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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi

Quoting from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ for understanding the message. We can learn from what has taken place, so that we understand what is relevant today.

Chapter 29

11) And Jesus said, The Holy One regards all men alike; the dwelling of my host is good enough for any council of the sons of men. 
12) If pride of cast keeps you away, you are not worthy of the light. My Father God does not regard the laws of man. 
13) Your presents I return; you cannot buy the knowledge of the Lord with gold, or precious gifts. 
14) These words of Jesus angered more and more the priests, and they began to plot and plan how they might drive him from the land. 
15) Ajainin did not join with them in plot and plan; he left the temple in the night, and sought the home where Jesus dwelt. 16) And Jesus said, There is no night where shines the sun; I have no secret messages to give; in light all secrets are revealed. 
17) Ajainin said, I came from far-away Lahore, that I might learn about this ancient wisdom, and this kingdom of the Holy One of which you speak. 
18) Where is the kingdom? where the king? Who are the subjects? what its laws? 
19) And Jesus said, This kingdom is not far away, but man with mortal eyes can see it not; it is within the heart.
 20) You need not seek the king in earth, or sea, or sky; he is not there, and yet is everywhere. He is the Christ of God; is universal love. 
21) The gate of this dominion is not high, and he who enters it must fall down on his knees. It is not wide, and none can carry carnal bundles through. 
22) The lower self must be transmuted into spirit-self; the body must be washed in living streams of purity. 
23) Ajainin asked, Can I become a subject of this king? 
24) And Jesus said, You are yourself a king, and you may enter through the gate and be a subject of the King of kings. 
25) But you must lay aside your priestly robes; must cease to serve the Holy One for gold; must give your life, and all you have, in willing service to the sons of men. 
26) And Jesus said no more; Ajainin went his way; and while he could not comprehend the truth that Jesus spoke, he saw what he had never seen before. 
27) The realm of faith he never had explored; but in his heart the seeds of faith and universal brotherhood had found good soil. (Chapter 29:11-27)

Chapters 44, 46 and 46 identifies Jesus in Greece

11) The mighty powers of worlds unseen do not give forth their help till men have done their best; they only help when men can do no more. 
12) And you have agonized and prayed around these shrines, and let men sink to death who might have been, by your assistance, saved. 
13) The God that saves dwells in your souls, and manifests by making use of your own feet, and legs, and arms, and hands. 
14) Strength never comes through idleness; nor through a waiting for another one to bear your loads, or do the work that you are called to do. 
15) But when you do your best to bear your loads, and do your work, you offer unto God a sacrifice well pleasing in his sight. 
16) And then the Holy One breathes deep upon your glowing sacrificial coals, and makes them blaze aloft to fill your souls with light, and strength and helpfulness. 
17) The most efficient prayer that men can offer to a god of any kind is helpfulness to those in need of help; for what you do for other men the Holy One will do for you. 
18) And thus God helps.  (Chapter 46:11-18)
19) His work in Greece was done, and Jesus must go on his way to Egypt in the South. Apollo, with the highest masters of the land and many people from the varied walks of life, stood on the shore to see the Hebrew sage depart; and Jesus said, 
20) The son of man has been in many lands; has stood in temples of a multitude of foreign gods; has preached the gospel of good will and peace on earth to many people, tribes and tongues
21) Has been received with favor in a multitude of homes; but Greece is, of them all, the royal host.
 22) The breadth of Grecian thought; the depth of her philosophy; the height of her unselfish aspirations have well fitted her to be the champion of the cause of human liberty and right
23) The fates of war have subjugated Greece, because she trusted in the strength of flesh, and bone and intellect, forgetful of the spirit-life that binds a nation to its source of power
24) But Greece will not forever sit within the darkness of the shadow land as vassal of a foreign king
25) Lift up your heads, you men of Greece; the time will come when Greece will breathe the ethers of the Holy Breath, and be a mainspring of the spirit power of earth. 
26) But God must be your shield, your buckler, and your tower of strength. 

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi is a book that I have read cover to cover, after discovering it on a shelf of a dear friend from Austria. The book had been brought to England from South Africa and so it has travelled with the reminder that truth does not change, anywhere geographically.

This is a book that is easy to read and worth reading as it presents more of the life of Jesus and his travels, also what has taken place in this time. From this we can understand more of the man and God.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria. 

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