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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Chelsea Cepeda Encounters Christ: Phillipines

'Children and youth all over the world are radically encountering the Lord every day and eternity is written on their hearts. Chelsea Cepeda shares an experience that she had with Jesus while on a missions trip in the Philippines at the age of fifteen. She was a student at MorningStar's K-12 school - Comenius School for Creative Leadership.
Producer: Bridgett Lemos
Cameras: Austin Prescott, Joshua August.

With the name Chelsea being shown as a name chosen to share this message, not only for this young lady in her experience but also for everyone, it is not by accident. God is for all people.

Bill and Hilary Clinton chose to name their daughter Chelsea...and in New York, Chelsea is named and London too. Chelsea football club is a big name too....

It is shown through the meekness and simplicity of heart, those who are sincere and ready to know the truth, that Jesus is revealing himself clearly with his message. It is surely a most powerful message that is given in this video. The reminder of time we can give to Our Lord in focus might not be measured, but as we are worthy of love and so is the man worthy to be loved with all our heart and soul too.

So many women in our world and young girls have been hurt by men. So many children are abandoned by their own father if they have not known him at all. God ensured that there was someone who would be there, as a father figure who will love and nurture, knowing all our needs, knowing all our mistakes, errors in judgement, experiences and our healing need. He knows who is lost and ready to be found.

But as so many people are discovering, God has provided someone who can be trusted totally.....Learning to trust and love Jesus totally, is with first realising that yes he is real, and yes he is also alive too.

Talk with him....this is all that we can do..and at any time.

He knows your heart, pain, longing and your needs too.

In this video Philippines is identified - This is for a reason. Is there a connection between Chelsea as a name and the Phillipines? It is interesting that the football manager of Chelsea is named ROMAN...

In the Holy Scriptures, there is a book of Romans...

One scripture that comes to mind identifies conversion of heart.....There is no need to convert a religion. In another 'the Jews have been entrusted with the oracle of God' - That makes sense too.

The Hebrew Alphabet came from God and the Son, was born of a Hebrew mother, so Jesus is Jewish too. Now people are begining to see how one man can gather his people back 'with love' and the written word. But as someone staed to me 'Jesus never documented his word'. It is this example that he has shown to be the man who lived with love, died with love and continues to love - He has written His Words..

What man would say after being tortured and nailed on a cross, 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do'? - A man who knows that officers of rulers and ruling empires can be cruel. Even today, there are officials who are persecuting and prosecuting people who belong to God - they get paid for the job they do. Lawyers and police are contributing to throwing innocent people in prison - here in UK.

Wait....for God is the Judge of these people too.

Jesus was chosen to be the one with Authority over all of us because he is worthy of trust and he is obediant to the Father even to this day.....He is teaching by example...LOVE, LOVE LOVE...

There are a tremendous amount of people in our world who do not know love that is tender and sincere. So many people have lived in terror and fear. So many adults and children abandoned...So it takes those who are capable to love, to love unconditionally....Sometimes, tough love is called for...

But in the constant gentle way that Jesus talks and warns, and guides - it is not long before we can begin to recognise this familiar voice. If we forget to take notice, when we are ready to take notice, Jesus will try again and communicate. God is on a quest to win souls back and this is being done with love.

History has shown a God that is with so mighty power that would make the toughest men and most harden hearts of the arrogant ones shake in their boots. The God mocking that is taking place is because those who do this do not really beleive that there is a God or that Jesus is even alive..They will...

There are also those who take the people as fools and as long as people are distracted from prayer and focus on Jesus, this also distracts from the truth...The breaking down of families, broken hearts, familiy divide internationally, even so called churches have 'in the name of Christ' had people dividing families and using his name to trick people to converting religion too. God does not trick people. Jesus is sincere.

Simplicity in Christ...He knows who is sincere.

These video testimonies are shared to inspire faith; encourage prayer and quiet time with God. If you ask for the truth, seek with sincere heart and knock at the door - the door will open. It is written.

There are a great many people asking and seeking, reading the holy scriptures...People around the world are sharing testimonies of encountering Jesus with messages he has given. This is the revival of faith in this new age where people are returning to understand a personal relationship with Christ...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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