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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 18 May 2013

540 ft Self Support Tower Knock Down - Oregon

540' Self-Support Tower knock down - this is the video title.

Towers are being brought down recently. Just consider why?

Uploaded on 5 Aug 2010 - 'We had to knock down this tower in Oregon. We first unbolted the leg flanges, then attached a line to the top, then winched it down. Collapse is at 3:30. Went just as planned. 8/4/10'

"The tower originally had a TV broadcast antenna, but was no longer needed after the DTV conversion. It also had a few two-way radio tenants, but nothing major. No one wanted to be on the tower when we took it down." alepntal1

"That tower was awesome and only a few years old. What a waste . All the work that went into it " A4justin

Seacomm Erectors Inc, logo is seen on the truck, much like three pyramid or mountains. The tallest showing what could depict radiating energy coming from the top peak.

Written in 'blue text' is Global Tower Partners and Seacomm Erectors. Blue is a colour connected with royals. To control global resources, there would be Royals involved. Erectors are builders. The Sea Lord is revealed with Queen ships sailing the seas and Queen of the Seas. Here in England corporations are registered at Companies House - the Queen is the Crowned Head.

The address is given as Sultan, Washington. In Washington DC the White House is situated and the Presidential Office. Sultan has meaning "strength", "authority", "rulership" and "dictatorship" - A Sultan 'claimed almost full sovereignty in practical terms (i.e., the lack of dependence on any higher ruler), without claiming the overall caliphate, or to refer to a powerful governor of a province within the caliphate.'

'The dynasty and lands ruled by a sultan are referred to as a sultanate (Arabic: سلطنة‎). A feminine form, used by Westerners, is sultana or sultanah. '

The 540ft tower structure is shorter than the 555ft Washington Monument and deliberately so. This 'self support' tower is located in 'Lebanon, Oregon' - with Lebanon we can consider this having a connection to Lebanon in the East Mediterranean.

The Seal of Oregon is Navy Blue and Gold. Royal Navy and Gold is connected, with God depicted around Christ, Mary and the Saints heads. The Union is clearly written here.

With the DTV conversion, people are seeing the change taking place with the power structure (for television broadcast) before being taken down. There is a symbolic and literal message being shared by what we see is going on. A new way is being given to people.

In bright red writing it is written 'KNOCK 'ER DOWN!!!

Also taking another screenshot to share at the bottom of the tower is a 'notice' - detail written is unknown. A white bucket with what looks like metal - weighing in iron brings in profit. Also cut wires - severing a connection.

Considering that the people who were involved with bringing the tower down also recorded this and posted it on the internet, they also posted detail of location. To write 'KNOCK ER DOWN' now with a replacement of services could be saying with impact 'and good riddance'

Sharing a couple more screenshots. There appears to be three feet on the lower ground. A road leads up upwards on a small hill - the high road. A closer look at the screenshots reveals quite a few trees have been cut down surrounding this structure.

What also caught my eye was what looks like white powder on the ground - make of this what you will. We do not know what it is - symbolically it is a reminder of the white powder drugs illegal and highly addictive illegal 'recreational drug' like cocaine.

Looking at the base of this second leg there appears to be more white shown - this is just visual observation - close up shows that it might be sprayed white paint. There is close by a blue drum and every detail that we see in any image or movie has meaning.

What is certain, the people who control lands and ports are the authority of what comes and and goes out of lands. The drug business is a huge concern.

A Lawyer wrote on a website 'What member of a foreign royal family was caught inhaling disco dust in a nightclub bathroom during a recent sporting event?' No surprise surely?.

Here is seen three legs holding the tower structure. It could symbolise three people from the same family forming a corporate family tree in the high tower presented. Television broadcasting is big business. Earlier I was thinking how the presenters and actors are selected and the entertainment business keeping people entertained and distracted here in UK.

Notice this tower is deliberately situated among Fir/Christmas Trees.

On the leg where the aerial wire is cut, is also a ladder reaching to the top. In practical terms this is necessary. In this situation we are being shown as a reminder that the higher that people climb, the further they have to fall. We are also reminded that there is a far greater authority on this earth and also beyond this world we live in.

In New York is Empire State building - the crown wearer is Head of State. The towers being built have some significance - also what comes to mind is the Eiffel Tower. This has been in the news 30th March. A bomb scare called for the evacuation of 1400 people. 'The 1,063-foot tower is one of the world's top tourist attractions, with millions of visitors a year.'

Remembering an image to share that comes to mind - is this related in any way? A Good Riddance - George V of the United Kingdom cartoon was published in Punch, 1917

A wise teacher told me: Nothing is a coincidence.

Back a few weeks ago the snow scene photographs in the media told a story. There was a scene with a drama being acted out with skaters. Husband and wife both wearing hats symbolising crowns, the woman sitting in the chair laughing and then the chair went over.

'The Game of Thrones is being brought to people's attention - I have not seen it. Also Jay-Z and Kayne West did the Watch the Throne Tour....Yes people the blatant signs are around to show something is going on!!

There is a goal - a divine plan. The people who are working in the light are fully aware that our world has known in history the most horrendous human rights abuses and barbaric minds. As we move a step closer to encouraging the young people today to be educated, to get their degrees when not everyone has had this opportunity, to be empowered - this is actually in conflict to bowing down to anyone. In listening to Michelle Obama in her encouraging young people - this is a vital role she holds.

People have been oppressed in history - this must never happen again.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria,_Washington