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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 24 May 2013

Oklahoma Water Tank Thrown & Dead Horses

What is going on in Oklahoma in relation to the water? The reason I am asking this is because this Ten Ton water tank was taken up by the twister from Orr Family Farm to another part of the land?

The article posted in the link below explains the area prone to extreme conditions.

A dispute has been happening in relation to water. Quote Apr 23, 2013 'Supreme Court justices on Tuesday wrestled with the sensitive issue of whether a thirsty Texas water district has the right to access water across the Oklahoma state line.'

Chief Justice John Roberts said "Each state has to give up a little here or a little there to solve a problem,"

Initially in another article, seeing this horse, what came to mind was 'warhorse' as the film. To see photographs of horses piled up like this is so difficult to comprehend. Horses and dogs are sensitive - they react to sound and energy. They know when something is not right. Dogs bark. Horses can become restless and run, or if tied, want to break free.

The reports writes that Orr farm's exercise rider, Lando Hite cared for 80 horses. He was said to have survived the twister by sheltering in a horse stall which was carried more than 100ft in the storm.

Lando Hite said 'he instinctively knew the weather had become dangerous when he noticed the storm winds drop and every 'go quiet'.

He told new station KFOR: 'It was unbearably loud. There were horses and stuff flying around everywhere. Just like the movie Twister.'

He said he immediately tried to free some of the horses on the ranch where he lives before hiding in the stall.

Shirtless and covered in mud, Mr Hite said the stalls collapsed on top of him as they were pummeled by the wind and a pick-up truck was pushed on top of the stable.

Mr Hite believes that just one of the animals survived.

This catastrophe is so sad....people being killed, animals being killed.

It does not make sense. A reminder to treasure the precious gift of life.

In the video there is also a mentioning of an 'insurance company that used to be there' where the hospital is located. What was this insurance company? Has some decision been made very recently in relation to medical care?

'In recent years, a number of high-profile disasters -- including two major East Coast hurricanes and several tornado and storm events similar to what happened in Oklahoma City -- have caused big losses for major insurers.

With well-known insurance companies Allstate (ALL) and Travelers (TRV) suffering billion-dollar losses from claims from Hurricane Sandy alone, regulators have already faced more rate-hike requests from companies seeking to recover those losses.'

With the dead horses, here in UK media coverage has been with outrage about horse meat being put in pre-prepared foods and this not being identified clearly on the packaging. In this catastrophe people and horses have been killed.

There have been photographs published in history and more recently with human bodies piled together from the war and the haulocaust. The meaning of haulocaust in Greek is 'sacrifice by fire.'. Haulocaust means a massive slaughter as happened with the genocide of European Jews and other people, by the Nazis during World War II. There is always danger is this happening again.

There are people who deny that the haulocaust happened. I discovered what happened in Smyrna after this being hidden from me. Not only was there a massacre of the Orthodox Christians, the city was then torched and burned to the ground. If we were all aware of the horrors in history, we might be just more aware to prevent having the same atrocities being repeated further down the line.

Water privatization came to mind and looking what is relevant in Oklahoma:

'Privatization of water utilities is becoming commonplace in much of the world. In France, water utilities are private. Some are quite large and have worldwide operations: Vivendi and Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux are examples. Britain’s government water monopoly was broken into eight large private water utilities by Margaret Thatcher. Much of the developing world gives concession contracts to private water utilities to build and operate their expanding systems. Worldwide, just $300 million was spent on water privatization between 1984 and 1990. In the next seven years, more than $24 billion was spent. There is no question where the rest of the world is moving.'

'Factors Driving Water Privatization

All public services – not just water – are moving towards the use of market forces. Privatization, deregulation, and competition have not only become public sector buzzwords, but they have also become a reality in services ranging from transportation to corrections, energy, and education.'
- The full report of this important document is found in the link below.

People think they are free - but are we really? As a lawyer said, our world is ruled by corporations. These corporations have faceless heads and when people are being detrimentally impacted, silence is not an option. Man operates corporations. An increase of chemicals in our water is contributing to illness has come from a decision by man. Illness is highly profitable too.

America, a land that has a wealth of natural resources and if the Administration from the top down is with highly ethical people, they will always work in the people's best interest. Top officials know what has happened in history.

Last night Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were in my dream. Michelle and I were standing on a road in Croydon, Surrey - UK. Ahead, I could see the cream front of number 1 Latimer Road, next door to where Joy, the midwife from South Africa who brought me into the world lived and the where my mother died. In my dream, the road was covered with hard and flattened 'horse manure' that had a coating before being tarmacked. The man hole cover in the middle of the road would remain exposed. (strange dream)

Michelle and Barack Obama both have very valuable roles. After watching a documentary about Leopold II in Africa - NEVER AGAIN must slavery be allowed 'anywhere'. Leopold II was 'given' vast acreage and a position of ruling king over people 'by man' not by God. Humanity has been warned about being enslaved by man for thousands of years.

Michelle Obama is active in encouraging young people and empowering women, particularly with African origins. This is vital for humanity progress. Barack Obama sets an example of a husband who supports his wife's calling. His mixed heritage with diverse spiritual learning has the advantage to remove barriers that divides people in society and see people as people and that applies on all levels. Once people start to see people as more superior, they place theirselves in an inferior position and history shows the rest.

While dead horses are seen with the disaster, my dream has a message. Horse manure comes from 'living horses'. Joy my midwife, used horse manure to help roses and flowers grow. Taking this into consideration. The dream was showing me foundations being laid down in relation to the road and underground services. Keep an open mind with this. The dream was unexpected.

Looking up Latimer Road - Latimer Road in London is the address of London Transport Services. Transport travels on roads! Lancaster Green is closeby and Queen Elizabeth in Duke of Lancaster. This is meant to come to light too.

Latimer Road the next road is Waddon Road - in the area known as Waddon. BEFORE looking at the map to check the detail of Waddon Road map, because evidently this came to light for a reason - I was guided to find this too.

'Mennesket ved havet' - Man by the sea - these four sculptures 9 metres tall are in Denmark. They look like four uncrowned kings sitting on thrones. Notice three people appear to be with their heads bowed down. The man standing on the steps is looking ahead. These statues sitting 'rigidly' guarding the land and greeting visitors arriving in Esbjerg Harbour since 1995.

Rigid means stiff. Symbolically they show these males are not moving anywhere. Denmark is a Kingdom - Prince Phillip is Danish and so his sons and grandsons are too. There is an extensive family who are related to each other.

The Royals today know that no man or woman has the right to rule over God. With God ruling over the entire earth, the reason why Christ was born is to consolidate this understanding for the whole of mankind. Christ is the liberator of mankind and the Savior. Christ does not need a 'religion' neither does God. Without Christ Queen Elizabeth would not be crowned.

Americans declared Independence from the British Monarchs in 1776 for a reason in history. The Declaration of Independence of the the 13 States of America lays down the reasons why and is again set in stone in Jerusalem. Together with the Declaration of Independence of Israel - The Twister shows building establishments 'struck out' and destroyed in the land in Oklahoma.

My dream shows America and UK are connected, also with Croydon, Roads and Transport in Greater London. At one time people travelled by horse and carriage in London (with lots of horse manure deposits then) Today an article with the Queen travelling by Bus to Cambridge has a purpose. Not the first time the media publish an article following a dream connected to/with to the Queen.

Croydon is a census-designated place located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA. (In UK, Bucks is an abbreviation of Buckinghamshire and a reminder of Buckingham Palace) Croydon is also a small unincorporated community in northeastern Morgan County, Utah, United States.

"In law, an unincorporated area is a region of land that is not governed by its own local municipal corporation which is instead administered as part of larger administrative divisions, such as a township, parish, borough, county, canton, state, province or country.'

Recently I wrote about Provo Church being burned down and raised up while new foundations are being established. If the foundations of any establishment are not set on solid footings, this will collapse or self destruct/be destroyed eventually.

In the case of Probo Tabernacle Temple, the surviving painting is a reminder that Christ is the Head of the Church. The night I wrote the article, Christ appeared to me as in the painting with his arms outstretched, in my mind's eye before sleeping.

On 7th June, 2012, on Whitehorse Road in Croydon, Fitzroy Court apartment block building had a fire. Fitzroy is the name given to the illegitimate son of Henry VIII. Kings have set up the Royal Court, with Laws of the land and the system that exists today has been built on an old establishment. An establishment set up to serve the founders, it is not serving and protecting the people.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated on June 5, 2012 - Jubilee Law applies. The Queen is in her role as Custodian of the Crown of David - succession does not automatically go to her children or grandchildren. King David born around 1040 BC was an anointed King who was divinely appointed in his time. Even in the time of David Christ was expected to be born.

Roads and landmarks are revealing in Waddon. Close by is Thornton Heath where I was born. From Waddon Road is Waddon New Road and the continuation is Cairo Way (connecting with Egypt). This 'croses' Roman Road and the Old Town. Also in Waddon is 'Waddon Court Road' and Court Drive. Think Law Courts. The area is 'Wadden' in Croydon, to search Googlemaps for more landmarks.

A lot of information has come to light through this report and unexpected dreams. The signs around are biblical prophesies unfolding. We are warned of God's wrath however it is the 'spiritual wickedness in high places' that we do not know the detail of what is going on. Even believers might not understand how God can see and know everything that is going on.

The statues are a reminder of the four horse 'men' of the apocalypse. The meaning of apocalypse is to lift the veil so that we can see clearly. There is an expression 'the power behind the throne.' - the uncrowned men sitting on the throne in the statues is a reminder that women wear the 'spiritual' crowns. The diamond diadems 'should be' symbols of being divinely guided.

In this catastrophe 24 people were killed and around 80 horses. In wars millions of people have been killed. The question is for who are these wars taking place? People might ignore the death toll of human life in wars, but the memory of horses being stacked up dead are not so easily forgotten. The movie 'Warhorse made me shudder' - 'only' a glimpse of what happened in war.

The Oath of office here is taken to the Queen, her heir and successors. People who do not know their rights can be led to be serving the agendas of people who are self appointed as rulers over lands and people. From there people can easily be turned against other people. If you are unable to see what is happening, then it must be pointed out so that you know the truth.

In the Lords Prayer that many millions of people say every day:

Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

We are warned of the evil that is taking place for a reason.

With Water smelling strongly of chemicals in England, people are buying bottled water. Bottled water brings huge profit. Tap water brings huge profit. The Queen mentioned the Water Industry (Profit making Corporations) in her Parliamentary Speech. When a dispute over water was taken in the Supreme Court in Oklahoma USA - the fair decision about sharing resources was expected. Did someone go against this decision - We do not know. We see a small picture of a far bigger scenario through the media.

This world was given to us to take care of, to grow food and to thrive. We are the guardians of this earth and each other. It does not make sense why there are people 'collecting' vast wealth while people are homeless and yet at any time fortunes can change. Water - once a free resource is privatised to rake in vast profit for a corporation that refuses justice! Says is all really!

America has the foundation laid down with great potential of Good or Evil. Trust has been given. On the Dollar it is written 'In God We Trust' - Officials take their oath in public. The President and Vice President take their oath on the Bible in front of many millions of people. Officials can refuse to comply with the commands/requests of anyone who is not divinely appointed.

The Oath in America is to God; not to Queen Elizabeth and her husband's family.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright Infringement Intended.