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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 5 May 2013

NYC Freedom Tower - New World Trade Center

From tragedy and destruction, to rebuilding - The Freedom Tower was given it's name.

On Thursday The World Trade Center spire draped in American flag was hoisted up to be crowned the tallest building in Western Hemisphere at 1,776ft high.

The tears that have been cried and grief already known, this has been a united work effort by the people, in the memory of the people who died on that horrific day 11th September 2001.

America is built on providence and the people place their trust in God. For every act of destruction, there will be rebuilding. When you place your trust in a far higher authority beyond man, you will be guided accordingly.

Built on American soil a clear message is being made. As when Lady Liberty was given as a gift to the people of America, from the people of France, it is America who build her pedistal and raised her up to greet people in New York.

The reminder being with holding the stone tablet in her arms - Lady Liberty reminds every American and visitor to America there are laws that are written in stone that cannot be changed. Every man, woman and child is born Free.

The divisions in our world have been created by people with 'interests' - people people have been divided and set against each other for a ruling authority on earth that does not always have mankind's best interest at heart.

As the saying goes, you cannot serve two masters. If you place your trust in God, man or woman who is not, might be distracting you away and even taking you away from the highest authority that has guided mankind in the Divine Plan.

The World Trade Center is a building made of glass and steel. The message is a structure that is sold and also transparent for everyone to see. The reality is transparency and openness should be the norm with trade. If you want to do good business, be fair with people. The Americans know how to make people feel good and customers too. That is why people return.

Every country has something to share with the world of great value. The pulling together in crisis is tremendously admired. People have opened their homes and taken in complete strangers. The greeting 'Have a nice day' is a message of positive energy that is shared openly - thoughtfulness, kindness and giving hearts are found in America in abundance too.

In it's potential to grow in the next chapter - America can shine a light that can positively transform billions of people's lives. There is also the opportunity to heal deep wounds within the land - a land where there are still people who are buying guns and using guns. When a people are focused on needing this, it sends a message that other people do too.

History has known wars and there comes a point to be no more war anywhere.

People have to want this. People have to want to live in peace.

Not knowing behind the scenes who is involved in these buildings. I am just taking the name and situation, the transformation and the message that is being shared from what can be seen and bringing a different perspective.

America will not be subject to terrorism or to be manipulated either.

On completion, the World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. 'The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere is the Willis Tower in Chicago. The world's tallest building, topping 2,700 feet, is in Dubai'

Recently I wrote an article about the Declaration of Independence of the 13 Colonies of America being implanted by a microchip in a 2000 year old stone from Jerusalem. This was together with the Declaration of Independence of Israel.

Two Thousand Years ago a man walked this earth, who had been born to liberate mankind. The Lady who gave birth to Jesus Christ, Mary is known as the Queen of Heaven who watches over mankind. Their divine authority endures.

Towering way over the height of the Statue of Liberty - this building reaches up towards the heavens. This building is reminding people of the heavens. This building is reminding people of the people who lost their lives too.

In 1846 the bishops of the United States dedicated the land to Mary of the Immaculate Conception. America is under heavenly protection. '
The new republic 'with its high hopes and uncertainties, with its enormous possibilities for good or evil, with the record of its history still unwritten and its destiny only vaguely seen.' - The Birth of a New World is here.

May 1st marks the first day of the month dedicated entirely to the Virgin Mary. May 2nd the report the New World Trade Center is crowned. For all that has happened before, we must also stay with what is happening now.

Years ago people would travel the distance with caravans - today driving cars and flying distance is an acceptable norm. Today man is flying up to space and visiting other planets. Humanity progressed with inspired minds.

The most powerful messages being given today are by the most unexpected sources. Children are speaking out about the world they want to live in and educating the adults. The future leaders and teachers are born. The visionaries see. Our lessons are given to enable us to understand our role. It is a lesson to remember that everyone else is learning valuable lessons too.

There is in America a greater unity of people who are motivated to do right by the people and to build a structure in society that is to provide the needs of the people. The people who work in this structure decide its future.

The building is being crowned with the American Flag and by the American people.

"For all the people who passed away - This is for them"

A few weeks ago being guided to read The Lost Symbol. Every coin and banknote used by the American people has clearly written 'in God We Trust'. Every time people give this currency they reinforce and share God's Power on earth. Trade is about exchange of services and goods. When under the power of the heavenly realms, the message of fair trade is reinforced.

Spiritual laws apply in every aspect of life. Empires do not grow by taking from people.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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