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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 6 May 2013

Glasgow Scotland - Red Road Towers Demolished

'Second of Glasgow's iconic Red Road towers is reduced to rubble'

The 30-storey block in Barmulloch, Glasgow, was demolished on 5th May 2013 using 88kg of explosives. The area is undergoing a massive regeneration project with six remaining blocks to be demolished by 2017.

Birnie Court was brought down in a controlled demolition as people looked on.

'GHA's executive director of development and regeneration, Alex McGuire, said: ‘It all culminates on the blowdown day but there are months of planning that go into this.

‘We really appreciate the co-operation of the local residents who had to get evacuated from their homes to allow this blowdown to happen.

‘Blowdowns do become a bit of a spectacle but we've got to balance that with all the health and safety requirements; they're always first and foremost.’

'450 homes close to the demolition had to be temporarily evacuated, with many residents visiting the evacuation centre at All Saints Secondary School.'

Member of the Scottish Parliament Patricia Ferguson who lived on the 21st floor of first block that opened in 1966 for 10 years, recalled her memories and spoke of the destruction of her old home.

'After a major fire in 1977 that killed a 12-year-old neighbour, Patricia's family were evacuated overnight and left effectively homeless for six weeks before moving to another part of the city.'

'I feel far more emotional than I thought I was going to. It was so dramatic. I watched that block being built and it's ironic that the slum we moved from in Maryhill to come here is still intact, yet this is now gone.

'It's the end of an era because I remember being told as a child that, in 30 years' time, the walls panels would be moved and the flats reconfigured. No-one ever thought they'd see these flats being demolished, but they outlived their usefulness and multi-storey flats are just not good for families.

'When they were built, they offered hope and a fantastic living experience but they weren't without their flaws. They were all exactly the same and everyone living there had a minimum of two kids each so it was like an entire street had just been turned on its end into the sky to live.'

'I really loved living in the Red Road flats - it was home, and we'd moved from literally a room and a kitchen in Maryhill, so it was quite luxurious in comparison and a fantastic home at the time.'

The estate was setting for Scottish Bafta winning film red Road in 2006.

In the time of the Red Road flats were built, they were the highest in Europe at 292 feet. Initially designed to hold 4,700 people, then with years of decline, they have housed fewer than 300 people. (1966-2013)

Remembering September 11th 2001. When any controlled demolition is carried out much preparation work takes place in advance. In America buildings 1, 2 and 7 were destroyed. Yes three buildings! Again 7 buildings were identified. At the time I thought of the messages being given to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation and this being 'a smoke screen for something else'

In this instance all buildings will be brought down in controlled demolition planned in advance with buildings emptied and no expected deaths. Also what came to my mind is the high rise flats in Salford that were erected in the names of footballers killed in a plane crash. There have been a few reports of planes setting fire and crashing in the media recently.

The buildings are known as Red Road Towers. In Florida built are Red Rose Commons Apartments and with Law Courts when people are regarded as commoners, they become subject to Common Law and often suffer injustice, loss and even homelessness.

What also came to mind: Yellow Brick Road, Red and Blue Road/Carpet also Blue Blood.

Names and numbers have meaning. More can come to light from this story.

21 Birnie Court can connect with a law court or court decision. Because it is pulled down by a decision in a safe setting, this is a carefully decided and planned outcome. The Scottish MP lived on the 21st floor. The little girl who died next door from the fire was 12 years old - reverse of 21. Patricia and her family were safe and while homeless for a while they were rehoused.

'Birnie Island is a small, uninhabited coral island, 20 hectares in area, part of the Phoenix Island group.'' Kiribati became independent from the United Kingdom in 1979. It is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the IMF and the World Bank, and became a full member of the United Nations in 1999.' - This is particularly important information that comes to light.

At Birnie in Scotland archaeologists have uncovered an Iron Age power centre connected with the Romans. Spectacular finds include two hoards of Roman silver coins – a buried treasure that has been hidden for almost 2000 years. Birnie was an important settlement for over a thousand years, during the late Bronze Age and Iron Age (around 1000 BC – 200 AD.)

Hoards of Roman silver coins were excavated on an Iron Age farm at Birnie, near Elgin. No coincidence Lord Elgin stole the Acropolis Marbles from Athens, Greece, bringing them to England by ships. Were these coins looted treasure too?

People ask what use were these Roman coins if people could not spend them? Buried treasure is inviting their discovery one day by someone from somewhere and a story coming to light that is relevant to know.

Top: Trajan (98 - 117 ad) Faustina (100-140 ad), Trajan (98-117 ad) minted in the east written in Greek. (bottom) Lucius Verus (161-180 ad) Lucilla (148-182ad) Nerva (96 - 98 ad)

From the top across: Monument of captured weapons - Trajan's victories and Dracia Romania. Peacock sacred to Goddess Juno, Lyres of Apollo with the Owl of Minerva, (bottom) Captive Parthian (from modern day Iran), Goddess Venus Victris - Victorious Venus, a handshake and military - the legend means good relations with the army (Neva was worried about a civil war)

This unusual broach looks like an Egyptian Ankh with 2 eyes - as above so below. The Egyptian ankh is connected with Isis. Perhaps this was hers. In the holy Icons the golden halo depicted around the head of Saints is to show their enlightenment.

Coins are issued on trust with a crowned head. In the Roman Empire and ancient Holy Roman Empire, rulers at the time were depicted on coins, A divinely appointed ruler would be known. With Queen Elizabeth's head on coins internationally, shows she was recognised as being divinely appointed at the time. Perhaps Eligin 'knew' that a woman who is divinely guided would be born from the ancient Greek lineage - after all, the Acropolis was once the Seat of the Government that was connected with God.

John Birnie, Lord Hamilton, William Birnie, Minister at Air have family history. In the article posted below, there was a time when people in Britain did place their trust in God and understand - His Will be done!

Birnie name also brings David and Catherine Birnie who were imprisoned for life for murder. These crimes named the Moorhouse murders were with the Birnies' address at 3 Moorhouse Street in Willagee, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Life imprisonment has been chosen as an alternative to execution for taking life with the perpetrators 'thinking' about what they have done.

Queen Elizabeth II being crowned Head of State includes being Queen of Australia too. Her crowned head to ensure Justice is administered with mercy in the court also 'to ensure remedy' is given when there are miscarriages of injustice.

Birnie 'Court' connects 7 buildings, bringing to mind 7 sisters. We could go on.

Comments in online news reports, people are asking for a republic once Queen Elizabeth dies. Subconsciously people know something is not right! Intuitively people feel it. Spell casting wand playing Kate Middleton and co have been exposed.

A very influential woman - Kate Middleton has promoted wizardary, plus this being done in front of children shows she is blind to her influence. Both William and Kate appear to be blind to the headless figures behind them too. Perhaps they did not notice the Lady and Unicorn that was included in the stage setting - The tapestries are in Paris, France.

Time will tell all. No one has obligation to give allegiance to sorcerers!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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