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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 15 December 2014

Video Messages from The Lord: My Bride the 144.000

Just finding two more video messages with the Word of the Lord given to this messenger. We are reminded again that there will be an end to the enemy of the people. Sharing this with detailed message that was received 26th September 2014 and uploaded on 7th November 2014

Flesh Shall NOT Inherit My Kingdom

Message from The Lord: My Bride the 144,000

Published 28 December 2013.

A long while back I shared an inspired painting that has been done on a small postcard in size. Using oil pastels and an iron, I decided to see if this medium would work for inspired work because it is a different consistency than encaustic  wax that I was guided to find and paint with in this purpose.

Placing the small card horizontally and applying the colours and movement with an iron, I was not sure what would be revealed and to be honest did not expect anything of any significance either. In putting the iron down and rotating the card, clearly seen is Jesus wearing his crown - even his beard and he is talking with a lady. A little four year old then said Jesus is kissing the lady...blessed are the children who see. For this is the same child that Jesus has spoken to face to face to pass me a message of importance.

As the image reveals this inspired painting was done with my focus on God guiding me in the right way and the message that was to come with this image to be comforted with  'I am always with you'. 

The following day or day afterwards, a lady invited me to go to a charity shop with her to another local town. We went to a British legion shop where on the wall in the office was a huge picture of Queen Elizabeth. The books were just 25 pence..a bargain. One book stood had a picture of Jesus on the front and inside stories of people with their encounters with Jesus. He was depicted as holding a lamp.

Symbolically we see a light basket type on top of steps in my painting. There is a throne seat in the Patriarchate of Constantinople that is seated on top of steps. Behind this the reminder of Jesus is on the wall and yet, Jesus has shown me in another dream that he is also talking to Orthodox Priests face to face- whether now or whether to come, the image above shows as if he is here too. 

The return of Jesus Christ is what multitudes wait for.

In my most precarious situation living among the enemies of Christ in England - the blatant God mockers refusing Justice is the system that is going against God and defying His Holy Laws too. The realisation of what was happening became more evident in 2012, when the deception to the people went in overdrive. So it was the choice of the Lord to reveal HIS TRUTH to me in different ways and write openly. 

There is a  prophesy of witnesses being killed and in learning that Joseph Smith was a witness to Jesus he was killed and so that prophesy might be fulfilled already.  Jesus started to reveal himself in 2012 to children locally. He has warned to let children come to him without any hindrance. He has warned not to harm the prophets or anointed ones - being anointed with special oil takes place in our royal baptism. Being anointed with the Holy Spirit is a mystery that cannot be demanded. This is a gift by the Grace of God. 

A dream has shown me Jesus talking face to face with a blond lady in England with a cockney type London accent. He is appearing to people and speaking with them. He does not rule by deception.

This video is to bring more clarity about the Bride 144,000.

In the ancient times, Jesus  had 12 Apostles there will be at least 12 helpers in our world  today. People have been prepared and hearing clearly, precisely guided, being guided by the Holy Spirit within that is also allowing the person to see Christ in the Spirit in dreams as he reveals himself to who he wills.

This is not a competition. The future of humanity is at stake. The God mockers have placed humanity to take oaths of allegiance to the Queen, her heirs and successors when God forbids taking oaths. 

There are reactions in our world and this is the sign of the times.

People might not have the general understanding that when there is a problem, something has caused this and when there is a reaction in our world, people are reacting to something that has taken place. 

The revival and renewal of faith is to return to the safety of God Almighty who man does not rule over. While men and women have denied Christ, even demons are scared of the Almighty God and tremble. We must ask why people have been discouraged to pray for their protection and  blind to evil rule. 

America has messengers of the Lord as God planned!

Just seeing this image made me smile in knowing that Jesus is watching over the children. He is the teacher of children and he is able to communicate with children and adults while they are sleeping. The four year old did not know who Jesus was or his name. he introduced himself as'Jesus'. Asking the child who is Jesus to him- he replied 'The King'. Of course Jesus is going to reveal himself in England to save His people. 

What is forgotten - all souls belong to God, not man. Jesus did not forget - He has continued to remind people the truth. He continues to shower his love and gentle way of teaching His Truth. 

Of all the suffering and hardship we face, God knows the cause, who has evil intent, the devious plans and plots made to the detriment of mankind. He knows the contracts made, especially by coercion. We are told of the son of perdition (utter ruin) and the lawless one (without the authority of God). Reactions in our world include being against the antichrist rule - the master of deception plays everyone as fools.

The spiritual mysteries is with one truth. God does not sleep. When the body rests the spirit does not rest. The vessel is pure and prepared to hold the Spirit of God. The man who is not born from a male gene is so he has not inherited the genetic make up of a man who has primitive ways. God wants to ensure people know that He is a God of Love in His true expression and forgives people too. 

All the calls for repentance, those who do not repent mock God. Those who have done evil towards any people who belong to God invite consequence. Those who set out to kill the innocents have already decided their own fate. There are warnings not to cause the children to fall - not to take the children away from Him. Those who set their heart on Jesus have found the Rightful and Worthy King.

Peace be with you.
Pauline Maria

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