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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy Christmas Day - Why Christmas is Every Day

Leading up to Christmas, listening to people who were thinking about Christmas in England - what they will buy or do, who will they be with on this day...the 25th December is heavily promoted with a materialistic emphasis - such a shame. So many people will have incurred debt too. With boat loads of cargo ships from China with goods, the retailers who maximise with  profit, many operating online now, will have had a field day in this time.

 This year an important lessons is being learned

God does not want anyone to get into debt..

Usury is forbidden but the CREDIT CARD companies ignore this..and the temptation to get into debt is offered with loans, now asking for guarantors...actually a few people are being asked for a guarantor now, including for rent..people do not know what this means too. But as the law in England is not ensuring that people are protected, many are robbed.

Jesus does not want people to live with suffering or fear

These years children have been guided by Christ ...His Truth.

By 6th January  many people have taken down Christmas trees and decorations, when the Orthodox Christianity is celebrating, as .it is written 'a Russian Christmas January 7, according to the Julian calendar'. December 25 is Christmas day by the Gregorian calendar.'

If this is confusing - let it not be...The easiest way to get pass this is commemorate both days or better still, Remember Christmas every day after all Jesus is alive.

The life of Christ is important. The light of Christ endures. 

There are people who do not celebrate Christmas because they do not have a lot of money and think that Christmas is all about expensive gifts and yet it is not.

Giving a gift can be a hug also  home made cookies.

The home made gifts are made and given with love.

The Orthodox Christmas is on 7th January - Epiphany is commemorated on the 6th of January...This day in 2013, Jesus was seen in a vision wearing his crown.

The reason he was wearing his crown is to show me that He is the Authority. Those who have gone against him do not have permission to rule over his family. 

Christmas - What does this really mean..Think about this.

In Greek Christ is Christos...and 'mas' means 'our'

Christmas can mean...OUR CHRIST... my interpretation.

As Christ is alive, resurrected from dead to alive...He lives..

Christmas every day is indeed very appropriate to say..

Of one of the headlines written today by the Standard.

So what about when we see MERRY XMAS
X in Greek is the letter He or Hi...God is refered to as HE
Too much analysis to tear truths apart does not change the truth..Those who say there is no God and Christ is not real - they are not reliable teachers or even credible influences to listen to
If you want to know the truth...pray. Open the pages in the Holy Bible...I can only suggest one way that I have been shown many truths that make sense to me personally...I asked God to show me what he wants me to know while holding the Holy Bible and am focussed entirely on him..He has done.
Revelation can come in dreams, vision and audibly...not to all.
Song of the Magi, Russian Christmas Song.
If all people in this earth served God in Truth, especially people in positions of responsibility and service - we would very quickly have God's Kingdom on this earth..Some people prevent this.
A Spiritually derelict land is because God is rejected.
A WEAK WILLED servant can easily serve Godless man.
We who are bodily weak and ROBBED  by those who reject God know that we are RICH spiritually because we have God on our side and we also have CHRIST OUR KING TOO.
Religion teaches that there is One God equally over us all.
Happy Christmas Everyone
I cannot force peace on this earth...But I pray. 
Peace be with you all
Pauline Maria

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