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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Kingdom of Solomon: Why History is Important Now!

Yesterday I re-discovered the film: The Kingdom of Solomon.

This is a very valuable presentation that gives reason why people should be very aware of who is their overlord, who they give their oath of allegiance to and it also explains why there are people since this time who will never reject God Almighty too.

As so many people are kept in spiritual darkness, and trusting who have not proven to be trusted, at this juncture, there is much danger around, not just by physical extremists and hired assassins, there are people who lust after power and people who will do anything for power too. There are people who want to be rid the overlord system..

Well it is not as simple as that. Understanding is needed..

It would take watching the entire film to understand what happened in history and to know that while many people accept that we have a guardian angel, not everyone accepts that there are demon spirits who can occupy a host - a physical body as shown in this film.

King Solomon, the Son of King David is considered a Prophet with being someone who prayed and heard the word of God too.  He was born in a very distinct bloodline, that has prepared the way for the future ever since...Jesus is a descendant of King David too.

King Solomon is portrayed as being a very gentle man whose wife Miriam lost her life when taken by the force of evil. This was by powerful magic. While Miriam is shown to be raised in her spiritual body, the film shows that she was pregnant with their child, Solomon's heir at the time...Both mother and unborn child were killed by this malevolent force.

The timing of re-discovering this film and watching it, came after writing about the Muslim cleric who spoke out abut the Angel of Death...a demon evoked that takes lives.. 

Many people are non believers- this is not about religion. 

This film allows everyone to conceptualise the dangers that concern us all. Bringing this to our remembrance from a time of history, we comprehend why God is important...

Prayer to God for deliverance from evil is with reason.

Everyone who watches this film will get something from the story told.. But I would like to bring your attention to something, David does not abuse the power given to him. He is not a tyrant. He knew that going against God the evil can be unleashed again..

The film shows: the Voice of The Lord spoke to Solomon:

'O Solomon, Be prepared for the materialisation of jinns and Satans, for we have given you the power to control them and this power is in your ring, always with you.'.  

After the demonic possession of the people who cannot stop this...Who saves them?. Who can save the people who are in profound danger even in this time and age we are in now? 

Solomon replies: You see, Satan is the origin of all mankind's torments and sorrow. It is the cause of distance between us. Isn't it time for repentance and forgiveness? 

I order that from now on in our kingdom, these creatures would be paralysed. So do not be afraid of these villains, attack and capture all of them......

Praise be to God who is the only refuge for us defenceless humans. The one who brought jinns and Satans to our submission.'.....Beware that at the end of time, these creatures will return to earth. Once again corruption and bloodshed will take over the whole world  Pious men will implore God to raise his mighty hand again.  And descend the bright light of Ilia on us to destroy all devils and insurgent races - the same way that previous rebellious nation were defeated. Then the saviour of mankind will come. he who is an ocean of mercy. The pious men will inherit the earth and they will establish a heaven in which humanity will be blossoming to it's highest extend! Then O Lord, grant us the grace of good deeds. to get ourselves prepared for that time so we will all be your worshippers...All be your servant. All be for you!.   

We are in the times where we cannot ignore the warnings.

Anyone who is serving God in truth, will not ignore the warning!

History has provided so many valuable lessons to learn from. 

'The Saviour of Mankind will come who is an ocean of mercy.'

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria 

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