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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hidden Treasures Discovered in Afghanistan

The name Bamiyan means "The place of shining light." The capital of the province is home to the Hazara people, one of many ethnic groups in Afghanistan. (is here the origin of the meaning of 'The Empire where the sun never sets?')

The Taliban destroyed the giant Bamiyan Buddha which stood over Afghanistan for almost 2000 years. What is left today is a carved opening in the rock. Afghanistan a land where ancient treasures were discovered and carefully preserved.

Bamiyan is on the path of the ancient Silk Road and home to the ancient Buddhist Kingdom. The ancient Afghanistan Kingdom is known for spirituality and oppression. Once a popular tourist choice, became dominated by extremists whose destruction tried to eradicate history. As with everything, all that is true cannot be destroyed forever. The sun rises up every day.

The challenge to religious extremists is to remind people that changing the Law and interpretation of the Law is reflected in the mindset of those who decide to rule over people. There is evidently ignoring of a much higher authority.

At different times people have been divinely guided and specifically called to share wisdom to people. The Buddha was from the Royal lineage where wisdom teachers have come from. This is decided from a far higher authority than man.

Inside the caves are the remains of ancient oil paintings from at least 1600 years ago. The dome style effect on the ceiling is like seen in the Orthodox Church. Early Byzantine Orthodox Christians were driven underground and prayed in caves. There are survivors who refuse to give up their faith and change their religion. Perhaps this is evidence remaining from this timeline.

A ancient Chinese explorer described standing looking out from the caves seeing a huge reclining Buddha and it in this that Japanese and French Archeologists are in a race to discover. It is timely to be given a crowned reclining Buddha in 2012.

The Buddha mind can see the tiny pin point or the world as one. Not every man can. The man who is territorial has not mastered the understanding that there are worlds beyond this world and we live in a vast universe.

In this timeline one of the most important lessons is for people to learn by seeing with their own eyes and to seek The Truth - not interpretation of truth. Where there is facts there is validation. With Truth there is validation too.

Afghanistan a land where people are without limbs because these have been severed. Did the landowners not provide for the people? What put anyone in a position to steal from anyone? Is this another example of misinterpreting the Word of God?

As for Killing people - it is completely against God's Law to kill anyone! I would have been one of the first threatened to change my religion and refusing to do so. God does not need a religion or people blocking the way to Truth.

The effort to silence THE TRUTH that women have been divinely guided will fail.

Crown found in Tillya Tepe Tomb VI dated 1st century BC to Ist Century AD. The gold crown worn is physical evidence of being Crowned with Gold, the colour of the angelic realm - being divinely guided..

The discovery of an ancient tomb from pre-Islam held more gold than found in King Tutunkhamun's tomb was found. A Princess is wearing a gold crown. A small gold statue with wings said to be Aphrodite, shows the Princess was connected with her.

The gold belt is a reminder of the Belt of righteousness worn by the Priest King bloodine.

Bravery of the Afghans is seen how they risked their life to protect their history.

Afghanistan is a landlocked sovereign state forming part of South Asia,Central Asia and to some extent Western Asia. It is from the land known as Asia Minor where my Grandmother and her family came from. Since a child, having an affinity with people of Hindu faith - I love their gentleness and people striving to be pure in their heart and mind. Perhaps this all relates.

As with so many gentle souls, life hurts and wounds can harden our heart and then we can heal again. What is necessary in a village, city or country where people have been terrorised is to be gentle and allow healing to take place. What is pure in our heart and with pure intention will always prevail over what is not. Our time here is short to evolve spiritually. Many will not.

Ancient wisdom teachers taught to know thyself and to find peace/stillness within. It is the Buddha teacher who is enabling people to realise a higher consciousness. The Buddha is usually depicted with their spiritual eye open, situated in the centre of our forehead - this is a spiritual focus point. Today Hindus mark their foreheads to identify their spiritual eye.

In an earlier article, Katie Price was a Judge in a regional Miss England competition. Behind Katie stood a bronze Buddha and behind the Buddha was an opening much like the shape seen in the rock, with the date written 1753.

Three Buddhas were seen, one in meditation posture on the floor, the other crowned standing in the corner. In one photograph, a woman is seen wearing a white sash and orange dress, with black hair. The colour orange is worn by Buddhist monks.

If we do not discover the truth for our own self, we rely on information and guidance being given so that we can discover the truth and validation. If one person can see and everyone else cannot, people will depend on the one person who can see. It is not in the divine plan for anyone to become dependent on anyone for realising higher consciousness and seeking the truth.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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