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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 1 December 2014

Israelis Speak on Jesus, Mary and Christianity

Appreciating the honesty and openness in this video.

What people do not all realise is back in the ancient times, the Jews were given God as our authority and so people are right not to look to man and this is by the instruction of God. Worship no false idols people have been told. Stay in obedience to God people have been told...

From when Moses was born to when Jesus was born 1300 years had passed and there was the Roman 2000 years have passed and yet notice something, these are people who have descended after 3,300 years still retaining their faith - not as extremists or even trying to force other people because this is how God wants us to be beacons of light for faith and serve HIM on this earth.

As diverse as we are as people, each person is an individual. And it is a mistake to look at all people and condemn tribes and the Jewish people have taken a lot of punishment and persecution too. Out of ignorance comes religious conflict and yet is it not better to realise that actually throughout the ages, God has ensured that people do know of His authority and when people are destroying His Laws He is going to restore them again.....People with quiet spiritual understanding seek a quiet life, not war and arguments.

There are people in our world who are fed up with these battles.

A few weeks ago I met a lady who told me of a gentleman who is Jewish. His frustration is he does not understand why Israel is so important to his father and to his family. This is a conversation I was meant to have and surely many Jews in England might have wondered why too.

At the Head of the House of Israel is God Almighty.

It is impossible to bring people to understand who reject seeking the truth. One message from Jesus he spoke of the 1% who are waiting for him - not everyone is eager to learn from The Teacher.. Moses was given the Law. Jesus gave the understanding for Spiritual Enlightenment to men and women.

From Jewish people are other Rabbi teachers. When someone is serious in their service to God to enable people to become self aware and spiritually whole, then people can also rectify their ways and know by experience the meaning of integrity - integrating the mind, body and emotions as one. Spiritual Integrity is with being mind, body and emotions with the Soul...Our Soul communicates with God.

Unless people take that extra step 'something will be missing'. At present people are being obstructed to progress spiritually by those who present the same lesson to show from history. They rejected the cornerstone to build on what is already established. They rejected they way God has mapped out and planned for people to be united together in peace and so they show they are not chosen by him.

As the people say - they look to God alone - Rightfully so

England - the officials reject peoples right to do the same.

Holding onto bought titles and a status that has come from favours, even all the money in the world is not going to buy an entrance to heaven.....People had a chance to find the way...People had the focus point to keep the knowledge of God firmly within their beings and God does want to save His people.

2 Chronicles 6:6 - But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there; and have chosen David to be over my people Israel.

Being born on Beulah Crescent in Thornton Heath, I remembered as a child a church being named and discovered it is named Beulah Family Church. The Beulah family are the Israelites and so no coincidence that David Cameron is chosen to be in his position.

In Jerusalem, the plot of land that houses the Israeli government, according to Wikileaks Prince Charles was after this for some years; and it was given to his father as inheritance. And so with William taking over from his grandfather in 2013 as President of 'lands' in trust - is William the influence over the Israeli government? Did Tony Blair have something to do with this transfer of land - how many innocent people died in the Satanic wars?

Those who lust after power and rule over lands and people by deception, might be experts at manipulating and deceiving people. The King of the Israelites is king of the worldwide population and the King of Israel would be the King of the Asian World.

Israel is situated in Asia....

Ask Jews would they prefer to have Jesus as King or a man who defies the Laws of God and really has no love for the people....they might give a different answer. 

Ignorant people have hit out at Jesus - the enemies of Jesus will injure anyone who is close to him to hurt him. Over all there are a great many Jewish people waiting for the Messiah to return so that we can all live in peace and with the Holy Laws restored.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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