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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 2 March 2015

Metropolitian Police Valuable Info Sending Emails.

Top tips: The advice was published in the latest edition of Metropolitan Police staff magazine The Job, above

The message is clear 'Put it simply'.....then in capital letters underneath it is written 'Don't prattle on with lots of buzzwords in your email - speak plainly'.... (I could take this message on board)

The Metropolitan Police has produced a 'need to know guide' on how to write an e-mail.
The 10-point list, which has been given to its 31,000 officers, offers advice on how not to 'prattle on' when writing and sending messages.
Published in the latest edition of staff magazine The Job, the guidelines urge officers to 'write as they would speak' to avoid emails becoming too long and full of buzzwords.

The Met's Top Tips On How tp Send an Email
1. Give your email a subject title that explains simply and clearly what it's about; never leave the subject field blank.
2. To help people prioritise, include the words 'For action by [date] or 'For information'.
3. Write as you would speak - the words we use every day are words people can easily understand.
4. Start your email with a summary sentence that provides a quick view of why it was sent, for example, 'This email explains a new initiative and how you can take part.'
5. Be as concise as possible.
6. Rather than include lots of information in the email or in an attachment, link to information online and embed the link behind a word. If you have to include an attachment, save it as a PDF before sending.
7. If your email is more than one screen in length, use sub-headings to break up the text. You could also include a short contents list at the start.
8. Avoid forwarding the entire trail of previous emails unlesss it's essential that people see the history.
9. If you're emailing a large group of people, consider putting the names in the 'bcc' box to save space when the email is read or printed.
10. Check your email for mistakes before you send it. '

Just looking because it is highlighted 'unlesss'...and what I am most grasping with this: people are reporting crimes over the internet now, sending emails with information. The same would apply. 

While the police have not always been willing to listen and act on actual crimes of a serious nature being reported, in this they have also been disregarding the consequences and repercussions. Perhaps with what is being revealed since 2012 they are more than on the ball with what is  happening. 

With crimes to be prosecuted successfully I am told there must be evidence and of the serious crimes that are taking place, the police also have a role of responsibility. There is accountability when corrupting court process and when preventing justice, obstructing justice is a very serious crime. There is a situation of real evil thriving now and that cannot be easily ignored with burying it under the carpet. 

Kudos to the people who working in their roles ethically and dealing with some really difficult situations that would make people think it was something out of a horror movie. Do not take away peoples rights and liberties...because a structure has been made to do this already, with the oaths...Unfortunately the police are, when removing God from their oath, leaving no protection for themselves in the rule of man.

The fact is if malicious people are influecing the judicial system, for whatever evens, there is going to be injustce, as with protecting the evil that is  happening too. The people who know what is going on and have had experience to report some of the crimes, as people have been asked to come forward about being in pedophile rings with officials who are very high up - it is time to break he silence and who is involved..Man has placed a calculated control over people by oaths and when expecting conformity to be paid.. 
There is in place a system of overlords and some police might become defensive when asking to who did they take their oath to... they take an oath of office, as one officer could not remember he said 'if I did not read the paper I would not get paid. That is the wrong attitude and reason to be in the job.

There are 31,000 people who have received the guide to writing emails from Metropolitan Police and this is not the only guide that they have given that has come to my attention...It is evidently important.
Credit is given to the ethical police who are working in the most difficult time with evil thriving...and there is hope that those who are not working ethically that they wake up and see what is going on. See the patterns that are forming and consequences that are taking place...There is an expression ;Good Cop Bad Cop, and the job of the police officer might have to deal with some very serirous and dangerous situations...

Police need protecting too....spiritual protection and must want this!
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
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