this was not done before. I was not convinced. This is a man whose office telephoned me to ask for my support as he stepped in office and I said, tell him to telephone me because I have some issues to discuss. One of those was to address legal corruption in UK.

One day I was visiting a friend when she gave me a magazine she had read...At first I was not going to take it and then last minute changed my mind. Opening a page, the name HEATHER BOOKE stood out. This is the lady who is responsible for exposing the expenses claims and she went all the way to the High Court.

So the expenses being paid back was nothing to do with David Cameron whatsoever. Heather is the person who forced the issue and it is likely officials were worried about what else would be exposed. But in this instance, the High Court ruled in her favour - Heather met a Judge who was in agreement with her.

A name that should be a household name is not. Why?

Give credit where credit is due. Heather Brooke merits this.

There are men who think women are stupid. No we are not!

There are men who state we can do nothing to change the corrupt system - they sit back while illegal wars endure in a Godless system - they sit in silence while people are being persecuted and prosecuted for crimes with man made laws for profit, ignoring that the system is corrupt -The Law has been corrupted.

What are people voting for? To give away their power?

Stolen Acropolis Marbles ->refusing democracy to the people!

The battle to expose corruption is just a start...

The clean up is long overdue...

There needs to be examination about the oath of office...if taken to serve a Queen who is not appointed by God they might be using God and the oath to make decisions  to the detriment of people. Removing God from the oath, allows man to rule and that was likely the plan made long ago.

Placing people as subjects (meaning what exactly) to the Queen her heirs and successors is also with officials taking oaths of allegiance to the Queen, her heirs and successors. A well laid down plan.

Houses of Parliament where laws are made and changed!

England the land of blatant God mockers...

Listening to what Gerald Carroll had to say might be just scratching at the surface but it is with the people who know what is really going on that we must rely on for the truth, not interpretation of the truth.

Destroying evidence, does not change the truth. There are people who are on the inside who know what is happening and see what is really going on. One day the oaths to keep people silent will be broken and then there will be no where to rune and no where to hide. Time to stop ruling over people by deception!

What keeps people enslaved is fear of officials...Fear by the officials of the consequences they face if they speak out. However I have been told the greatest fear of officials is not getting paid.Says it all.

So corrupt officials eager to deprive the people too.

Officials cannot even comprehend a ROYAL BIRTHRIGHT!


Time will tell what will be and what will happen next.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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