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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Royal Marriages Act Legislation - Why The Law Change?

Quoting various sources and the actual legislation.
Additional information and revelations included too.
Marriages legally void under the Royal Marriages Act 1772 will be treated as never having been void, except for purposes relating to the succession to the Crown, provided all the following conditions are met:[22]
  1. Neither party to the marriage was one of the six persons next in the line of succession to the Crown at the time of the marriage.
  2. No consent was sought under section 1 of that Act, or notice given under section 2 of that act, in respect of the marriage.[note 1]
  3. In all the circumstances it was reasonable for the person concerned not to have been aware at the time of the marriage that the act applied to it.
  4. No person acted before the coming into force of the 2013 Act on the basis that the marriage was void

Consequential amendments

Provisions in the Acts of Union 1707, between England and Scotland, and in the Acts of Union 1800, between Great Britain and Ireland, that involve the Crown are "subject to provisions of" the Act. Several sections in the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Act of Settlement 1 involving marriages with "papists" (Catholics) were repealed.[24] Any references to provisions relating to "the succession to, or possession of, the Crown" also include, by reference, the provisions of this act.[25]
However, the sections that ban Catholic succession were not repealed. Catholics are still officially termed as being "naturally dead and deemed to be dead" in terms of succession. This discrimination was first legislated in the Bill of Rights 1689.[26] Jacob Rees-Mogg (Con) also confirmed “the Act of Settlement deems somebody who has been a Catholic for a minute to be 'dead' in terms of the succession, and it passes over them 'as if they were dead'. It is an absolute. If at any moment in their whole life they were in communion with Rome, they are excluded from the throne, deemed to be dead”. Mark Durkan (SDLP) compared this with McCarthyism, “In effect, it is the McCarthyite question: 'Are you now or have you ever been a Catholic?' For anybody who has ever been a Catholic in any shape or form, that is it, they are out; they count as dead for these purposes”.[27]
As the monarch's eldest son will no longer automatically be heir apparent, the Treason Act 1351 was also amended, so that encompassing the death of the monarch's eldest son and heir is now extended to murdering the heir, whatever their gender. Another amendment to the Treason Act is that, whereas it had been treason to "violate" the monarch's eldest son's wife, it is now only treason if the eldest son is also the heir to the throne.
The Regency Act 1937 was amended to require the regent to be a person who had not been disqualified from the succession by marrying without the monarch's permission under the 2013 Act.[24]
While not fully put to date. Demise of the Crown Act 1702
The Royals.
On 6 January 2013, the Daily Mail reported that the Prince of Wales had "serious concerns" about the proposed legislation:
"[I]n a meeting with Richard Heaton, permanent secretary at the Cabinet Office, the Prince is said to have raised concerns about what will happen if his grandchild is allowed to marry a Roman Catholic (under canon law 1125 of the Catholic Church).[35]... [and] the potential impact of changing the rules of Royal succession for other titles that are currently passed down the male line."[36]
A spokesman for the Cabinet Office and a spokesman for the Prince declined to comment on the Daily Mail report.[36] On 9 January 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron said in regards to the proposals that "there has been very thorough contact between No. 10 Downing Street and the palace, and all the issues are settled and agreed.
What was actually going on inside the heart and mind of Prince Charles that he had 'serious concerns' about the proposal...and for this to be emphasised it must have been very serious indeed.
Media reports have indicated same gender marriage law being implemented to secure inheritance..The House of Lords were asked by David Cameron for a lesbian Queen and child born by sperm donor to be eligible for succession to the crown...Mainstream news report in a few articles.
Quote 'Lord Wallace of Tankerness, a Government law officer, told the Lords that after "much thought" that ministers had decided no change to the Bill is required.
Existing laws already ensure that only a Royal child born to heterosexual parents can succeed, he said.
“The laws governing the succession require that the heir must be the natural-born child of a husband and wife,” he said. “We do not believe that there is a need for this amendment.”
Did amendment take place with regard to this specific detail?
Was anything taken out from the law that was there before?
Succession to the Imperial Crown and treason
The Bishop of London also spoke of those who rise up surreptitiously creating a god in their own image - referring to bruised egos with their rage and lust for power. He referred to this more than once.
While visiting a friend one day she asked me to watch The White Queen with her and this exposed witchcraft and a marriage union that has been bound by a spell of witchcraft is not a lawful union.
The reason I am including this last video is to show that while speculation is easy, nothing can be concretely accused unless there is evidence. This video points out that there were figures found.
The Telegraph filming and posting this stage set up was surely with knowing the stage set up has provided at least headless figures..We cannot ignore there are lands that behead people for witchcraft still. If I recall someone said to me it has something to do with cutting the soul off...but I am not certain on this.
I am also not certain if William knew of this TEST..
He plays a passive role in this scenario..perhaps deliberately so.
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17
The Tapestry of the Lady and the Unicorn is seen in the video
The lion and unicorn feature on the British Crown Crest.
Jesus answered, "It is said: 'Do not put the Lord your God to the test.'" Luke 4:12
The Greatest Commandment
15for the LORD your God in the midst of you is a jealous God; otherwise the anger of the LORD your God will be kindled against you, and He will wipe you off the face of the earth. 16"You shall not put the LORD your God to the test, as you tested Him at Massah. 17"You should diligently keep the commandments of the LORD your God, and His testimonies and His statutes which He has commanded you.…Deuteronomy 6:15-17
This Law God has given for a King over the House of Israel.
'be sure to appoint over you a king the LORD your God chooses. He must be from among your fellow Israelites. Do not place a foreigner over you, one who is not an Israelite. Deuteronomy 17:5
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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