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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Diana and Jill Dando - Death of Public Life by Murder

In the last few years there has been great effort to silence journalists who are witnesses and gathering evidence to write about and report their findings. A great number of journalists have been killed - perhaps because they were coming too close to the truth. 

Going back in time, before Diana was silenced in 1997

Jill Dando, not everyone will remember, but many will.

Jill Dando was a news reporter for the BBC. She was killed.

Was her accused murderer set up...did he really do it?

Or was she killed by an assassin in a planned murder?

Why on earth would anyone want to kill a woman who was not really a threat to anyone - other than she knew about the paedophile rings. Perhaps she knew too much.

This ITN News report on 26th April 1999, 'was this an underworld killing?'

Jill Dando was a CRIMEWATCH presenter, so just in this act, was a signal being sent to people who are involved in crime investigations to not step on any toes. After all, with police and lawyers saying since, the system is corrupt, who does anything about it?

What the news reports say, is not 100% truth..but we can gather some information that would not normally be made available to us. If people do not watch television or know anything about her work, this might appear 'another killing' - accepting a verdict of someone being prosecuted, never considering set up's take place and perjury in court.

The Queen was said to be shocked by the death of Jill and of course this was, reported along with her Doctor fiance, Alan Farthing, was also reported as being devastated.

Alan Farthing is a Harley Street Gynaecologist. His name came to our attention through the death of his fiance, so we can assume he is well connected with his work. 

Alan Farthing is an obstetrician and gynaecologist and Surgeon-Gynaecologist to Queen Elizabeth II's Royal HouseholdFarthing has a private Harley Street practice, and works as a consultant at two teaching hospitals in London: Queen Charlotte's Hospital in Shepherd's Bush, and St Mary's Hospital in Paddington.  (a figure who would not have gained much public interest if it was not for his work in the birth of babies in the royal household)

People have actually compared Jill Dando to Diana, while there might be seemingly some resemblance with the blond short hair and a public figure. Diana was a bit of a detective herself  -it appears circumstance put her to put two and two together.

Detective work requires evidence too. Diana was able to produce that and be a witness and the police know that if she is a witness giving an official statement this can be denied. So perhaps by giving her a mental illness label, if ever the truth of what she knew came about this would be ignored. Seems a pattern...

With Jill Dando and Diana, Princess of Wales both ending their public life dramatically and tragically - we cannot ignore that these two women were being silenced, but what did they really know? Perhaps far too much. The Court knows! And so the dark lord rises...

According to The Express published July 21 2014

MURDERED television presenter Jill Dando tried to alert her bosses to a paedophile ring at the BBC ­involving “big name” stars, claims a former colleague.

Diana spoke out a truth or two and rattled people's cages. Since this time the British people have been kept occupied with information spoon fed to them in the news, that the mind cannot easily rationalise. There is no judge on earth who can make an ethical decision in court if the evidence presented is false.

If we have 1% of the truth, where is the other 99% too

So many mistakes and miscarriages of justice. Who cares?

Most of the British people are stupified and kept blind.

People are being spied upon as if they are living in one big prison...The lust for power is great and has been exposed. The paedophile rings and Satanic Rituals also explains the DIABOLICAL too.

Jill Dando's death highlighted a need for crime investigation...

Diana's car crash invited crime investigation and alerted people to a war that would be with people having limbs blown off....The loose cannon was not stupid....she knew the war agenda and much more.

Both ladies highlighted the law....Law for Royal Succession!
Changes have taken place since...changes as carefully planned.

With the scenario and speculation, there are people suggesting Kate Middleton used a surrogate to have a baby and even a body pregnancy kit - to give the impression she was pregnant. As patient confidentiality is required in hospitals then we are unlikely to know the truth, only the doctors and people present.

But a nurse on the ward who was killed - perhaps she was scared for her life if she broke any confidences, but even that highlighted something. Her husband being an Accountant for the NHS - he might even know something that was untoward if this is so....As we do not know, we cannot say.

Jacintha Saldanha, a lady with the name of a Portuguese Duke, quite possibly had a royal bloodline too. Most people are too gullible to see or even consider this or even remember their own birthright too.

Saldanha is named of a Metro Station in Lisbon, Portugal.

Saldanha is also the name of a bay at Western Cape, Africa.,_Western_Cape

The Duke of Saldanha is a Portuguese title granted by royal decree

We live in a time where Jesus Christ could  walk the streets and go unnoticed because the people's attention is diverted with celebrity, fashion, material desires, with vanity and even to the point of changing their image with surgery, colouring hair, false teeth - when at one time dental records identified people,

Peoples attention is diverted with war and just remember this, good people are even being brainwashed to support wars but this is all very dark indeed...Why would you want your father, brother or son to go and kill someone based on lies and even be killed so that someone who defies God can be King/Queen? Why would you eagerly seek as a woman to go kill someone who is actually your own family in some way?

Dumb people are willing to do anything to be paid..dumb because common sense is non existent, dumb to trust blindly - being clueless to the consequences..Taking oaths to be paid...that is seriously dumb! The earthly master can gain power over people when he makes them dependable on him.
But no one is given power over the soul...Thankfully,.

A child is born...actually two that people assume are of Kate..The birth of these babies mean nothing to most people of intelligence other than to sit on a seat connected with laws in this land. The right to be King over the people of the House of Israel is not one they can claim other than by deception!

On the day of this birth countless other women gave birth and if you think God does not value the lives of these children you are very wrong indeed. Most children are conceived naturally. The people who are faithful pray to be guided in the right way and to be protected by the evil one, whoever this might be..

There are many murders that take place every day that are not reported for whatever reason. It is possible that there are those who would have liked Diana to just go quietly. She stated she refuses to.

Jill Dando being silenced...The Truth cannot be silenced.

To gather evidence to bring together a case to ascertain murder, would require facts. What is the motive. No one just murders for the sake of it...There are hired assassins who murder for payment. Who paid?

Is there some deviant act by false accusation - by imprisoning an innocent man, not only diverting attention from the real murderer and perpetrator of the crime of murder. What is there to gain?

Find this out and then we are closer to the murderer!

If Diana could speak of her life and expectations, what would she reveal in truth. Did she also undergo a procedure to check if she was fertile? Did this have anything to do with harvesting eggs? Did Diana undergo IVF treatment and if so, did she become pregnant with William in this way> or naturally with Charles her beloved husband in the act of intimacy conception naturally occurs between two people.
This couple were the influence for marriage and fertility. But why is it all these years, for a long time has IVF experimentation been carried out, human cloning has taken place too? It is shown how.

IVF being heavily promoted in this time shows something is amiss.

We will never know the truth...and what difference would it make?

What is also relevant to know, is what was happening at 'that time'

Whatever is hidden is going to be revealed..It is written:.

Fearing God Alone
26"Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. 27"What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.… Matthew 10:26-27

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


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