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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 December 2014

Prince Charles Grandmother: Righteous Among Nations

Prince Charles grandfather, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark was blamed in part for the defeat of Greece in theGreco-Turkish War (1919–1922). His Grandmother Princess Alice of Battenburg sheltered Jewish refugees during the second world war in Athens for which she is recognised as "Righteous Among the Nations" atYad Vashem. Her remains are laid to rest on the Mount of Olives. 

Soon after the Greco Turkish war Princess  Alice began claiming that she was receiving divine messages, and that she had healing powers. ' In 1930, after suffering a severe nervous breakdown, Princess Andrew was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, first by Thomas Ross, a psychiatrist who specialised in shell-shock, and subsequently by Sir Maurice Craig, who treated the future King George VIbefore he had speech therapy. The diagnosis was confirmed at Dr Ernst Simmel's sanatorium at Tegel,Berlin. She was forcibly removed from her family and placed in Dr Ludwig Binswanger's sanatorium inKreuzlingen, Switzerland '(the war is not blamed and still not blamed today)

During the Second World War:'The occupying forces apparently presumed Princess Andrew was pro-German, as one of her sons-in-law,Prince Christoph of Hesse, was a member of the NSDAP and the Waffen-SS, and another, Berthold, Margrave of Baden, had been invalided out of the German army in 1940 after an injury in France. Nonetheless, when visited by a German general who asked her, "Is there anything I can do for you?", she replied, "You can take your troops out of my country."

German tanks role through Athens in 1943.

Prince Charles has grown up with this knowledge, with reports that has also engaged in psychotherapy. This is a study that I took to assist the person to heal and 'know their true self'. In the early church, the priesthood were administers of psychotherapy because this actually pertains to the mind and soul - the soul is not a separate part of our being to be ignored in this physical life experience.. 

History has already been laid down, so is continuation; building on the past. Mount of Olives is where Jesus chose to pray and where he went for solitude. St Mary Magdalene Russian Orthodox Church.

Princess Alice was born in Windsor Castle so it is not as if Philip was some child born out of a royal family. He has like other people been born from  parents of tremendous compassion and military minded too. Being in favour of the Jewish people would be expected because Jesus Christ was born Jewish.

Of the family Princess Alice saved and what happened next:

After the fall of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in September 1943, the German Army occupied Athens, where a minority of Greek Jews had sought refuge. The majority (about 60,000 out of a total population of 75,000) were deported to Nazi concentration camps, where all but 2,000 died. During this period, Princess Andrew hid Jewish widow Rachel Cohen and two of her five children, who sought to evade the Gestapo and deportation to the death camps. Rachel's husband, Haimaki Cohen, had aided King George I of Greece in 1913. In return, King George had offered him any service that he could perform, should Cohen ever need it. Cohen's son remembered this during the Nazi threat, and appealed to Princess Andrew, who with Princess Nicholas was one of only two remaining members of the royal family left in Greece. She honoured the promise and saved the Cohen family.

This probably placed great emphasis on this lady and for the Jewish people and may have even been seen as a sign at the time, to return this world back for redemption. And yet in the mystery of history, especially in the ancient times, if they truth is silenced the only way that this is being brought to light and maintained is through the written word, oral tradition and divine inspiration. 

Kohen or cohen  is the Hebrew word for priestJewish kohanim are traditionally believed and halakhically required to be of direct patrilineal descent from the biblical Aaron.

During the existence of the Temple in Jerusalem, kohanim performed the daily and holiday (Yom Tov) duties of sacrificial offerings. Today kohanim retain a lesser though distinct status within Judaism, and are bound by additional restrictions according to Orthodox Judaism

' A kohen may become disqualified from performing his service for a host of reasons, including, but not limited to, Tumah, marital defilements, and physical blemishes. Of importance is that the kohen is never permanently disqualified from service but is permitted to return to his normal duties once the disqualification ceases.
Kohen was a status that traditionally referred to men, passed from father to son, although there were situations where a bat kohen, daughter of a kohen, enjoyed some special status. For example, the first-born son of a bat kohen, or the first-born son of a bat levi (the daughter of any levite) did not require the ritual of Pidyon HaBen.
(According to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, either "literal descendants of Aaron", or worthy Melchizedek priesthood holders have the legal right to constitute the Presiding Bishopric under the authority of the First Presidency (Section 68:16-20). To date, all men who have served on the Presiding Bishopric have been Melchizedek priesthood holders, and none have been publicly identified as descendants of Aaron - Wikipedia writes and this would make sense)
 Rachel also being a Hebrew name, (a name of my grandmother) there is more to learn from this name and person in history - for we have been shown she is also married to a Cohen Priest.
Rachel was the favorite of Biblical patriarch Jacob's two wives as well as mother of  Joseph and Benjamin who helped father the twelve tribes of Israel (along with their brothers) ( Jacob's ladder...House of Jacob is named House of Israel have come from this family.Rachel's son, Joseph was destined to be leader of Israel's tribes.

Rachel and Jacob by James Tissot

In Islam :'Rachel, the wife of Jacob (Yaqub), the mother of Joseph (Yusuf) and Benjamin (Binyamin), is an honored woman in Islam. Yaqub and Yusuf are frequently mentioned by name in the Qur'anwhilst Rachel is only referenced and not mentioned by name.'
Medals might one day be buried in a grave...Royal and Hereditary Noble titles mean nothing when there is refusal to do right by everyone There are secrets retained within the Royal family and memories too. Alice who was diagnosed with  mental illness and institutionalised had courage to speak out and demand the troops get out of Greece. She was the  instrument being used by God to preserve The Truth

How many men have had this same courage to stop the war?

One man stands in front of a column of Chinese tanks: CNN

It is easy for doctors to write prescriptions for drugs! How many millions/billions of people are consuming prescription drugs? These toxins remain in the processed water we are drinking These drugs serve to keep people dumbed down and conforming -  people have a right to be spiritually awake instead so many young people are  seeking highs and comforting their low times with drinking alcohol and drugs!

The reason for prayer and repentance now cannot be more emphasised and yet, history has always shown the right way if only people will be willing to trust. The Right Way, The Lord is Shown.

It is not known if the messages Princess Alice was given were ever published. What is truth from The Lord remain to be Truth from the Lord and validates history too.Women's voices have been silenced!

Alice was recognised for a reason and it was meant to be!

This time to save all the Jews -.the mission is great. While it is easy to underestimate the power of God, we are from our ancestry connected in some way. It is in the divine plan to reconcile people to God and only Godless man would reject this notion even if it is written in the Holy Bible as a prophesy.

The Cohen's have been guided to assist healing and administer medicine. There are times I have gone to the pharmacy with a symptom and asked...only to be sent away without 'being sold something' not required. When the doctor has written out a prescription of conflicting drugs - it will be the chemist who will point this out. If there are not people preserving the human race, the multitudes will perish. The  people who have an understanding of taking care of the family,will also do so, with love and responsibility

The effort to banish God from our world is impossible!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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