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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Prince Charles Wins The Medal for Most Medals

Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

Not sure my title comes across as it should..I did not know there was a medal awarded to the person with the most medals...learning something new everyday.

Prince Charles has a number of military and diplomatic honors.

Charles seated next to Camilla are both captured by the camera on the way to a dinner hosted by the Queen and Prince Phillip. Charles reportedly is wearing around 30 medals. Camilla is wearing the family Cubitt-Shant diamond encrusted tiara worn on her first wedding to Andrew Parker-Bowles in 1973.

The picture is presented of two people who have on display where they came from and the gifts they received, whether by inheritance of bestowal. They acknowledge their life journey in this picture.

Being just over a decade younger, at time when soul searching and preparing for the next steps of my journey ahead, this is a couple who also prepared their path and chosen a life together

The police lawyers and judges have taken their oath to serve the monarch in England. With Prince Charles, Camilla and William being given honorary law degrees - these people who command much reverence and respect....and yet justice is repeatedly denied in England. Why? People say the royal role is just symbolic and they have no power....These people have power and influence over most of society.

Charles cannot help the family he has been born in and neither can we.. Not knowing the man personally, he has done what many men have done - had an affair; Diana was expected to keep hidden. One day she exposed this to the world. A woman scorned  or a natural reaction from a human being?

Rather the truth and people be set free from living a lie and get on with their life. Even now we do not know the truth.One day the truth will be revealed. I am mystified with having a dream of Diana after the car crash where she took me to Buckingham Palace where the Queen acknowledged us both. My reason for this is since seeing a lookalike of Diana inside Westminster Abbey at William and Kate's wedding.
After the car crash, Charles spent some time as Mount Athos - Land given by God to the Virgin Mary and known as Her Garden.  Both Charles and his father Philip, through media reports say they miss Orthodoxy where Christ is the Head of Our Church. There is nothing stopping the British royal family giving up the throne and following Christ in truth...God also forgives sinners with sincere repentance.

In England believers are being asked to pray to keep the British Royal family in health and wealth and for a long life...That is one powerful prayer as is another, the National Anthem - also a prayer. If someone is a sincere servant of God, their prayers and intercession with God is vital to uphold humanity.

Charles cannot relate to anything he does not know. We can try to understand the man from his perspective if we do not know him personally through reports that provide accurate information. Charles has shown an interest in nature, wildlife and also natural healing. He places value on this. He is interested in the power of prayer - this is the most powerful tool that he will ever have in his entire lifetime.

With Kate Middleton eager taking a wizard wand and encouraging her husband that was filmed, in the Holy Bible witchcraft and sorcery is absolutely forbidden and Charles knows this. The Queen knows this too and they also know why! To step on this path invites demonic possession.There are people who  greet eachother with 'how the devil are you'..It is ever so easy for the devil to be sitting on the throne.

Value is held to the Sacred Marriage. Every couple brought together are two souls brought together for a reason and fulfilment of a spiritual destiny only God knows. If Charles was not under pressure to marry a - if he had a choice, would he have chosen Camilla over Diana? Only Charles knows his truth. Diana is the birth mother of William and Harry. It is not known if William was conceived by IVF!

If William was conceived by IVF he is not eligible for the throne!

The promotion of IVF is actually disturbing..The blind ignore.

There is human cloning taking place too. The blind ignore...

The medals might one day be buried in a grave...what holds more value is when people go out of their way to do right by people. There are secrets retained within the Royal family and memories too.

At the end of the day, titles and wealth even status has nothing to do with what any person is really about. Perhaps in the photograph above, is the image to show two people for who they really are.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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