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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Queen Elizabeth Warns Of Powers At Work in this Country

Quoting the Daily Mail - 15th January 2008

What the butler Paul Burrell said about the Queen, Prince Philip, Charles ... and himself
He had joined the Royal Household at Buckingham Palace in 1976 and served the Queen directly for ten years as her personal footman.

She was 'a wonderful lady', he said - very kind, thoughtful, and, he added at one stage - incapable of telling a lie.

He had a very good relationship with her, and felt comfortable in conversation with her. So it was to her that he turned in the wake of Diana's death.

He sought a private meeting in December 1997 after he became concerned at what was happening to 'the princess's world', as he called it.

Diana's mother Frances Shand Kydd had installed herself at Kensington Palace and spent every day for a week shredding documents and private papers in her apartment, he said.

The Queen

Mr Burrell said he did not ask the Queen what she meant when she told him 'to be careful' at the infamous 'dark forces' meeting, the inquest heard.

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He didn't know what the papers were - but he feared there was an attempt 'to rearrange or rewrite history' in the wake of the princess's death.

It was this private audience with the Queen, in December 1997, which was labelled for the jury as the so-called 'dark forces' meeting.

Yesterday they were reminded of the quote he would later attribute to Her Majesty:

 'Be careful, Paul. No one has been as close to a member of the Royal Family as you have. There are powers at work in this country of which we have no knowledge. Do you understand?'

He told the court he did not know precisely what she meant. 'One doesn't ask the Queen what she means by something,' he said. 'I think it was just a general "be careful" warning over many issues.

'The Queen is a good, kind, devout lady. She looks after members of staff who look after her. I thought she was just looking after me.'

It was this audience with the Queen which led to Mr Burrell walking free from the Old Bailey six years ago after a trial in which he stood accused of stealing more than 300 items belonging to Diana and other members of the Royal Family.

The case collapsed sensationally after intervention by the Queen.

Half way through the hearing, she suddenly remembered crucial details of the 1997 meeting - and revealed to the Prince of Wales that Mr Burrell told her he was taking papers for safe keeping.;

With such an important subject it is vital that I quote in context too. It was not my intention to quote the entire article, but when transfering the text here the entire article was too. Meant to be.

The Queen has warned Paul. He had closeness to the Royal Family as no one else. Just by this alone we can assume that Diana has spoken at length to him, sharing her heart and soul. 

Quote: 'Be careful, Paul. No one has been as close to a member of the Royal Family as you have. There are powers at work in this country of which we have no knowledge. Do you understand?'

The words are repeated to look at the detail again...'powers at work in this country of which WE have no knowledge. Do you understand?

I am sure that Paul Burrell had some idea of what the Queen was talking about and this is the nearest that we are going to get of the Queen admitting this openly. 

The Queen knows the power of prayer. She also knows there are people evoking demons to cause injury and death. There is a spiritual battle taking place. She knows this too!

As for the mother of Diana destroying personal papers, perhaps it is a mother thing because my mother ordered all my correspondence to be destroyed before she died. She wanted to treasure these in her soul and did not want anyone else to read this correspondence.. 

Regarding Diana's mother we will never know...unless Paul knew something and hinting of this by including this action in the Daily Mail report...We really do not know.

What we do know is what Paul is said to have feared:

He didn't know what the papers were - but he feared there was an attempt 'to rearrange or rewrite history' in the wake of the princess's death.

Perhaps her papers spoke of her ordeal and babies.

Perhaps there were other matters of justified concern.

The truth cannot be hidden...the laws might be changed by man but those who go against God will discover that God will change them back again.

The ONLY Protection we have over dark forces is the Protection from God and if you read Ephesians 6 this explains everything. The lust for power is great in this time.

Queen Elizabeth being honest about the powers,  allows people to realise this lady knows what she is talking about but does she have power to protect the people? 

Is she protecting the people who belong to Christ? No it is Christ who is protecting the people who belong to him. That is why we are being persecuted in many different ways. 

The papers about re-writing history - changing Royal Succession Law would fit into this and in the process removing the element that prevents the illegitimate bloodline succeeding to the crown. This places humanity in danger. Actions bring consequence too. 

What she has said recently is to take notice of again.

'Darkness has not overcome the light'

The Queen said in her Christmas message as the Guardian reported. 'Light will overcome the darkness'  - How is this so we can ask? By the power of prayer we endure.

The LORD is My refuge...even in a weakened state.  It is only with Seeing Christ in a dream - actually a few experiences with visions too that I can say I know he is alive and in reading the Scriptures that his promises are inspire faith. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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