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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Leaving Ultra Orthodox Judaism - Footsteps

An excellent and informative view on what is facing many people Ultra Orthodox today.

If we are to consider what is happening in society, with temptations and people who do not care who they cause to stumble, the ideal focus to maintain purity; protect the family and the community has been based with some founding. However, there are some issues that need to be examined - for example driving. At the time when the 613 commandments were written, people did not drive cars.

There were no computers 3000 years ago. The internet can be a source of learning and sharing valuable information where other people can learn. If anything, the internet has opened the door so that people outside of communities and people who are socially isolated can be connected. People who want to understand what is being taught can do so too. We all have an opportunity to learn about other people and their beliefs, culture and values. We are all human beings learning different lessons.

'A support group called Footsteps is providing counsel to those who have chosen to leave the confines of the ultra-Orthodox world in which they were raised.' When there is a safe space to explore inner truth, then at least there is less alienation. The problem is for many people who are raised in a strict Ultra Orthodox Community or even from a family or Ultra Orthodox, to step beyond the confines of recommendations even if set for preserving peoples spiritual, mental, psychological and emotional well being, can do the opposite.

"One of the things they teach you is that we get to choose what we allow our eyes see. We get to choose what we allow our ears to hear. And so when you go into the city you make a conscious choice not to allow your eyes to see"

If you ever watch young children when the television is on - they are drawn to the screen and sometimes try and distract a child from the television they react. There are subliminal messages and what children see they learn from. Whether this be from parental and siblings, school or television they learn from this. Children act out their process and so for adults they become teachers to remind adults to become conscious of their process.

We have in society extremes where there are people who ban the television because they are told it is a demonic influence. Most people are not even conscious' with their ears open to listen to the lyrics of songs their children are hearing and dancing too. There are parents who are careful to screen television viewing to what is suitable and unsuitable. If you are aware of the messages you are seeing and hearing, you can choose to reject the message. If you ignore the message you are still taking it in subconsciously.

All the commercials sell products from brand names, food, drinks, clothes, cars, products markets for health, hair and beauty etc, are aimed at the mass audience. Whether this be on a billboard, magasine, audio and visually recorded enticements as seen on television and even on the internet sell products. Our mind takes in 'everything' even if we are unable to see this clearly.

Effective marketng is aiming for the eyes, mental and emotional desires of the consumer. Manipulation of the masses has served a wide variety of interests for profit - even to sell people as overlords over people.

The Orthodox faith are given God as our authority...Ultra Orthodox requires strict adherence to the laws. However, there must come a time, when the people who are strict Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox must ask, if they are rejecting their own family, are they not assisting people in going down the path that is leading them away from God - where we are all warned to be careful of.

There has to be a balance between maintaining faith and community, plus supporting people in realising their faith so that everyone can have a conscious and conscientious life of prayer and reflection, learning lessons and repentance for spiritual growth. When people go through the experience of feeling guilty because the said or did something wrong, something needs to be addressed. There are not enough therapists in the world to process internal conflict, people who feel guilty and emotionally abandoned.

The people who have been given the Word of God were also told there would be people who will continue to share spiritual understanding through the generations. With people wanting to leave protected communities, because of strictness that interferes with practical life, perhaps it is time to address these restrictions, ie driving, preventing diverse learning and studies for a profession that will take people outside their community. The spiritual light has been given to share, with love and light.

From this community and people breaking away because of the restrictions, they are not rejecting God. People are struggling to live with the teaching and particularly the discipline that might not be opening the door in their hearts and minds. When people feel sadness in their heart and mind because of their religion, something is wrong somewhere. A balance is possible.

In seeing this video we have some idea when Christ was teaching, the people who chose to follow him were likely alienated because they followed his teaching that enabled spiritual enlightenment. Not every Jew saw Christ as being the Messiah. Jewish people were trusted with the oracle of God, they have instruction and the law - the law relates to the land too.

Not every Jew can see it was necessary to address issues in history ie regarding stoning women - that Christ addressed. A promise was made by God to the people of a New Covenant as the promise is made by God for the people in this timeline too.

Everyone is born with the knowledge of God within their being. Many people will distract and state there is no God and even that Christ never existed. If this is the teacher you choose to follow, you are never going to learn the truth and why Christ was born to save the whole of humanity. This is actually His Kingdom. People have a choice to learn from the non believers or seek the truth in context. Even if we go the wrong way in life, we can find our way back again. God does forgive us...He is very patient.

Over time man has created so much pain, suffering, confusion and internal conflict.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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