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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Prophesy 2016 Mohan Lazarus in India for The Nations

In just seeing this video, Mohan Lazarus has a name connected with ancient history. Jesus raised Lazarus from being assumed dead for a few days and he returned to be with the people. So in the names that are connected with Biblical references it also gives us the opportunity to read up on what happened.

The resurrection of the dead is already foretold...

Including a few points the message is given here (subtitles in English)

....'God's judgement will be revealed on politicians - those who cheated the people, people involved with corruption activities will be ashamed ....'

'When I asked what should be told...lord promised that a rule which a blessed one will come'...............for that we only have to pray

Regarding India, 'there is a deed about which lord gave a warning. Through the terrorist there is a danger more than any year, so we have to pray for the safety of our country..................'the lord said if you do not pray with dedication the nation will be spoiled. Terrorist have planned to severely attack India.

God spoke very seriously about this. Therrorists have planned to attack Bangalore and Delhi. They have made serious plans to attack many places in Bangalore and Delhi.

The lord spoke of terrosim rising in 2016 and 2017, but the main leaders will die and this will reduce the terror attacks. 'Lord  has given this promise'. Bombay will suffer a disaster.

Danger caused by fire with loss of life, vision of tall buildings.

The message includes warnings about other lands, famines in wealthy lands and Gods judgement, with ravaging seas impacting coastal developments and mountains having landslides, all this is foretold and written in the Bible. The lands that are addressed are India, Pakistan, Gulf nations, China, Russia, Sri Lanca, Malaysia, England and  America.  God asks people to pray for the family and the nations.

The emphasis is with even though there are acts of terrorism the wrath of God too, there is also an arousal - meaning a spiritual waking up of people, with people in England and America who are praying.

This video is worth watching - save to watch later if you do not have time now. Before listening to the entire message, I had typed, whatever is given by God for one county, the message he gives applies for all people to take notice of. ISIS is mentioned, terrorists plans to take over territories etc

This poor quality video is with English translation by an interpretor.

This is about the promises for the people.

There is discussing the prophets, prophesy and being called by God to be a prophet. There are biblical references along with this. He speaks of women being being given the gift of prophesy, but he also identifies that someone is called for the office of The Prophet. An excellent explanation and teaching.

Mohan C Lazarus states he is called to be an evangelist, but he has been given the gift of prophesy. This is shown with visions and dreams given through prayer and revelation - and instruction to pass on.

A prophet of God is not warn just people, but to warn governments and officials and systems and rulers and nations...A prophet of God validates the holy scriptures - to bring people back to God.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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