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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Replica Imperial Crown Russia & Rubillite Quartz

In the informaton provided on the internet as written:. 

The Imperial Crown of Russia, also known as the Great Imperial Crown, was used by the Emperors of Russia until the monarchy's abolition in 1917. The Great Imperial Crown was first used in a coronation by Catherine II, and was last used at the coronation of Nicholas II. It survived the subsequent revolution and a temporary sojourn in Ireland, and is currently on display in the Moscow Kremlin Armoury State Diamond Fund.

Crown of Empress Catherine I It was first new-type imperial crown, was executed by Russian Kremlin masters in 1724 to the coronation of Empress Catherine I - second wife of Peter the Great. Emperor Peter II was crowned of this crown in 1728 too. But in 1730 new ruler - Anna Ivanovna - ordered to make new own imperial crown, therefore crown of Catherine I was gathered. Its 2000 diamonds and huge Chinese tourmalin were added to new crown, and to this day in Kremlin Armoury survived only silver gilding wreck of this crown: 

  • Great Imperial Crown Largest of Russian crowns, it was made in SPb by G.F. Ekart and J.Pauzie in 1762, in 1797 crown was altered by L.D.Diuval. It has 4936 diamonds, 75 huge pearls and one huge red spinel in 398, 72 carat. naw crown saves in Diamond Fund.

Interesting that the Tourmaline came from China and on the Great Imperial Crown a huge red spinel is identified. In one of the visions given in 2013 what appeared to be a very real heavy gold crown with the two tables with writing - as if the ten commandments, a huge red stone is on the front of this King crown. The crown was shown to me as if it is somewhere - I have no idea where but it does exist. 

The Imperial Crown of Russia is also known as the Great Imperial Crown. This is a photograph of the modern replica created in this timeline that is held in Russia.

Catherine I, was the first Russian ruler to wear this form of imperial crown. Notice the right and left hemispheres are divided and yet united by a bridge...In the point in reality where the East and West meet there is a bridge in Istanbul and here is named the golden horn on the Bosphoros. But most significantly in the precision of discovery, the landing of a reported Meteorite in Russia was on the East and West border point..So seeing this crown, there are two points where the bridge connects. 

A crown, symbolic of the crown chakra with a clear cross on top is to show the unity and connection with Christ is not excluded and so, it is reasonable to want to be assured Christ is alive and God really is watching over all of us. Why have tyrannical leaders who disregard God's authority? Defiance! 

Today all the people claiming to have rights to be Emperor and Empress....evidently this crown that is made shows this is not so. Also there is a structure in place to prevent anyone 'tricking' their way and pretending they have a right to rule when actually they do not at all....The mystery is in history. There are people who know the truth and preserve the truth because it is necessary to do so.

But it is not as if the truth is completely hidden...

Russia's last coronation was in 1896, for Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. The last occasion on which the Great Imperial Crown was officially used was the State Opening of the Dumain 1906.

.Following the October Revolution the new Russian Republic, which was seriously low on funds, sought a loan from the Irish Republican revolutionary government, whose finance minister,Michael Collins, had become internationally famous for his fundraising for the unofficial Irish state. The Imperial Crown of Russia was not among the jewels used as collateral for this loan. The Crown and most of the official regalia of the State were photographed in Moscow in 1922.

It is interesting in the timing of the official regalia being photographed in 1922, the year that the Greek quarter of the city of Smyrna was completely destroyed by fire. Photographs provide evidence and it is photographs and paintings that have been a way to provide visual evidence to preserve.

'Since December 20, 2000, the Imperial Crown has appeared on the Coat of arms of the Russian Federation.'

Replica Of The Imperial Crown Of Russia

In this momentary photograph the two gentlemen are putting the glass casing over the crown to protect it...(their hands are positioned as if to protect this and placed precisely where meant to be)

'The Smolensk Diamonds Jewellery Group is part of the Kristall Production Corporation founded in Russia 1963. Today Kristall employs more than 2,400 staff and is the largest producer of cut and polished diamonds in Russia and Europe with over 600,000 carats polished each year. The Smolensk Diamond Jewellery group was formed to produce high end specialist jewellery and one-off custom pieces using the famous Kristall diamonds. The firm has used 3D CAD and CAM for some years and purchased its first 3D printer — an envisionTEC Mini Perfactory — in 2010, with a second installed the following year.

The Smolensk Diamond Group is often commissioned to manufacture unique pieces and one such project was to recreate a replica of the Imperial Crown of Russia for the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. 

This replica is the only one in the world and jewellers are confident that a second replica will never be made.
The crown was remodelled in 3D CAD, carefully replicating every minute detail; this was then physically produced on the Perfactory 3D printer, in sections using WIC100 resin and was subsequently cast in 14K white gold, and then assembled using traditional hand crafted techniques. A total of 11 thousand diamonds adorn the white gold crown and spinel in the replica was replaced with a unique natural red tourmaline with a mass of about 400 karats.-
The reason why I am highlighting specific information is purposeful. Someone or group of people commissioned this crown to be made, for whatever reason. It can also be that as with Jesus being recognised as King of the Jews, even if he was rejected by some people, once he is risen again, the King of the Jews did not die and so no other man can take his place...
Not remembering where I read or heard this, but it made sense. As the Queen  is the handmaiden of the Lord, a dream has shown me that specific people are given instruction chosen by Christ himself. The handmaiden and also the person who distributes the grain must work together, the man in charge of distributing the grain doing what he is told - this is what was seen clearly in my dream. Sharing openly is because there is no point keeping these experiences quiet. The person in charge of the grain is also found validated in the Holy Bible too. 
Of the crown above, I was looking for the choice of stone that was used and something else, the original stone was changed for a reason too.
While not being a bright red stone as seen in my vision or on other crowns, this particular crown has a darker shade, where is could appear to be maroon. The significance of the colour might be connected with the Imperial Mantle. In doing the research to identify, this appears to be the red rubellite tourmaline. 
 Rubellites are mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan. Some beautiful shocking pink rubellites come from a gemstone mine in the USA. 
The mystery of this particular crown is where the tourmaline has actually been mined and comes from. Already a minor bassilica has been built in Africa named 'Our Lady of Peace' and this has been, while at great expense, built with materials from specific nations and perhaps this is exactly as this has been planned to be.  The significance of this particular crown, might also be with bringing together 'uniting' the stone that sits on top of the crown. It is not known if the stone was mined in USA but it would be most interesting to discover this.
The Quartz crystal has properties that is interesting to discover. In my home I have a small bowl with some rose quartz that is in it's natural form. With the focus to stay at least even in horrendous situations with enduring suffering, to keep in a place of love is necessary with thoughts and energy influencing our world. The power of the word is not without reason - not everyone realises. Not everyone is responsible. Not everyone realises there is going to be accountability.
In one website it is written of the rubellite tourmaline:
Rubellite Tourmaline, also known as Red Tourmaline, is a stone of the perfected heart - one that is strong, vital, and full of passion for love and life. This Tourmaline’s combination of vibrant pink and ruby red color energy creates a vibrational pattern that resonates deeper with the Heart Chakra than other heart-stones. It links not only to the heart of the Earth, but opens to love that goes beyond human relationships and reaches out to the Universe.
In the home or office, Rubellite Tourmaline helps neutralize the harmful effects of microwaves, computers and other electronics. It deters people from picking fights or disputing your expertise, and helps bestow dignity, diplomacy and quiet authority when others are being unreasonable or pulling rank. [Eason, 78][Megemont, 184]
Peter the Great (1672-1725) reportedly commissioned many items of 'Ruby' jewellery for the Russian Imperial Court that were later discovered to be Rubellite

Peter the Great (1672-1725) reportedly commissioned many items of jewellery for the Imperial Court that were discovered to be Rubellite. 
Notice Imperial Court is identified and a Court pertains to Law. There is also named now the Supreme Court....Supreme points to the Supreme being in heaven. In Westminster London 'The Royal Court of Justice is situated'. In Saint Petersburg, Russia, Peterhof the Imperial Palace is situated.
There is more information to discover about this particular gemstone. A cut diamond emits light in different directions from the facets. A crown wearer who is connected with the heavenly realms has, under the heavens, become like a point of focus to remind people of the power in the heavenly realms. 
In Petersburg Russia there is a church that I have only seen photographs of the interior The Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Savior on the Blood Church is St. Petersburg, Russia) it is claimed has more mosaics than any other church in the world.
God has surely known where the truth is going to be maintained.
As the crown has shown with the clear cross sitting on top of the rubellite tourmaline, so Jesus is shown to be at the top of the dome of this church with the reminder that is is watching over all of us. And also there is the reminder what he has written, he has also given. Jesus is depicted here with the Written Word.
Spiritual Enlightenment comes from Christ himself. There is so much that can be bought in this world and yet one thing that cannot be bought for any price is Spiritual Enlightenment. Attacking the Saints and the Prophets who have been sent by God in history just kept the silence and yet the Written Word of God remained and will continue to remain. The knowledge of God could never be extinguished by man.
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
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