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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 19 October 2015

Hindu Preeti Krishnan - Encounter With Jesus

A simple testimony with a powerful short message that explains why there is only one door. As to finding Jesus we can talk to him....Prayer means to communicate with a being of divine essense.

The most positive aspect to the communication with Christ is that he answers and this is what is meant by the relationship. Jesus is not just giving messages to people for the sake of it - those messages that are sincere from him are specific and purposeful. He is now collecting the souls - people who belong to him.

If someone has had a message from Jesus, or a dream, it will be clear and validated. God is not a master of confusion. The people who are serious in their prayer and relationship with God, are being prepared for this relationship.....the people who are going through trauma and persecution, suffering and oppression - they can pray, they can communicate and ask for help. The faith that has been built is not on whimsical beliefs.

As most of us do not know about the Hindu gods, how Ganesha became to be venerated, would require that we go back to understand the person and what happened in history to retain this focus. I asked a Hindu friend and said she should write about this for people in the West to have appreciation of history....but in my effort and suggestions - she has not done this unfortunately. Perhaps another Hindu lady will.

It is interesting, the knowledge of the evolving soul has been given to the people in Asia and actually, Israel is in Asia geographically too. The Kohinoor diamond that sits in the crown of the Queen of England - while taken as a spoil of war, with refusal to return it, the name means 'mountain of light'.

We see in the images of the Holy Orthodox saints, Christ and in the spiritual gurus an aura of gold or white - in history people were given the knowledge and encouraged to evolve spiritually, to pray and keep the soul pure for it is in the pure hearted souls that God is communicating and people can be guided.

In the simplicity of Christ, God had a plan to bring all humanity to him and through Jesus who speaks and communicates the truth of what he wants people to know, he will deliver accordingly. As the message is presented here for the Hindu people and all others who want to know and understand - if there are many doors, people might be confused. One door and the one who was chosen, makes it easy for everyone to understand and in this focus, prayer to the Father brings people to Christ and vice versa.

From a personal perspective - notice something. The name of the lady reveals Krishna. What comes from God is always connected to God and what instruments are chosen to share truths to people, will be also to maintain what is truth from history too. If truth is changed - it is no longer truth. 

God has a plan for humanity - it is unfolding now! 
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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