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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fact or Faked Teleportation Video, Earthangel

Just returned from a friend, discussing some of the phenomena happening in our world - when she told me about Fact or Faked on Syfy....looking for find something, I found this video footage.

Years ago I met someone who at that I point I was to understand that not all is quite as it seems in this world. I was told sometimes accidents happen involving people who are 'not meant to be there'...and that 'time and space can be altered, the example given as if the person who was injured on the M6 could instead of being in amultiple pile up crash, is instead at home asleep and not yet got up for work..

Now I did not understand this but on some level of my being I did...much to the frustration to someone who did not want me to meet, as he referred to 'the Great Man..but I did because I was meant to.

The above video having slowed it down to watch frame by frame cannot be easily explained but we see the light of purple appear and a man who is standing, when next the vehicle and person whowould have been surely killed by the lorry was transported to another carriageway on the road...

Seeing this provided some validation for me...

Back in the early 1980's I had a series of incidents, looking back to realise they could have been potentially fatal..Seeing people do the sign of the cross seeing how I come out of this alive is a bit unnerving.It must have been the only time my brother recognised my crushed car, with working at a car showroom, when being brought into the garage and he thought I was seriously injured or could have been killed...

One time I recognised drivers doing the sign of the cross when one time, a huge Evian Water transportation lorry was coming up  the slipway as I was turning around the roundabout..Doing the sign of the cross, is that he stopped in time or I would have been killed...How many drivers are 'under the influence' of  some force to keep going, put their foot down on the accelerator and speed up, losing control of the vehicle.

Never considering that I had a guardian angel watching of me (as you do too) it seems that some of us, in particular people who are called by God for his purpose, ie to return this Kingdom back to Christ, when presently it is not...we who are servants of the Lord are many..each with their unique role...however what is discovered is that there are people who have power over other people, and people are being killed. It is the prophets and messengers of God who have been killed in history too...Silencing the truth.

The documentary Fact or Faked, while my friend does not believe in anything other than what she knows by experience, she assumes all UFO's are fake too. When it came to mind to consider the message that we are given and that is to test everything. Where there is truth there is validation. What is truth is truth.

We are living in a time of great delusion too...and with prophesies that have been given, listening to a Muslim brother speaking, he said the antichrist will bring someone who is dead alive..I really do not know. If we watch the great illusionists like David Copperfield, he is open to say that his work is to help people believe in the magic of miracles...but also seeing his show twice in Manchester, the day after each other, taking a closer look, the illusions are phenomenal and mind boggling...But I needed to see this too.

It is quite possible the above video was an illusion...but the purple lights withthe appearance of a man, is as if an earthangel has gone and  rescued the man form the situation. I do do beleive this is possible  and actually I know this is possible.

One time I stopped a drunk driver who was 'under the influence - of alcohol, but he wouldhave been under the influence of dark forces...he crashed into the car in front of me and had I not seen ahead and quickly steered off the road onto a carpak I would have been hit on my drivers side...Becaause the man was so drunk I took the car keys and told someone to call the police. There were no injuries but there could have been ; me...Waiting,and waiting...40 minutes later the police arrived after three calls.

Restaining the driver while waiting for the police. he was about to punch me in the face with his head when suddenly I heard a voice behind me.'I would not do that if I were you sir' and the mans face changed with shock and his mouth I looked to see someone with blond hair wearing cream, thinking he was just an observer witness...No one else saw the man and looking again  a couple of minutes later he had gone.

I cannot personally ignore the possibility of this happening in reality because of another experience... this was like something out of the omen movie when a truck pulled in front of me on the motorway...Suddenly the flap at the back of the truck was moving, and builders nails spread out all on the road...I knew this because of seeing one on my bonnet as if coming for the window...Suddenly the car was evidently with a burst tyre an the steering wheel spinning out of control that I could not handle it..instead I prayed...I really did not expect to survive this and certainly not without injury of a very serious condition.....I closed my eyes.

When opening my eyes, the car was facing in the right direction, and parked on the hard shoulder...What appeared to be an empty motorway, was not quite..looking in my mirror,people had parked up and came running towards me..again a man did the sign of the cross...Even at that point I was not sure if I had died...It was when the motorway service man arrived and said I had crashed into the crash barrier in three places and the damage needed paying for....Being taken from the motorway via AA (I think)to the nearest garage with car hire...the man asked about the crash. He said with two tyres burstt and with crashing into the barrier - the car should have been seriously damaged and injury could have been severe too...There were only two tiny dents level  with the crash barrier....That  night I believed that God was watching over me..

We are warned about this time of illusion...what is real and not. There was one time while out I heard audibly the voice of the Lord say 'Wait 15 minutes - do not leave yet' I knew there was a gone 2am and a long ay from home,I was so tired and yet being obedient, using excuses to my company of needing to go to the ladies room to delay time...On the empty motorway around a bend, a car was burned to a char, there would have been no survivors...I listened to the warning and was saved that night too.

It was around this time I was told the antichrist was born in England and also told of my life being in danger from black magic..I did not believe or understand but I  knew there was something not right. .It was in seeing films of how people are influenced and unseen forces at work that I did not ignore this possibility. 

We are warned of a spiritual battle taking place. Jesus heart to heart, soul to soul message speaks of out guardian angels working overtime now. The message often refers to 'they' and the evil one' never naming or placing me to  be in more danger than already suffered...and all this is foretold.

I cannot say what is or is not in the above video but I can see how what happened is possible, only because of my own experiences. On the video there is also a time recording and unless this is an overlay, it would be recording at the time what was taking place. Slow down the video and watch frame by frame.

On a motorway are cameras so I see this as a credible recording...We really do not know the phenomena in our world or the advanced beings who are actively involved with preserving life..

Anyway I thought I would share this video...

There are people who are instrumental  in saving lives...The difference in the video above, the second male appeared just before impact and a light appeared, taking both these men and the vehicle in light to another part of the carriageway, where again light is seen before both people can be seen

Keep an open mind....The LORD of LIGHT has helpers.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria..

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