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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 5 March 2015

David Copperfield: Statue of Liberty & Wall of China

While looking outside my window towards the heavens yonder, the time now being 12:19 on 4th March 2015, a thought came to mind...David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear and walking through the wall of China was bringing some truth to people on a grand scale - big audience.

Lady Liberty stands wearing a crown of thorns, holding a tablet of stone with a date on...We can look at this as the Holy Bible or the Law that is written in Stone and now is embedded in stone.

The Declaration of Independence of the States of America.

The Great Wall of China is another of the wonders of the world, The reason for this being built is a consideration - to divide territory ad hold back the enemy. There were tyrannical emperors in history and of course tyranny today being a concern with what we see happening in the world - a created illusion, people reacting to people instead of finding out what is really going on. Something is going on.

David states 'built to prevent armies from getting through'.

David shows being one man, how easily it is go go through...and while he has presented this illusion that allows the viewer to consider how is this done...they cannot...we cannot.. we are not meant to. We are meant to understand beyond the illusion there is a message being conveyed here.

During the recording for a brief second, David's heart appears to stop and then restarts...If we see this in the illusion presented, can it not be so easily to consider Christ who came from dead to being alive...a man who by the great stone that was blocking the opening to where his body was laid, was moved away?

Just  in these two ILLUSIONS, that were created by David Copperfield for all to see, it is quite possible that there is an agenda to take away peoples rights and liberties in USA and by doing so, is to silence and make Lady Liberty disappear and the Declaration of Independence be quickly forgotten.

Most important is the text written in the declaration.

David Copperfield in his performance has shown also that someone will go through the wall of China - He did this as an amazing illusion, but in front of people's eyes it will happen again as an illusion.

As the blind sheep are having the wool pulled over their eyes, peoples eyes are being opened to question what is going on....What is really going on in our world? Do you know? Do you want to?

David's mother was born in Jerusalem and so deep in this genetic makeup is the knowledge and promises made to the people long ago...Ever wonder why the Jews were entrusted with the Oracle of God, well perhaps it is because to protect humanity from those who rule over lands and people by deception.

Seeing is beleiving..David wants you to see the truth.

The Statue of Liberty is perhaps the most important symbol of Freedom today. To find myself in this most debilitating state physically and practically, with injury too - being brought on the internet is to discover and share, to be inspired and reveal the revelations that have been given and brought to my attention..

In the video of the Jet disappearing...everything is carefully set out..the Jet plane is real humans too... watch what is happening...see beyond what you can see is happening too.

A MAGIC CIRCLE...the lights were on and then they were off...the plane disappears..are we not being shown what is happening with magic circles in our world? David has blinded the people 'so they cannot see how the illusion is done' - he is illustrating that these people are not involved but are part of being the people chosen to expose the illusion...Notice the 'gate was locked' by David and then the disappearance was exposed...Notice the 'degrees' to turn on and off the light...ALL the detail important.

The illusions being created by magic, while shown here, are also being played out in our world...What David is doing is revealing what is happening in our world..Who is the man who has crossed over the barrier of the Great Wall of China effortlessly and he has done so by creating an illusion?. (Not David)

David does not talk about religion..He does not preach. He has no agenda to take control of this world by war or oppressing people either...He shows very carefully staged illusions to remind people of MIRACLES and miracles come through God with prayers being answered. His message is powerful indeed.

David has shown 'an airplane disappear' - have airplanes disappeared off radar in real life, never to be found again? Is David Copperfield not highlighting some of what is happening now.

Are these not also a reminder of signs of the times?

David Copperfield is performing in the role of an entertainer on set ....But are any of these illusions being played out in reality too that we should be taking notice of in this timeline?

David has stated very clearly :

'Now, my show has never had a political or religious element; its ideology is “live your dreams.” That’s as “messagey” as I get.'

 'During my show I talk a lot with the audience. I find out where people are from. This very year I’ve seen Israelis and Palestinians, Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants, standing alongside one another, smiling, applauding. Sometimes I’ve had Orthodox Jews and Muslim clerics participating onstage together in one of my illusions. For 90 minutes, divisions dissolve, peace and friendship reign.'

A man of God will be an instrument for God's purpose.

The man David Kotkin is aware of his personal process.

When I saw David live in Manchester a shift had taken place in my perspective and it was going the second time that I wanted to see 'again' - not everything can be easily explained if explainable.

What we see all around us might not be truth at all..

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
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