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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Video Vision: Jesus draws lines in California, Texas, Georgia, NYC, Illinois & Megachurches

A profound testimony with visions of Jesus and what took place.

The video was uploaded 15th December 2013. The message is just as important when it was made as it is today. Has anything changed - are people waking up? Or are we all under a spell to remain blind?

Stay with the visions and what is given by him in the message.

One day a four year old who Jesus spoke to face to face had a dream. He drew a picture of a tall tower with a spire on top. On this was a clock - 10 O'clock - he said not knowing the time. He said Jesus gave him a photograph or two tigers fighting together. He told the child 'You are very brave and courageous'.

He said Jesus was very tall. This is a dream connection revealed.

The Freedom Tower in NYC is identified and Jesus very tall indeed.

The White House being crushed - Is this the end? Are they listening to the Lord or someone else? To whom are the people inside serving? Can this crushing be prevented. Can correction be done?

The crosses going upwards - how many innocents have been killed in wars based on lies. War cannot bring peace - Godless fighting Godless, what does that gain? The demonic possessed beings prevail.

With Jesus drawing the line on the ground, we are reminded of what happened in history. Why did Jesus draw the line in the ground then. Does the same reason apply today. Quite possibly.

Jesus has the final word of the law. He clarified the law and he ensured that women were protected under His law. When he was the teacher, he did not exclude women. He did not hide his truth.

I have been that women who hit rock bottom to a system that has not looked to their crimes and errors. To a system that continues to turn a blind eye to innocents killed in war and preventable diseases too. But in the land of ignorance and arrogance, when God is forgotten - multitudes of people perish.

One of the messages given to me by God in 2005, at any time 'the people who are without, can suddenly have abundance and the people who have abundance can be without', Never forget this.

Of the greatest and most powerful currency we can share is giving our love and care, reminding people they are worthy. To share some food, to sit and have a conversation, with the lonely, frightened and destitute. And it is these people who are praying,...These people God is listening to, He shows himself in Jesus Christ who has the spirit of the Father within his being. He knows the corruption of The Law too.

God has become a multi-billion dollar business in USA - but how many people actually go home and close the door in private and pray? How many people talk to the Father and the Son in truth?

Do you not teach the personal relationship with God in USA?

God the Father knows what is going on. People are praying.

Being an instrument of the Lord is to be his helper.

The Lord will reveal himself to people for His Purpose. And when he gives instruction it really is very clear. But when he is giving instruction it is with validation - Jesus will not hide himself in these circumstances because the love for humanity is so great. Sometimes tough love is needed to teach people lessons.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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