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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Jesus Message Heart to Heart 23rd December 2014

This is a heart to heart, soul to soul message from Jesus that was given on 23rd December 2014. The time of finishing came at 1:06 am. See my previous article for relevant scriptures identified in time and date.

Everything happens with divine timing and not before.

In the universe we might not understand that the past, present and future are interconnected tied as one. What was said 2000 years ago also has relevance today. When God said to Moses I AM YOUR LORD , the instruction is that God is our authority even if man wants to be God, he is not.

The Spirit of God within Jesus Christ allows him to speak the Word of The Father and so he knows who is sincere and who is not. God the Father gave the world Jesus Christ so that humanity could know him. And it is through Christ that everyone is equal - the egos in this world who lust after power cannot accept this.

Not growing up with indoctrination and religious teaching, it is with prayer that I have been given answers and guidance and yet, whenever something happens, I am seeking validation too. Usually this happens straight away or shortly afterwards. One time I had an insurance quote to pay a bill and thought' if only it was £100 cheaper it would not be so bad' At the time opening the letter, I was at the computer. Suddenly an email arrived about insurance Seeing this as validation, then seconds later the insurance company telephoned
 and offered me £100 discount without asking.(a poor example but this is how it is)

When I am praying to God it is clear...and sometimes I might say 'God I really need this' and then the need is met. Not always knowing how or even thinking about it any more beyond speaking just happens. One time thinking I need a blanket to cover my legs and half an hour later a lady calling me asking if she can drop my birthday present (In January when my birthday is in June). It was a Slanket.

So when talking to Jesus, first of all I am focussed on him...The focus point is very important when having messages from the divine realms and it is to Jesus that I entrust my heart. The Holy Spirit is a gift given in our baptism that allows us to remain in communication with God - it is one of the spiritual mysteries. But it is with the Holy Spirit that we can see what God wants us to see and know in dreams too. In the journey towards enlightenment, not everyone will follow this path or seek to be rightfully guided in life.

This is the message that Jesus gave to me, word for word:

My dear one, You are patient with me and yet impatient with those around you. The people mean well and yet do not understand your role is to serve me, to help me and there is no point explaining for they are blind. It is impossible to get someone to appreciate art that is inspired who has no appreciation of art. The grand masters works are worth millions and yet you live among people who have no appreciation of the grand master. The cost is immaterial.
The value is in the possession of something that is unique and you are in danger again of being seen worthless to a people who do not and cannot value something that is priceless. 
The difference is you are not a possession that can be owned by anyone. There are people willing to pay a price for a possession and yet a soul that is belonging to the service of the Father cannot be possessed or owned by anyone. 
You are stuck in a quandary of ignorance and insolence by officials who refuse to do right by you and no matter how many times you ask they will not budge. 
They do not serve me or The Father. They refuse to do right by the people and so the reaction from within must crumble the walls they have built to protect them.
You see the nastiness to the most diabolical evil is being exposed slowly but a people remain blind. And a people are not going to listen to someone who reads and learns the reason why people have been enslaved. And it is a shame if they cannot see and do not want to see for the world beyond is a place that has the error of the Godless ones inflicting suffering on those who are poor,as before. And a people who are the inheritors of the land have a responsibility to look after the people and not oppress them some more. 
Pauline, ask for me what you will and do so knowingly that I am by your side in all you do, including the mistakes you make. Just be aware that you are shining a light for me in this land and that you are challenged to be my helper in helping souls return to me, and that is what I want from you.
So many people will not remember me this Christmas and yet they will celebrate a date and why, because it has a material attachment - with the spiritual essence lost. 
How can people remain close to me?
You are challenged when you are in the company of non believers and yet good people cannot be allowed to change who you are because I will be wanting you for my special calling, not for the wasting of your life being distracted from what you are meant to do. 
Pauline you have a Royal heritage that has been denied to you and yet this will not be denied forever. You cannot be denied the right of your mother's womb and you cannot be denied the inheritance of your father because this is the law they chose to value in the divine plan.
I gave you your mother and she was guided to marry your father. She could have married a Dutch Architect. Notice the Dutch connection in your family, with your father and his lady friend. You with Robert - notice how important it is to invite Holland in the Nations because all are connected to me Pauline. I did not demand any conditions - Just sincere heart to communicate with me, the Brotherhood of man and for man to realise the reason why oaths of allegiance are forbidden - overlords turning people against each other and evil deeds done against me and my people. 
Well I will have it no more. I will set my captives free and the captors will drown. It has happened before. The lesson learned with people anywhere who reject the Authority of The Father in Heaven and persecute those who sincerely serve Him.
Little do they know the plan to end all.'

When officials in England reject Jesus is communicating with people in truth, perhaps their pay packet is more important, and with this they also might not even comprehend the Holy Orthodox Way. It is important that I keep remembering this land where people believe this is a Christian land and yet it is not. When the officials reject Jesus Christ  they easily rejected the Holy Law too. They ignored the warnings!

The Church Ministers should be guiding the sheep back to Jesus in truth. Some are but not all are. There are ministers who are doubting believers and to me that does not make sense. For the sudden increase of being made aware of God's Providence is not by request, but because it has been revealed, perhaps because of the crisis that is facing this land. The evil one would rather persecute the sincere servant of the Lord than do right by the people - to do right by everyone. Such is the danger that comes with lust for power.

My sharing is with being guided too...I am not the only person receiving messages. A dream has shown me that Jesus is communicating with a lady from London who is also serving him in truth.  Our roles in this life are all very different and the sincere servants of the Lord are actually the least expected.

As far as I am aware, the lady has not spoken out openly.

Moses, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad were not born in huge palaces. Actually even Queen Elizabeth II was born in a flat...but she married a man, Philip whose mother was born in Windsor Castle.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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