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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Eva Finds Peace Prince Charles Sanctuary Romania

Well I heard that Charles had property interests in Romania in recent years, but 'the Sanctuary' and 'Prince Charles' just came to mind...most certainly I did not expect to find this.

I am going to copy and paste the entire article with the link below to access too. The headline reads:

Eva has found peace in Prince Charles’ enclosure

eva 3

Since she was first brought to the Training Area, a small forest enclosure for new rescued bears, Eva has been one of the most „well behaved” bears in the entire sanctuary. Relieved from the burden of caring for her 6 year old son (in the wild, cubs leave their mother at the age of 2), in a Braila Zoo (a city in S-E of Romania), the 32 years old female has found peace and tranqulity in the sanctuary. She spent a couple of months in the Training Area, walking trough the thick grass and drinking spring-water from the swimming pool. Measuring each step with her skinny legs, she inhaled the scent of the oaks, blown by the wind trough the oak forest. In July, she was ready to make the next step – making some friends.
The sanctuary team transfered Eva to the area for bears with special needs. This area is located at the right side of the sanctuary, and contains bears with disabilities or really old ones. For transportation, the bear had to be tranquilized, moved in the transportation cage and carried with a bulldozer. She doesn’t weigh more than 200 kilos, but it’s enough to take special measures for transportation. The administration of the sanctuary decided to put Eva in Prince Charles’ enclosure. Since 2012, Prince Charles – probably the oldest bear in Romania, has lived in this forest enclosure. Since this spring, an old wolf - Luna joined the enclosure and managed to create a friendly relationship with the bear.
Today, Eva is still shy. Charles and Luna don’t show too much interest in her, and her priority is to get used with the wide area, the bushes and the wallnut trees. It takes time to create friendships and we are confident that being old and wise, these 3 animals will make a nice „gang”.

As it is said it is the most unexpected find today, especially as several hours ago today I was to discover that Michael king of Romania

On 23rd November 2011, the Daily Mail wrote with headline:

Prince Charles could finally become king... of ROMANIA, thanks to his ancestor Vlad the Impaler

He is already the longest serving heir apparent in British history. 
So if Prince Charles ever gets too bored of waiting to accede to the throne, then he might just be tempted to have himself crowned King Carol 111 instead.
Central European newspapers yesterday were alight with speculation that the Prince of Wales could be anointed the next King of Romania if the country’s monarchy is restored.

Related: Prince Charles is an ancestor of bloodthirsty Romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler 

The last royal ruler, King Michael – who reigned from 1927 to 1930, and again from 1940 to 1947 - was forced to abdicate by the country’s new Communist leaders, who threatened to carry out mass executions if he refused to step down.
Romania went on to endure decades of communist government, most notably under dictatorial party leader Nicolae Ceausescu who ruled the country with an iron fist from 1965 until he was deposed and executed in 1989.
Admittedly, it is unlikely that he will ever be a serious contender for the throne as the deposed King, Prince Michael, is still alive – albeit rather elderly at 90 – and has family of his own.
Despite the reintroduction of democracy, in recent years there have been increasing calls for the monarchy to be restored.
And after he revealed in an interview just a few weeks ago that he is related to historical Romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler – the bloodthirsty nobleman who inspired Dracula – Charles’s name has now, bizarrely, been thrown into the ring.'

Connections: Prince Charles further cemented his links with Romania when he held a private meeting with Romanian tourism minister Elena Uldrea at Clarence House last week 

'Connections: Prince Charles further cemented his links with Romania when he held a private meeting with Romanian tourism minister Elena Uldrea at Clarence House (the week before the news article was published)

Passionate: Charles paid £18,000 for this property in the heritage site of Viscri in 2005, and has since holidayed there every year

The report states Prince Charles paid £18,000 for this property in the heritage site of Viscri in 2005, and has since holidayed there every year'

If someone became king and owns a home in another kingdom would they be king ie as shown here in Romania...With the deposed king Michael, living in Switzerland not all is clear. Often I thought about William and Kate Middleton living in 'a rented' house in Wales - Prince in Wales, again it is interesting to learn that Wales is a former kingdom. and the Prince of Wales title evolving from King of the Britons.?

 The Sanctuary is also named at Highgrove, described to be a cottage that serves as a retreat for Prince Charles where he lives.

The Sanctuary at Highgrove is said to be in this photograph, looking much light a Greek temple for prayer and contemplation....(The Greek connection might be maintained if Prince Phillip being formerly a titled Prince of Greece and Denmark. 

Prince Charles Court is also named...supported housing in Devon  that is managed by 'Sanctuary Housing' - No surprise that any court is named connected with the Royals, with Spencer Court destroyed in Newcastle, that happened for a reason. In 2012 I noticed on Googlemaps WESTMINSTER COURT named in Thornton Heath and the Court I relate to in Westminster is The Royal Court of Justice. 

Last year I came across another website, houses built by a developer named Charles Church, the website also bearing a coat of arms...This might be totally unrelated with people being named 'Church'. Nevertheless the Queen and Prince Charles are in a job share, and the Queen being governor of the Church. a transition is taking place.

Highgrove gardens, home of Prince Charles appears to be an idyllic retreat in perfectly tranquil surroundings, to pray, meditated, contemplate, write and paint....what a blessing to live a totally stress free life and be free to do all these things, 

Having had a couple of very unexpected dreams with Prince Charles, one he was handing me a old roll of papers, title deeds upon instruction from his mother. In another dream Charles was crouching next to a small garden pond with round rocks and clean water that is almost empty...a house had been emptied, with belongings on the path..No idea where this house is but Warburton's bread featured in this dream too...I arrived to Charles with two jugs of clean water and asked for some of the bread.

The Romania connection with Prince Charles is identified with the Sanctuary being named. The Sanctuary also named in his home in Highgrove too. Perhaps there is more to this to unfold and what will happen will be revealed over time...

Romania....the land commonly known today to be associated with the historical Count Vlad and yet not actually reading the accounts of history. If Prince Charles is related to Count Vlad then so will be the Queen and the rest of the family.  The name Vladimir meaning Prince, highlights the royal connections with a bloody history that has long overdue a great healing need in our world too. Not everyone cares about this.

The Kingdom of Romania has a purpose today.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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