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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 December 2014

Judge Traverso Dismissed British Millionaire Murder Case

Last night I was thinking, why in some cases justice is not done. What came to mind 'the words - 'case dismissed' can have different meanings. The word dismissed is meaning to be sent away. We understand from this that there is no case to be heard OR that the judge cannot make a case with the evidence to decide judgement. Or that the Judge is being influenced so that righteous justice can be served.

Asking a friend of mine about 'criminals getting off due to a technicality' - this was explained perhaps because the police have not recorded the crime properly, A vast amount of real criminals are not prosecuted because the police refuse to look into the matter and they refuse to document the crime to investigate. I have witnessed this in UK>

Today News headlines focus in the Court of CAPE TOWN. 

This is also one of the most interesting cases documented with a highly recommended read of the original report with the video of the Judgement that is published below. It is a case that reveals the demand for higher standards to be set in preparing a case and also gathering witnesses for a trial. 

We can rant and rave and be very angry and upset at decisions that a Judge makes and yet, if there is any dishonesty involved, there should not be a case that can proceed. This is unless the identification of crimes taking place in the court and if there is the release of the court evidence necessary for prosecution - this is different from the opinion even of a Judge. The Judge must ascertain the facts and make a decision. Not to be swayed to make a decision by influence of 'anyone' and if dishonesty is revealed in the court.  

The Daily Mail today have reported with the headlines: 

Despair: As Mrs Denborg spoke, her father Vinod (left) laid his face on his son Anish's shoulder as he wept, his face crumpled, with tears falling onto his son's suit

Agony of Anni's family after businessman walks free as weeping sister says: 'We came here looking for the truth but the justice system has failed us... this will haunt us for the rest of our lives' 

  • 'Judge Jeanette Traverso dismisses case against the British millionaire 
  • Said testimony of prosecution's chief witness 'riddled with contradictions' 
  • Mrs Dewani's family fled the Cape Town court within seconds in distress 
  • Her uncle Ashok: 'We will suffer sleepless nights for the rest of our lives' 
  • Detective who pursued Dewani for four years appeared close to tears  
  • Dewani expected to fly home to UK tomorrow night, says MailOnline source
  • Prosecutors alleged that bisexual Dewani wanted out of the relationship
  • Dewani's story has changed in four years since the murder in Cape Town
  • Prosecution case has been beset by string of setbacks during the trial'

Free man: Shrien Dewani shows little reaction in the dock as the judge dismisses the murder trial after launching a withering attack on the prosecution's case against him

'Free man: Shrien Dewani shows little reaction in the dock as the judge dismisses the murder trial after launching a withering attack on the prosecution's case against him'
'Shrien Dewani was today dramatically cleared of having any part in the honeymoon murder of his new bride Anni after a judge threw out the case against him.

As the sensational verdict was handed down, Mrs Dewani's family fled the Cape Town court within seconds, clearly in distress, while her sister Ami Denborg said 'the justice system has failed us'.

Her voice cracking with emotion, Mrs Denborg summed up the devastation felt by her family, adding: 'We came here for the truth, seeking answers but are left with so many unanswered questions. 

'The knowledge of not ever knowing what happened to my dearest little sister... is going to haunt me, my family, my brother, my parents for the rest of our lives.' 

Her uncle Ashok also spoke of the family's fury, saying they had been denied the full story and would suffer 'sleepless nights for the rest of our lives'.

He told MailOnline: 'The decision to end the trial without the defendant offering a defence, means we, and the good people of South Africa, the UK and various parts of the world who have followed the case, will always live without ever knowing the complete events that led up to Anni's death.'

He said the family would now look to take legal action against Dewani after the millionaire confessed to living a secret gay life with male prostitutes, including one called the German Master.

He said: 'She gave herself to him, mind, body and soul and she hoped to have been cherished and loved. 
'But she would not have married him if she had known about his secret sex life with male prostitutes and the activities he engaged in.

Shrien Dewani leaves Valkenberg psychiatric hospital where he was being held during the trial to hear the verdict in his case

'Shrien Dewani leaves Valkenberg psychiatric hospital where he was being held during the trial to hear the verdict in his case'
If this man was seen to be a danger to himself or other people, and not prosecuted, then he would be placed to be sectioned in a psychiatric hospital. However, not knowing the facts behind what took place, the Daily Mail writes he was held - implying custody.

If this was to go to court and he lost, he could have pleaded a momentary lapse of insanity and so instead of facing prison might be institutionalised for a time (I am not certain of this)

In another high profile death where the spouse, a billionaire heir was represented by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron's brother, if I recall he also sought psychiatric support in this time and it would require the reader to check up the facts of this if they are interested to. I am just pointing out observations and themes that recur, because they caught my attention.

'Judge Jeanette Traverso said the prosecution had 'fallen far below' the level needed to secure a conviction and attacked the state's chief witness for giving testimony of such 'poor quality' she did not know where the 'lies end and truth begins'. 

Dewani showed little reaction in the dock as the verdict was delivered, bringing to an end his four-year ordeal in which he was accused of orchestrating a plot to murder his wife on their honeymoon in Cape Town. 

He is now expected to fly home tomorrow night, a source told MailOnline, and there is said to be a private plane on standby. 

Lawyers say he could now sue the South African authorities for attempting to use his sexuality as a 'motive' for wanting his wife killed as a 'way out' of the marriage.

Meanwhile, prosecutors faced angry claims about why such a 'weak' case was ever brought to court after a number of their key arguments were knocked down by the judge during the trial.   

Dewani, 34, has always denied plotting with others to murder his bride, whose lifeless body was found in the back of a taxi in a rough township, on November 14, 2010

If there was a murder - a weak case may have been made. This is a case to be investigated thoroughly and one that evidently has some flaws with intimate indiscretions.  It might be regarded by the people involved as being hugely sensitive...but one question in my mind is this man being protected by someone, to walk away a free man?  

'Prosecutors said bisexual Mr Dewani, from Westbury-on-Trym near Bristol, had long planned to get out of the relationship to Swedish-raised Anni, and arranged the attack in which he would escape unharmed and Anni would be killed. 

However, the judge declare that the evidence from the three convicted criminals already was 'so improbable, with so many mistakes, lies and inconsistencies you cannot see where the lies ended and the truth begins'.'

A video clearly states in the title the case was thrown out. 

This is one of the most ethically presented judgements because it also states why the reason of the decision being made. And when intelligent people are able to manipulate the law courts to their advantage this corrupts the court process. At the end the Judge says with correcting herself there is not immunity for the door has been left open. 

A tragedy, A pointless death of a beautiful young bride to a man who did not measure up to the faithful husband she thought would cherish and love her. It must be devastating to discover that love is not quite seen in the same way from a woman and a man...but also even more complex to stir up emotional chaos to discover a spouse is not really that into you, preferring same gender relations and even of the most sordid that places risk of STD's to the spouse.

Perhaps the man decided to put his past behind him and settle down, have a wife and family as tradition would be expected in the culture...This was not meant to be, We do not know the truth of why - we only know what is reported in the newspapers and on the news. 
Nathi Ncube, from the National prosecuting authority, defended his department's decision to pursue Dewani for four years.  
Accused: Shrien Dewani (left) is charged with five counts relating to the kidnapping and murder of his wife of two weeks, Anni, (right) in a carjacking during their honeymoon to Cape Town in November 2010

Quote 'Accused: Shrien Dewani (left) is charged with five counts relating to the kidnapping and murder of his wife of two weeks, Anni, (right) in a carjacking during their honeymoon to Cape Town in November 2010

A video is included of the couple walking in South Africa. They appear as any couple where at one point Shrien Dewani leans over and kisses his wife...

If this is evidence that has been captured from CCTV or the world spying eye, then there might be evidence in relation to this lady being in the car and murdered...While the detail of this video is poor quality, the capabilities for monitoring crime and prosecuting crime on actual video or audibly recorded evidence cannot be ignored and while some crimes might be more serious than others, the crime of murder - taking the life of another cannot be justified.

Nathi Ncube, from the National prosecuting authority, defended his department's decision to pursue Dewani for four years. 

He told MailOnline: 'There is no verdict that he is found innocent. The judge is of the view that the evidence as is presented at this point is insufficient to secure conviction.
'The judge did not say he is innocent. They never do.

'He didn't testify. If he did testify and the court believed his version it would be a different story. But we do not know what his version was except what was put to the witnesses.' 

Without his testimony this man could not be on trial.Was the State expected to pay for this knowing that the man was not going to speak for himself? Is this Justice? 

Was Dewani advised not to testify knowing he would be prosecuted if he was found guilty? Is being held as an innocent man at the suggestion of his lawyer who knows how to win a case from every possible angle including a plea of insanity in a murder trial....

Happier times: Anni Dewani (centre) is pictured with her parents Vinod (left) and Nilam (right) Hindocha
Quote 'Happier times: Anni Dewani (centre) is pictured with her parents Vinod (left) and Nilam (right) Hindocha'

Of there being many cases of murder every day, isolated reports are for a reason...This is being reported for a reason in the Daily Mail.  While it is easy to look to  the Court and see it is flawed and yet this is because human beings sit as a Judge. And as human beings are lawyers who present a case - if they misrepresented a case they are perverting justice.  If they lie they are committing fraud upon the court. A witness who lies is committing perjury.

The German Master is bewildering and yet revealing Leopold Leisser. - (being reminded of a King named Leopold and with this happening in Cape Town - the land that identifies a Cape - Royal Mantle) Progress has been made a long way since then for the plight of the people of Africa was surely unimaginable and only the most cold and hard hearts would justify the most terrible and diabolical atrocities that have happened in these lands.... 

When Prince Charles was crowned The Prince of Wales - this is a title that was formerly King of the Britons. He was cloaked with a mantle - a cape and was given powers by his mother pertaining to law. As it happens since Camilla has also been given an honorary law degree and William too. Their interest in preserving this world, is one thing. There is an establishment that has been administering the law with who exactly the Judges serve is invites people to question this and if they have an overlord Master who they are serving who might also influence the law who is this?.

Taking a stroll: The Royal couple looked particularly smart today as they admired the National Botanic Garden

Camilla and Charles in 2011 - 5th November (Guy Fawkes day) at the National Botanic Garden at Cape town. So the naming of this land pertaining to the Nation of Africa lands might be deliberate too. (In America Zion National Park has been named)

Not being a Judge or a Lawyer I do not know the facts and not in a position to administer the law.
.But as an observer and someone who has studied, as in any serious professional study critical thinking is encouraged and using innate reasoning ability.

 It is surely the most difficult job for  a Judge to make the right decision based on actual evidence...What people say is witness testimonies and opinion, requiring honesty and accuracy.. Many people lie in court (perjury). If factual evidence is prevented from entering a court as happened in my pathetic situation after being injured in a car crash, this would  hide proven crimes of preplanned perjury and fraud. So imagine a more serious case.

In the tragic death of the young woman above, there is a greater dynamic taking place. There is also a Judge who states very sternly that she will not be swayed by anyone to make a decision in this case and to whom she is referring to we will never know. There are cases with the outcome decided before the hearing takes place - evidently this lady was having none of it. 

This video provides visual sound.

It is interesting because there are people who believe money is power and many people can be bought...If the accused was a prostitute he was easily bought too. While staying away from the focus of sexuality - far too easy to use as a weapon to protect or to someone's detriment that masks what is really going on. Is this a man who calculated to kill his wife?

Premeditated murder....very serious indeed. 

Accidently killing someone is totally different..

Trying to cover up a crime of murder....if I am going to look a the nitty gritty, if a lawyer is assisting in trying to prevent murder being prosecuted, he is surely complicit in some crime and perhaps he will be paid well to decide the position he will take and precautions.

18"You shall appoint for yourself judges and officers in all your towns which the LORD your God is giving you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with righteous judgment. 19"You shall not distort justice; you shall not be partial, and you shall not take a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and perverts the words of the righteous.20"Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue, that you may live and possess the land which the LORD your God is giving you. Deuteronomy 16:18-20

Any lawyer that is protecting someone who committed murder so that they avoid incarceration, is the reason why more people are murdered because they permit this crime taking place. And when money buys justice, one day people will discover in the Divine Court money cannot buy justice at all...An ethical Judge will not make a decision until they have all the factual evidence and they are not in a position to prosecute when the court process is being corrupted. 

All I can do is include the family in my prayers and send love in thistime of great distress. I feel helpless to offer comfort in this long and difficult road - except there are people monitoring all all telephone calls and movements...far above that The Great Judge is watching everything..if in this there is evidence to prove the intention to commit murder...only The Judge can decide...In this world in a point of transition, there is change taking place and if it goes in the right way those who have abused the law courts to commit crimes will not get away with it. 

Much appreciation to the recorders of  the Judgement to be able to hear carefully what was being said and in the thoroughness being allowed also to seek further understanding. If we are to have peace in our world, there needs to be a trustworthy Ethical Law Court.

The family are seeking to proceed in the English Court..If the case is correctly put together with all the evidence that supports the crime, including video evidence, telephone recordings, emails, and mobile telephone conversations - then if this provides proof, then the man should not be able to hide with a lawyer speaking on his behalf. The actions taking place in the court overseas should not be ignored either. The Daily Mail etc did not silence this.

Please refer to the article links below on this case.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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