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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 30 November 2013

An Ancient Menorah Bread Stamp

In this video you will see a menorah bread stamp.

To my understanding, food consumed by religious Jews is Kosher - blessed by the Rabbi. The strictness in storage and preparation of food is maintained by observant Jews even today.

At one time all that we ate would be prayed over and food asked to be be blessed, There was also the emphasis to be purified by the Lord - these traditions have a purpose today.

In seeing this ancient bread stamp, this could have been used to identify bread that had been prepared and baked especially for Jewish people according to the religious law. This would not make anyone else exempt from this because breaking bread was instructed by Christ in his remembrance.

The 7 branch menorah is connected with the temple and so it would indicate that this bread has been blessed - where prayer has been said over this before being consumed.

In a time when our foods have additives, preservatives and whatever other toxins included, including hormones, genetically modified foods - more than anything we must become aware of what we are eating and read the labels of what we are buying in the shops. Do not take anything for granted.

If we do not know the ingredients of what we eat and if this is safe, we might be consuming something that is not. As more people become conscious, people are understanding the reasons to pray. Prayer is a way to communicate to God - we can God to purify the foods that we eat. When food is unsafe to eat we can pray and ask God to give us the clear warning so that we understand.

My interpretation of this ancient bread stamp is what I am being guided to understand with common sense. with this being connected to the Byzantine antiquity finds, with the gold menorah pendant, this is another example of a connection with the Jewish people and origins.

There is also the understanding of consuming food that has been prepared with love and by people who are pure in their heart with intention. What we eat and were carries energy. Cash that passes our hands carries energy of the people who handle this - and blood money is still very real today.

Religious Jewish people have been given the understanding of doing work that is with pure intention - not to accept work that will cause loss, suffering hardship and destitution to people. What we do is accountable and the laws of cause and effect apply. If we earn money by causing the above, this is 'energy' that we would be inviting to return and could suffer the same fate.

Today many people are struggling because of greed and corruption. It is alarming and disturbing to warn people 'even the police' that our food and water is being poisoned - they are told aspartame during testing on rats showed brain tumors as one of the symptoms and was banned, yet today is in over 6000 food and drink products. Millions of people are being killed by cancer and officials shurg their shoulders - the wars based on lies, they sit back and do nothing.

There are so many Jewish people who say 'this is Jewish and taking possession of something where the 7 branch menorah is about 7 ancient churches and tribes - 7 days of creation and the Holy Light of God. This was a light to share with the world as the word of God has been translated and shared with with the world...The Holy land is land where God is always the Authority ruling over!

And He does not rule over lands and people by deception.

This is a time for planting new seeds and trees, also for returning back to nourishing our mind body and soul. Breaking bread together is what Christ taught us with his apostles.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

The Patron Saint Andrew and His Feast Day

St. Andrew's Day is the feast day of Saint Andrew.

Saint Andrews day is celebrated on 30th of November.

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew's Day is Scotland's official national day. In 2006, the Scottish Parliament designated St Andrew's Day as an official bank holiday.

St. Andrews day is also a national holiday in Romania.

'Saint Andrew is also the patron saint of Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and Saint Andrew, Barbados.'

'In Germany, the feast day is celebrated as Andreasnacht ("St Andrew's Night"), in Austria with the custom of Andreasgebet ("St Andrew's Prayer"), and in Poland as Andrzejki ("Little Andrews", diminutive), in Russia as Андреева ночь ("Night Andrew").'

'In 1208, following the sack of Constantinople, those relics of St. Andrew and St. Peter which remained in the imperial city were taken to Amalfi, Italy, by Cardinal Peter of Capua, a native of Amalfi. The Amalfi cathedral (Duomo), dedicated to St. Andrew (as is the town itself), contains a tomb in its crypt that it maintains still contains the rest of the relics of the apostle. On 8 May 2008, the relic believed to be Andrew's head was returned to Amalfi Cathedral.;

Scotland is also known as the Highlands - seen as God's Land.

'Andrew the Apostle (Greek: Ἀνδρέας, Andreas; from the early 1st century – mid to late 1st century AD; known by some as Saint Andrew), called in the Orthodox tradition Prōtoklētos, or the First-called, was a Christian Apostle and the brother of Saint Peter.'

'He is considered the founder and the first bishop of the Church of Byzantium and is consequently the patron saint of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.'

'Saint Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus. He was the younger brother of Saint Peter and was born in Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee.'

'Saint Andrew was martyred by crucifixion at Patras in Achaea in Greece. Because St. Andrew deemed himself unworthy to be crucified on the same type of cross on which Christ had been crucified, he asked to be tied to a Crux decussata or an X shaped cross. The Apostle Andrew did not die right away but instead he was left to suffer for two days while he continued to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ until he finally died.'

'A local superstition uses the cross of Saint Andrew as a hex sign on the fireplaces in northern England and Scotland to prevent witches from flying down the chimney and entering the house to do mischief. By placing the St Andrew's cross on one of the fireplace posts or lintels, witches are prevented from entering through this opening......'

The Saints are patrons and protectors. Saint Andrew was divinely guided and seen with scroll shows he was given the Word of God. It is known of the spiritual wickedness taking place and witchcraft being used to cause injury, loss and bad luck to people. Eventually all those who have been involved in this are going to feel the backfire and reap the consequences of the actions they sow.

Remembering Saint Andrew and praying that He is watching over the lands and people from those who want to rule over lands and people by deception. Man does not rule over and above God.

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Andrew in London, was originally an Anglican Church dedicated to St Barnabas. The building was constructed in the style of a three-aisled basilica without a dome.

In Scotland the ruin of St. Andrews Cathedral....

The links below allow the reader to learn more.

Remembering Saint Andrew with appreciation for their helping from the heavenly realm and their spiritual protection. While Saint days are specifically identified, the Saints, as Lord Jesus Christ and all the heavenly angels appointed by and wite God Almighty are ever active, every day.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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The Book of Enoch - Video Oration

'The Book of Enoch (also 1 Enoch[1]) is an ancient Jewish religious work, traditionally ascribed to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. It is not part of the biblical canon as used by Jews, apart from Beta Israel. It is regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, but no other Christian group.'

The first part of the Book of Enoch describes the fall of the Watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim. The remainder of the book describes Enoch's visits to heaven in the form of travels, visions and dreams, and his revelations.

The book consists of five quite distinct major sections (see each section for details):

The Book of the Watchers (1 Enoch 1–36)
The Book of Parables of Enoch (1 Enoch 37–71) (also called the Similitudes of Enoch)
The Astronomical Book (1 Enoch 72–82) (also called the Book of the Heavenly Luminaries or Book of Luminaries)
The Book of Dream Visions (1 Enoch 83–90) (also called the Book of Dreams)
The Epistle of Enoch (1 Enoch 91–108)

Information about this book can be found below.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Grand Basilica Yamoussoukro Ivoy Coast Africa

Jesus said "A prophet is never accepted in His own land"

This church has been built with Spain, Italy and France contributing with the materials. This is the largest church in the world. The columns are as the ancient Greek Roman temples. The architectural design setting is shown from an aerial view - each detail being prescise and purposeful..

'Spread over an impressive area of 30,000 square meters, this church is 518 feet high. On its premises, you will find a villa and a rectory. This church can accommodate about 18,000 worshipers. The Polish Pallottines administer this Basilica.'

While watching the second video, thinking of the cities in our world, they were once bare ground. The grand basilica is not going to be the only building in this area in years to come.

This basilica is not a cathedral - despite it's size. The video reveals it's importance because this is a church of the Holy Spirit. A throne chair on top of pyramid steps indicate this is a church that is related to the divine plan and for the people in Africa.

On 22nd October 2013, after a series of visions the night before, two white and gold crowns and then facing two illuminated light beings) in going to bed to sleep, I found myself in a vast room with a throne placed on top of pyramid steps - seated crowned was Jesus Christ.

When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, she was then raised up on a seat placed on top of pyramid steps. The scepter held by Queen Elizabeth holds the 'Great Star of Africa Diamond' - This has been passed to the successors of the British Crown.

This Roman Catholic basilica 'Our Lady of Peace' has a papal villa. It is situated on Rue de St. France in a French part of Africa. The French Connection is revealed on this land.

Great churches have been inspired from the heavens. The building is a statement in itself - a house of prayer and worship of 'God, The cost is grand and yet the land, rich with resources has amassed great wealth what did this wealth pay for? The cost in comparison is minimal.

There are people claiming to be representing Christ and then turning against other churches - the accusers of apostasy are many and yet, are they bringing the truth to all people. Are these people warning about demonic possessions - the witchcraft and sorcery taking place. It seems people are quick to condemn a church in a different land yet ignore real concerns in their own.

This is a church that has been divinely inspired - one that the initiator was guided for it to be built here. A great debt was created from building this church - a church built for the future and people in Africa. The structure suggests uniting people in Christ with the Holy Spirit.

'Felix Houphouët-Boigny was commonly known as the "Sage of Africa" or the "Grand Old Man of Africa". Félix Houphouët-Boigny affectionately called Papa Houphouët or Le Vieux (The Old One), was the first President of Côte d'Ivoire. Originally a tribal chief, he worked as a doctor, an administrator of a plantation, and a union leader, before being elected to the French Parliament and serving in a number of ministerial positions in the French government. From the 1940s until his death, he played a leading role in the decolonization of Africa and in his country's politics.'

The District of Yamoussoukro is the official political capital and administrative capital city of Côte d'Ivoire, while the economic capital of the country is Abidjan. The department and municipality are split into four sub-prefectures: Attiégouakro, Didiévi, Tié-diékro and the Commune of Yamoussoukro. In total, the district contains 169 settlements.

The current governor of the district is Augustin Thiam.

Queen Yamousso, the niece of Kouassi N'Go, ran the village of N'Gokro in 1901 at the time of French colonization. Félix Houphouët-Boigny became the leader of the village in 1939.

On 30 March 2011, the city of Yamoussoukro fell to forces led by Alassane Ouattara, who had been recognized internationally as president of Côte d'Ivoire

The links below provide more information of what has been happening in this part of Africa and it's history has known wars and difficulties. What would be good for all Africans is if after years of war and conflict, being manipulated by overlords to turn against their own people, is if the people can all be reconciled with Christ and live in peace - to choose the higher way.

Long overdue is global peace and healing.

Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Disovery at Magdala in The Holy Land

Not so long ago I was given a vision of a menorah that appeared to be made of a light sandstone colour. After feeling tired and going to sleep for a few hours, upon returning to the internet, an article was published that a menorah medallion had been found in a Byzantine ruin.

The video above show again the menorah with the base being like a trident - the light being the holy light from heaven and our focus for prayer, with the base being the reminder of God's rule over this World Kingdom. On the medalion on one side is depicted the Torah and the other the Shofar. The timing of this discovery was in the Jewish New Year. Everything happens with divine timing.

Here in the video is shown the Magdala stone with the menorah featured on the base. Also there are two pillars, one each side of the menorah often is connected with the united Kingdom of Israel. If we look closely there are pillars around this stone to depict that this is connected with the Temple

Jewish people talk of rebuilding the temple and here is a sign to show this stone is connected with the temple - when all is done with pure heart and pure intention, God will reveal His truth to the people in the way that every one can understand - and I am loving the work taking place here.

In Paris France - there are 12 roads meeting one point, the Ark de Triumph. In seeing this I thought of the twelve tribes and then realise it can be twelve sons of Jacob. There were 12 men chosen By Christ who were the fishermen.....and I wonder today if the 12 men are replicated. There is also a movie named the Twelve Angry Men...

Paris came to mind because of the church temple pillars.

We only need to look at this painting of Mary Magdalene with her focus up to heaven and her heart area is white - indicating that she had a pure heart. What also comes to mind with a mosaic being found in the Holy Land of a lady, could it be Mary Magdalene?

During the life of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene was regarded as being equal to the apostles and also even apostle to the apostles, especially after she was the first to see Christ alive after he resurrected. God had chosen her for her unique purpose and both Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were meant to connect for their divine purpose as individuals has to be fulfilled.

Listening to an interview with an author yesterday, he spoke of the divine plan not being about America - it is about Jerusalem and Israel.....actually, the divine plan concerns the whole world and a shift in consciousness taking place - for people to realise a higher consciousness.

Perhaps in this time people will be ready...

The paving the way for the new is with people retracing the steps of the ancient Holy Way. The millions of pilgrims to the Holy Land have a physical and spiritual experience. In any one time there are people digging and excavating buried ruins and buried treasures. On one hand this is bringing to light a time of history that people have lived. The Bible records the people and places.

In the Holy Bible there is reference to Mary of Magdala - Magdala was also named in Africa. Notice names of locations being recreated - this shows in some way the lands are connected too. Magdala is also in Germany and Israel so what is most important is the authority of God over Israel - the land and the people who are the descendants of Jacob, who was named Israel.

Last year I was given the understanding there are different ways to discover the same truth and what is important. Lands and people connected with the Holy Bible, we can go see what is written. We have easy access on the internet by typing 'Bible' and even one Word.

Being born 'at home on Beulah Crescent' in London, here was named already 'Beulah Family Church' - so Beulah Land in England, the Road and Church landmark identifies the Beulah Family and Christ. In Thornton Heath Zion Road is named. In the Holy Land Holy Mount Zion is named and connected.

"You shall no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall your land any more be termed Desolate: but you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah: for the LORD delights in you, and your land shall be married." Isaiah 62:4

Hephzibah (is a city in south Richmond County, Georgia, US - Part of the Augusta – Richmond County Metropolitan - meaning belonging to the mother city. Augusta is feminine - Augustus Masculine)

Hephzibah is a Hebrew name meaning "my delight is in her."

Your land shall be married has shown that Greeks and Jews have married in history - this is how and why the Old and New Testament are bound together in one book for all people. By the sacred marriage families of people who live on the land are brought together.

Very little is said about Mary Magdalene in the Holy Bible and yet, she is one of the most talked about figures today by people returning to the faith. Actually if we look in the present time, people are naming their children to biblical figures. In England these are inspired names.

A couple of days ago speaking with a lady with a baby boy beaming smiles at me. Asking the baby's name she said Joseph and hers Rachel. In telling her these are biblical names 'she was surprised' and I told her go read the Holy bible what it says about this connection.

'Rachel's son, Joseph, is destined to be the leader of Israel's tribes between exile and nationhood.' In reality a child has been born who if given the opportunity (here in UK tends to have a very false sense of superiority and class structure) could become a leader for people too.

Mary Magdalene was in history the person who witnessed the resurrected Christ who appeared to her first of all and she was praying for him. She knew the Power of God and witnessed many miracles. She was chose by Christ to continue the church. It was His Choice for the Divine Plan.

Her teacher was Jesus Christ himself. Mary understood the self healing process. She understood the forgiveness of God. She was an example of a sinner who shows the way to repentance. The Jewish people were taught about repentance and blessing. Being blessed by God does not mean always material gains. One of the children Jesus has visited several times was told 'By Him' she is 'Blessed'.

What better gift to be given than God as our inheritance. The Godless sit back and have no care or conscience if they make lives difficult for people. The increase their laws for profit is taking place on land given to Jesus Christ. The deceptive contracts to profit will not prosper.

And the Jewish people are blessed because by birthright they have been given Christ as their King - their eternal King. He was crowned King of the Jews and this was named in Greek, Hebrew and Latin - nailed on he cross. When Jesus Christ resurrected alive, his title remains.

Where on this earth the crown is corruptible, the crown worn by someone who changes laws against God and hurts His people is corrupted. The spiritual crown that is with the constant focus on God is the connection from earth to heaven and vice versa. Christ's Crown is not corruptible.

Who is actually ruling over Jerusalem? Prince Charles for a number of years was after the building that houses the Israeli government and instead it was given to Prince Phillip. Princess Diana knew the plans and agenda and yet she was 'taken out' just before she was to campaign for the Palestinians. She also made a discovery about that the royal household silenced.

The Windsor Castle fire in 1992 happened for a reason . The God mockers in England disregard the authority of God and underestimate how he communicates with Sincere Servants. In these times a great number of people are seeing Christ and receiving divine guidance. This is foretold.

"Therefore hear the word of the Lord, you scoffers, who rule this people in Jerusalem! Because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have an agreement; when the overwhelming scourge passes through it will not come to us; for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood we have taken shelter”; therefore thus says the Lord God, “Behold, I am laying in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation; ‘He who believes will not be in haste.’ And I will make justice the line,and righteousness the plummet; and hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and waters will overwhelm the shelter.”Isaiah 28:14-17

In Ethiopia in Africa, Saint Mary of Zion Chapel is said to House the Ark of the Covenant. Saint Mary is recognised as being a Saint; even today people ask for her intercession in prayer.

Sainthood in the Orthodox Church does not necessarily reflect a moral model, but the communion with God: Countless people lived in great sin and became saints by humility and repentance - Mary of Egypt, Moses the Ethiopian, and of course Dysmas, the repentant thief who was crucified.

'A complete definition of what a saint is, has to do with the way that saints, through their humility (to God) and their love of humankind, saved inside them the entire Church, and loved all people' Humility to God is essential to be divinely guided by Him 'knowingly'.

Just looking on the map 'The Magdala' is named in London with 'This place has closed or relocated.' The address being at 211 Lordship Ln, London SE22 8HA. The website is said to be reserved for future use. ‎ (Lord Ship is identified as being connected to the Magdala)

There is also Magdala, Hampstead 2a South Hill Park, Hampstead, London, NW3 2SB - (for a great many years I was drawn to Hampstead as somewhere I would have loved to live) A hill is a small mountain - South is identified in the road too. Park is land identified too.

With stretching our minds beyond what is in front of our eyes and what we are not taught in school, we can learn that all is not black and white. Learning is not complete by information we are given at school or are taught by other people. We can only know and understand what we are capable of at the time. When we are ready to learn, the understanding will be given.

With St. Mary of Zion Chapel named - Saint Mary is connected with USA and Israel too. Or is it that Saint Mary is connecting USA and Israel the people and land with Lord Jesus Christ? In USA Zion National Park is named - this is connected with Holy Mount Zion in the Holy Land.

Earlier in the year the Declaration of the States of America and the Declaration of Independance of Israel were implanted on a microchip in a 2000 year old stone from Jerusalem. The night before I read about this, a disturbing dream revealed a small square microchip had been implanted in my shoulder. The news report connected to the Holy Land and USA made sense to be connected.

When people 'Really Read' the Declaration of Independence it is a very revealing document. George Washington was divinely guided, had dreams and divine revelation too. He could have been King yet decided to be President to be a man of the people, not take a title to rule over them.

The Declaration of Independence is a signed and legally binding document. This is since orated and recorded orally and visually by a number of people - making this again legally binding.

With George Washington being divinely guided and this document being signed and sealed under the authority of God - This becomes a Law that cannot be broken. There is no man on earth who rules over and above God. Even Jesus Christ spoke of His father and prayed to Him.

Jerusalem means City of Peace. How many times has Jerusalem been rebuilt? The Holy Land is the Land of the Prophets and Christ family. The Holy Land should be a land of peace and love.

The Menorah - the 7 branch temple candlestick holder is connected 'with' the Jewish people. The Holy flame is connected with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. And it is God's Will and His plan to maintain the Holy Light and Miracles for people who understand their meaning. Jesus Christ was born from a Hebrew mother. Therefore by right Jesus Christ is Jewish.

The discovery of the gold medallion with the menorah in the Holy Land in a Byzantine ruin near the Temple Wall is connecting with the Holy Light of God and the people. If the people reject Christ and his authority - if they reject the King of Kings, they might have a godless man instead. And if you reject God and Christ, you are under the authority of man.

God is not for one people and not for another. Christ was born for all people so that all people could know God and His authority. Free Will was given so that we can all have God as our boss and this happened with the birth of Christ and his resurrection. The Living Lord Jesus Christ has shown himself to be and so there is no denying of his being.

The King of the Holy Land of God is Jesus Christ.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria
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Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Reason The World Will be Totally Shocked

The Servant would be roundly despised (round the world?) It is likely that who have deceived people - ruling over lands and people by deception may explain the servant being despised. Who are the people involved in sorcery and death magic as has happened in history.

The Servant of the Lord is born Royal...Guided by God means would be Spiritually Enlightened - there is more than one person this applies to.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born with the Spirit of God - a human being who after his resurrection had become immortal and so He Rules eternally over this earth, as God does too. Father and Son....the Lords prayer we have been taught is 'Our Father, Who Art in Heaven'...'

When Jesus Christ is teaching people to pray to the father, this is for the peoples protection. Today the National Anthem in being sang is a prayer - a powerful prayer being sang by believers to save the Queen. Why the prayers to keep the royal family in health and wealth?

Why not prayers for the people, for protection of abusive overlords - for health and prosperity for the people? The royals know that spiritual crown wearer becomes possessor of lands - and God's name is being used in vain it is by the oath takers for profit and gains.

Removing God from the oath excuses man to rule over man and the land. There is no longer protection for officials who accept this - a choice to serve a master who goes against God.

Servants of God are who and where? They can be anywhere!

While the British Prime Minister said there is no intention to return the Kohinoor diamond to India that was taken as a spoil of war, or the Acropolis marbles (renamed Elgin Marbles) taken with the help of British ships - the British do not get God stealing from the Greek temple!

All the pardons given to sinners by man - rapists, pedophiles, murderers and war mongers are not so easily relinquished from their crimes against humanity, or corrupt judges and lawyers. The difference is the front man might not be a war monger. Who is deciding these wars?

A couple of years ago while drawing I was given the impression 'from the inside', all structures of office, even the royal palace, is someone who knows what is going on. Nothing is hidden any more. While people are being spied on, all officials and royal families are being watched very closely from the heavens too. The All Seeing Eye Never Sleeps!

In scriptures to understand, sometimes we must look very carefully at what is being written and how it is written. The United World Kingdom belonging to Jesus Christ Will Be.

The Bride of Christ is mentioned in this timeline - people say this is the Church. It is written the land shall be married. This means through marriage lands will be united together. The Bride of Christ suggests this is a woman. The Church is an assembly or gathering of people. The wedding is discussed by many people today. If we do not know or understand we cannot say this is fact.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

The Reason Jews Do Not Beleive in Jesus

Everyone who is Jewish knows that God rules over this entire universe.

Jewish people have been trusted with the oracle of God. However, even with all the miracles, the resurrection and ascending up to heaven - being taken to heaven, there are people who do not believe in Jesus.

Separation of people has been man's plan. Divide and Conquer - lands. God is not for one people and not for another. Jesus Christ being Jewish was and is for all people.

Jewish people are scattered to many lands, not one land.

What Jewish people are invited to consider. This is that God does not change His Truth and already thousands of years ahead, He warned people what was to happen.

The scene of the crucifixion is one that people globally know about today. In the ancient times crucifixion was punishment for treason. A man was born who was given Divine Right to Rule over this entire World Kingdom to place God as the authority over this entire world.

Jesus Christ resurrected and sitting on a throne in heaven, still, God rules over this entire earth. When Queen Elizabeth was crowned, she was identified as being born from the lineage of King David and King Solomon - so therefore she is related to Jesus Christ too.

However, with King David being the 8th born son and 'chosen' - then the understanding of being divinely appointed would still apply in this present day.

The Jewish people have God as their authority and yet are put in a position to have man as their authority. One reason why Jews have been killed is because they have been given the truth. There are three crowns and the understanding from where the Prophets have been born.

If there is the silence of the divinely guided ones, man can rule over this world with his rules and laws. Satan rules by silencing the truth and turning people against each other.

Lip service believers and there are many in England, who forgot that this Kingdom was given to Jesus Christ and He appoints His helpers for the people, forgot who is The King.

The King of the Jews is a title held by Jesus Christ. The King of All The Tribes of Israel is one that should be held by Jesus Christ.

Israel has been formed and if this is with recognising Jesus Christ as being the authority over this land, a state set up just for Jewish people (to me) would say that this is to ensure that only Jesus Christ can be King over this land and only who he appoints can be Queen of Israel.

The prophesies have been given to all people about the antichrist. Also that this person will be born from one of the tribes of Israel is expected too. The tribe of Dan is mentioned.

All that is written must come to pass, even as we endure difficult times. In the divine plan is to ensure that all men and women have God as their authority,for this has been forgotten.

The atheists do not serve to be credible teachers, after all they are non believers. The people of faith who have had experience of prayers being answered, are more reliable.

People can be disciplined to follow tradition with obedience, to keep the presence of God in their lives. That is to ensure that man does not come along and change this. The important lesson that people are to learn is around the world, globally people have remembered God and Jesus Christ even in different names to remind people that no man or woman rules over the heavenly Order.

We really are all very small and seemingly insignificant in the universe. Do not think you are small that you cannot make a positive difference or be a helper of Christ. As Richard Chartres spoke 'finding another video' he is looking for 100,000 Kingdom Builders in London.

The number of Kingdom Builders globally is great to Bring the Kingdom of Christ into fruition and I do not accept anyone ruling by deception over lands and people.

Personally I do not give my allegiance to wizard wand wavers and actually, it is the Queen who should be giving her allegiance to the people - NOT the other way round.

The King of Spain holds the title King of Jerusalem. Queen Elizabeth would be Queen of Israel - except this title is not used. What is known with the connection of the Holy Land to the United Kingdom is the stone of Jacob that sits underneath the Coronation Throne.

Princess Diana was 'got rid of' before she could campaign for the Palestinians. The effort to get the building that houses the Israeli government is asking who is ruling over the Israelis?

This building was given to Prince Phillip! Apparently Prince Charles was after this building for a number of years and it was given to his father instead. Will his family inherit this?

There comes a time when man has got to put away his disagreements with other people and start to make his relationship with God right because man is a war monger, God is the life giver.

Now more than ever Jewish people should be strong in their faith and only accept God as their authority - Anyone who is divinely guided by God is not an enemy of the Jewish people and does not turn peoples of different lands against each other. Man has got to give up the war monger.

There are people who are demonically possessed - the silence of this in UK. There are people involved in rituals for power - evidently in this case they are not willing to submit to the highest power. We are in a time where people are choosing their own fate. Everyone is accountable.

We are souls living in a physical body. We are here for a time to learn our lessons, to grow and evolve spiritually. We all have a purpose - a spiritual purpose and yet when you give up your God given rights and the authority he holds eternally, who and what is ruling over you?

Everyone was given Jesus Christ, so everyone could have God as their authority and protector. Back in 1992 Windsor Castle had a great fire. This was a sign to indicate The End. God really is the All Seeing and All Knowing and so, He knows what was and is taking place behind closed doors.

God knows the devious plans of man and women too!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bishop of London Crest - Portugal Connection

The website shows before and after. So this is new!

About: (Est. fourth century or so) “The Bishop of London is the ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of London in the Province of Canterbury.”

“From this advice Paperjam decided to recreate a historical crest using a modern illustrative style that brings the crest up to date but at the same time reflects the heritage and authoritative qualities. Paperjam employed a professional illustrator, Marcelo Oliveira, from Portugal to help create a coat of arms that contained Amor Vincit Omnia “Love Conquers All”. At request from Richard John Carew Chartres himself.”

Two crests, two different mottos. Amor omnia vincit is "Love conquers all"... Whereas "Anglicana Ecclesia Libera Sit" means "May the Anglican Church be free"

The Bishop of London has spoken - This Kingdom belongs to Jesus Christ.

It is unknown of the choice of all illustrators around in London, if that Marcelo Oliverira from Portugal was chosen deliberately - or if it was just by the way life brings what is meant to be and the truth to light in some way too.

A few months ago I was given a vision of a crown and doing a search, it was the Imperial crown of Portugal. This was being shown to me for a reason.

The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres comes across as being a man of sincere servant of God, with the passion in his voice, It takes courage to speak out. A sincere servant of God has his duty of responsibility to serve God, through Jesus Christ, and be obedient to Him.

People who hate Jesus Christ harm His people, to hurt him.

If God is not at the Head of the church through Jesus Christ - what is? These is a serious question that people should be asking. Perhaps the Bishop of London understands this and more.

At least though discovering this, the connection to London and Canterbury is seen. The Archbishop of Canterbury crowns the Queen of England - Richard Chartres has said in some of his talks, he is too old to be the Archbishop of Canterbury and too young to be the Pope. Is this was he was told for the former position? The Archbishop of Canterbury is now held by a former oil executive.

If ministers for God are sincere, they will be divinely guided. They will have also seen Jesus Christ, even on his throne crowned. He knows His sincere servants. Not everyone is!

Actually I have faced the Judge Most High and stood in front of Him on His Throne to know. There is a growing amount of people who have witnessed Christ in visitations, visions and dreams now.

Time will tell what will be. More will to come to light.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Divine Rigtht of Kings and Mandate of Heaven

Divine Right of Kings - what is written, what is said:

'The divine right of kings, or divine-right theory of kingship, is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God.'

This would mean that anyone who is ruled directly by God - making sure this is placed in context, would also be divinely guided by him. Not manipulate and change laws - then be declared to be King by divine right, while ignoring judicial and social responsibility towards the people.

'According to this doctrine, only God can judge an unjust king'

'Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.' John 14:6

if you do not see and hear Jesus Christ, if he has not reveled himself to you and does so in a number of ways, how can anyone claim to have the right to be King or even crowned accordingly.

When Christ was born, He validated God's authority over all of Mankind. He told people to say the Lord's Prayer 'Our FATHER, who art in Heaven' for our protection, be delivered from evil because humanity belongs to God through Jesus Christ. When people are hurt and killed in war, this is to hurt Christ. When injustice is done and justice refused this is to mock Jesus Christ too.

In the nativity that is retold every years since biblical times. One most important lesson also is in recognising that there are Kings like King Herod who wanted to Kill Jesus Christ to keep his position - instead Christ was taken to Egypt for safety. There were also three Wise Kings who were divinely guided and this is how they came to Bethlehem. These Kings bowed down to Christ.

Jesus Christ was recognised as a baby as being King of Kings - King of The World Kingdom of God on this earth. People were not ready for this at the time - many were waiting. There will have been people who knew the prophesy and were dreading Christ King with the Divine Right to Rule.


In reading the Divine Right of Kings, there is also a link to Mandate of Heaven that makes sense. People in Asia are sensitive to signs of the time and also, people from Asia, throughout history have been given spiritual knowledge and inherited spiritual understanding too.

'The Mandate of Heaven is the right to rule claimed to have been granted to ancient Chinese rulers by the gods. The Mandate of Heaven postulates that heaven (天; Tian) would bless the authority of a just ruler, as defined by the Five Confucian Relationships, but would be displeased with a despotic ruler and would withdraw its mandate, leading to the overthrow of that ruler. The Mandate of Heaven would then transfer to those who would rule best. The mere fact of a leader having been overthrown is itself indication that he has lost the Mandate of Heaven.'

It was used throughout the history of China to support the rule of the Emperors of China, including 'foreign' dynasties such as the Qing Dynasty. (Qing sounds like King)

The Mandate of Heaven had no time limitations, instead depending on the just and able performance of the ruler. In the past, times of poverty and natural disasters were taken as signs that heaven considered the incumbent ruler unjust and thus in need of replacement.

Biblical Prophesy has been foretold and the signs of the end times have been documented. In the Mayan Calendar 21st December 2012 was identified and people expected this time of a new beginning. What we are seeing happening - the floods, disasters, earthquakes, tornados, wars, fish and birds dying, lands not growing food, resulting in food shortage and price rises - actually all these have a cause.

Poverty is created by greed - a lesson that has not been understood and if society is greedy, the teacher is coming from the top. When there is injustice and war, these are crimes against humanity to the people. Poisoning food and water is crimes against humanity that endures.

There are diabolical goings on (literally of the devil). There are people involved in sorcery and witchcraft to detrimentally injure and kill people - also to change the course of destiny. A temporary delay might be successful - injuring people might be too - Destiny is written by God, not man.

If a dynasty of people are in positions of power and one person has been overthrown - one rotten apple in a bag of apples will eventually make all go rotten.

People underestimate the Power of God being the All Seeing and All Knowing, seeing and knowing to the finest detail what was to happen 2000 years ahead of time, even over 3000 years.

The burning of Windsor Castle in 1992 happened for a reason. The Crown of the Queen of England holds the Kohinoor Diamond a spoil of war from India. (that is bad enough) The Diamond is shown to be connected to India - Asia. Queen Elizabeth has been wearing the spiritual crown.

Kohinoor means 'Mountain of light'.

The Star of Africa held in her scepter is named clearly to be connected to Africa. The connection between Asia and Africa is Egypt and Mount Sinai. This is the Mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments - Moses being given the Law by God - 613 commandments for the Jews.

The Jewish people know about Jubilee Law. This is a time when land is returned to who it rightfully belongs and this being in context, to return back to living with 'God ruling over this land'. Since 2001, this was the start of escalating legal corruption in UK. Injustice and war - serious crimes against humanity endure. False idols sold are also Going against the commandment of God

The Holy Bible it is written... "I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him." Ezekiel 21:27

The overturning is the throne...must happen anyway.

There has been 'The Game of Thrones' and Watch the Throne Tour' - also now the 'Yeezus Tour' - the timing for this is to remind people what is happening. The Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth are all run by the same company - Miss World lives in London for her reign to ensure no one else can take this title - at the very least. Perhaps this is providence, or because people know of people in the world who go against Christ and rule over lands and people by deception.

The truth can come in many different ways.

The 'King of the Jews' title is held by Jesus Christ.

This is why Salvation is for the Jewish people!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Philippines Typhoon Tradegy: Learning Lessons

The reasons for this devastation of the Typhoon named Haiyan might be in asking how the people ruling over the land take care of the people - or neglect the people. It is not the first typhoon.

The Daily Mail Headlines ask questions and make us all think!

Are Philippines officials only handing out food to the people who VOTED for them? Shocking claim that millions in other areas are being left to fend for themselves after Typhoon

Shocking: An aid worker has claimed that the Philippine government is distributing aid based on voting patterns. Pictured is the devastated Leyte province

Desperate: The words 'SOS, Food, H20, Help!!!' are painted on the roof of a house as seen from a Philippine Air force helicopter in the super typhoon devastated Leyte Province

'Make-shift: Survivors carry metal sheets they've collected and head back to their destroyed village of Marabut'

A few weeks ago I was given a dream with houses made of corrugated metal interior like this, except they were new. Not sure if this is also a reminder of what has happened, for people to be living in houses made from these materials, we do not know the reason - disasters come in many forms, earthquakes, floods, landslides and volcanos, plus typhoons and hurricanes.

'Generous: America and its allies have rushed to the aid of the Philippines. Here American military personnel load relief aid on to a US Navy Seabee helicopter from the USS George Washington carrier at a landing zone in Tacloban'

Response teams in crisis are on the ball now, with people who are in service to deal with crisis situations. When the people are being taken care of and systems are in place to help rebuild lives and communities, faith in the community that stretches beyond our lands can be restored.

'US military personnel sleep on aid shipments at Tacloban Airport'

'People wait for flights out of Tacloban Airport in the early hours of Friday morning' - as we are now living in an international community, many people have family living in other lands that they can go to. Today people travel by plane, at one time this was not always the case.

A rainbow forms over the airport in Tacloban - The white building is lit up 'the white house' and the man seen with the eye patch while on the ground is darkness.

We are told, when we see a rainbow there is hope. The reminder that this world will not be completely flooded again as in the times of knowing. This was another apocalyptic event.

'A soldier assists young survivors to the military plane at Tacloban airport'

The decision not to deploy the 14,000-tonne Peace Ark, one of the newest and biggest hospital ships in the world, is one that contrasts with a recent charm offensive across Southeast Asia by China as it seeks to bolster ties and ease tension over the disputed South China Sea.

'Even China's usually hawkish Global Times, a tabloid owned by the People's Daily state mouthpiece, on Friday called for the Ark to sail to the Philippines, where an international naval flotilla, headed by a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group, is delivering food, water and medicine.'

'Initially, China pledged $100,000 in aid to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan roared across central islands a week ago, and a further $100,000 through the Chinese Red Cross - figures dwarfed by multi-million dollar donations from countries and corporations around the world.

Even Swedish furniture chain Ikea and beverage giant Coca-Cola have done more than the world's second-largest economy for the Philippines.'

'The British Royal Navy warship HMS Daring docked is being sent to the Philippines with a RAF C-17 plane to aid in relief efforts' - the ship is identified as a destroyer class.

'On route: The USS Antietam from the George Washington Battle Group has set sail from Hong Kong for the Philippines to help in the relief effort'

Posted below are links to the articles with photographs and reporting. Over 2000 people lost their lives. There process to identify bodies is not always possible when there is the loss of great numbers of people, especially as family and loved ones might have been killed too.

'Grim spectacle: Hundreds of bodies lay rotting in a hastily-constructed trench'

'Almost 400 bodies lie in a hastily-constructed mass grave'

Survivors gather together at Tacloban awaiting transport to neighboring Cebu island province

'We have let people down': UN aid chief admits response to Philippines typhoon has been too slow as rescue teams struggle to clear thousands of bodies and distribute food

Without water people cannot survive - water is vital.

'Tens of millions of pounds worth of aid has been pledged by governments across the world but agencies are struggling to bring it to survivors '

'Hundreds of people wait for evacuation by military ship in Tacloban city amid fears the death toll will rise as the worst-hit areas slowly become accessible'

'An aerial view of a demolished coastal town on Eastern Samar Island. Many remote areas are still inaccessible and it is uncertain how many people have been killed'

'The neonatal unit in Tacloban hospital has had to be moved into the chapel after the storm flooded parts of the centre, knocking down walls and causing part of the roof to cave in'

People taking shelter inside a church to rest and sleep.

The figures are diverse in reporting. The latest is:

Typhoon Haiyan feared to have killed TEN THOUSAND Filipinos as Vietnam and China now prepare for the worst

'Under water: Residents wade through a flooded street in Mindoro, Philippines this morning following the typoon'

'Pile up: Vehicles and rubbish are pictured strewn across a flooded street in Tacloban, Leyte' - if we think this will never happen where we live, be careful. Many catastrophes are foretold and no one is safe to be not a witness to what is happening in our world - as a reminder this world is going to be taken back because people who have ruled over this world forget their responsibility.

'Space: A digital composite of Typhoon Haiyan approaching the Philippines, made using images captured geostationary satellites of the Japan Meteorological Agency'

Asking why this has happened - guided to these words:
"I will give, in my house and within my walls,a monument and a name better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name that shall not be cut off." Isaiah 56:5

"Yet day after day they seek me and delight to know my ways, as if they were a nation that practised righteousness and did not forsake the ordinance of their God; they ask of me righteous judgements, they delight to draw near to God." Isaiah 58:2

The people make any nation, not the officials. And there are people who openly resent 'foreigners' in their country and this explains why they reject their own family. People are rejecting Christ and His family yet go to Church and pretend to be Christians - or don't and claim to be.

Even though these people have nothing - they have faith.

When bad things happen to good people, it is to teach the people who forgot that one day, we might suffer the same fate. Buildings can be and have been flattened and lives taken. Where will our soul go on to afterwards, that is what few people seek to know.

Of all the donations what percentage is going to the destination and reaching the people? Are all the people being helped - is every dollar accountable? It should be and needs to be now!

Other headline reports quoted with statistics:
'Starvation and fear in the land laid waste by 200mph typhoon that killed at least 10,000: Dazed survivors scour the streets for food and mobs attack aid trucks in Philippines'

'Shelter from the storm: While the Catholic church in Tacloban has welcomed victims, many buildings have been broken into by desperate looters'

'Up to 4.3 million people have been affected, Filipino national disaster agency say'
UN says 2.5m people need of food aid and UNICEF estimate 1.5 m children affected
Vietnam authorities have moved 883,000 people in 11 central provinces to safe zones
Typhoon has now made landfall in Sanya in south China's Hainan province'

In looking in the overview of the world image and the typhoon, this is an energy generated phenomenon that can strike anywhere. Just because these are hitting in certain parts of the world, ie in America is prone to hurricanes, this does not mean other lands will not be affected in some way.

We can easily take our world for granted, especially to people who are in positions to take care of lands and people too. This world does not belong to anyone other than Christ; even if people believe they have a right to own this world. There is a biblical law - Jubilee Law that applies.

This is a time of great deception, where in desperate situations, people are grateful for help - is there are price tag attached to this? Church doors should not be closed now.

The resilience of people is strong - the survivors of this experience have been given the knowledge that they can start their life again...There is help somewhere, people who care about humanity. If 7 billion people get into the role of caring about 'strangers' in need, there would be no poverty or struggle - people would be more willing to help and enable people and this aids progress!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Kills Masses Philippines: Why?

Typhoon-struck Philippine city beginning mass burial

The CBCNews World report - Death toll rises to 2,360

With Canada prioritizing immigration applications from Filipinos who have been affected by Haiyan Typhoon that shattered the city of Tacloban. A 100 people of its thousands of dead were buried in a hillside mass burial on Thursday. Desperately needed aid has began to reach some of the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the Philippines disaster.

'Typhoon Haiyan struck the central Philippines. Many of the dead were still lying along roads as survivors searched for bodies buried under the rubble.

"It is very hard. It is very difficult," medical examiner Dr. Emmanuel Aranas told CBC's Chris Brown in Tacloban. "They are everywhere, cadavers are everywhere."

Aranas has given up trying to identify people.'

When such destruction happens to land and people being killed, this did not just happen for no reason. Another horrendous situation with innocent people is to grab our attention. Why is it we take notice when catastophe happens and yet ignore when people are crying out for help?

The typhoon is evidently a very destructive element - with the elemental process involved and land was opened to bury people. In this time now again masses of people are contemplating morality and starting to consider if this the wrath of God. Why in the Philippines this time?

My delay in writing about this, revisiting the search engine to find an article, in this time 2013 Miss World, Megan Young who was crowned Miss World Asia, 'escaped serious injury'. This lady was crowned Miss Philippines. I think this is very important information.

Sleeping on this, I woke up realising that the Miss World Competition is under attack - Julia Morley one of the organisers was seriously injured - With all the talk of the One World Government and New World Order, there have been years of illegal wars for profit too.

Whether intended or not, The Queen of the World title is preserved so that no one else can wear it. I did wonder if this typhoon is a reaction to harm to the Miss World organisation this time. However Philippines has shown to be a very important land mark too.

The Philippines is in Asia - The Crown of Asia is connected.

In this time, Prince Charles and Camilla toured the Himalayas and India. Both of these are in Asia. The Himalayas, in China includes Mount Everest the tallest mountain.

Charles has said he wants to look after this world for his children and grandchildren. I am sure he does. With the Imperial crown being connected with Asia, and three generations of Kings announced, there is more that comes to light and nothing is by accident at all.

'Filed Under: William and Catherine, Wedding, Imperial and Royal Matters, Human Interest' Lille Piccio, from Bacolod City, was the lone Filipino invited to the royal wedding, having served as a nanny to both Prince William and Prince Harry, and later working for their mother Princess Diana. (did not expect to find this) A lady loved by the boys is understandable.

'East west' comes into my mind to discover the following :

EastWest Bank formally known as East West Banking Corporation, is a universal bank in the Philippines. Its headquarters is at The Beaufort, the flagship luxury condominium project of Filinvest Development Corporation at the Bonifacio Global City with extension offices at PBComm Tower Makati City (Call Center Division), Hanston Building (Customer Care), and Pasong Tamo Extension (formerly the country head office of Levi's Philippines).

Learning more...

Universal Bank - Miss World Organisers also have a competition for Miss Universe. The identification of 'Global City' and Beaufort - The ancestral home of the House of Plantagenet, France. The Castle in Champagne was once possession of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, third son of King Edward III.

The last entry Cecily Neville, Duchess of York (1415-1495) mother of Kings Edward IV and Richard III of England. After marriage of her Grandson Richard of York, the Duchess was accorded the title Queen of right after using the title of Cecily, the king's mother and late wife unto Richard in right king of England and of France and lord of Ireland since 1464.

The remains said to be Richard have been in the news (family name) and just to show another name connection comes up agaiin in relation to challenging the Duke of Beaufort.

The Duke of Beaufort - In January 2009. Swansea councillor, Ioan Richard, discovered via the Freedom of Information Act, the duke was paid £281,431 for a 70 ft bridge to be built over the River Tawe near Swansea. The dukedom was granted ownership of the river bed 400 years ago. The bridge is linking a shopping centre to Liberty Stadium, home of Swansea City football club and the Ospreys rugby team The council had to pay the duke for the right to build it. Richard was "furious that public money was used to pay one of Britain's richest estates. For centuries Swansea folk have paid rents to the Duke of Beaufort and we don't owe this powerful and wealthy family anything." A spokesman for the duke's estate at Badminton House responded: "We do not want to comment about a private transaction."

Ospreys (Osprey of London is a brandname) Swansea - Wales, Liberty Stadium is connected to the Plantagenet and Beaufort family (knowing someone with this name) Liberty meaning Freedom - while USA shouting Let Freedom Ring, the media published a photograph of William holding a bell so that the bell does not ring. ('Ioan' Richard sounds like Spanish Juan - Richard Juan, my fathers name)

There are Liberty statues in France too.

Bonifacio (Bunifaziu in Corsican) is a commune at the southern tip of the island of Corsica, in the Corse-du-Sud department of France. Bonifacio is the setting of Guy de Maupassant's short story, Vendetta. V for Vendetta is a movie that came to mind yesterday.

This typhoon was about the land and the seas - with the ships being taken out of the water by the force. Two were royal blue color...strange how that happens. The death toll of people are big numbers - who cares enough for the people who are pleading for help, helping the poor people in our world. Who are the overlords who are oppressing the people in our world - even with sorcery and witchcraft - a spiritually blind and unaware mind might not know what is really going on.

Praying for the souls who have lost their lives - knowing souls do go on. Still the most horrific way these innocent people died and the exact cause ' Not just these souls - all the masses of people who have been killed in the illegal wars 'for which King is this?'

Guided to know share this. "Yet does not one in a heap of ruins stretch out his hand and in his disaster, cry out for help. Did I not week for him whose day was hard. Was my soul not grieved for the poor? When I looked evil came and when I waited for light darkness came." Job 30:24-26

A message specifically about this situation for the people:

The title is 'Judgment Against the Nations'

Seek and read from the book of the Lord: Not one of these shall be missing; none shall be without its mate. For the mouth of the Lord has commanded, and his spirit has gathered them. He has cast the lot for them, his hand has portioned it out to them with the line; they shall possess it for ever, from generation to generation they shall live in it. Isaiah 34:16-17

A testing tome for people of faith everywhere. No one is excluded from learning these lessons. These two years I am hearing 'Write' Write for me' and with complete trust that I am writing, sometimes very difficult - especially when under spiritual attack. Sorcerers, wizard and wicked witches need to remember, who is the Authority over this world. What you send out must go return!

More to share about the Philippines.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria,_11th_Duke_of_Beaufort,_Duchess_of_York

Global Deforestation - It is Time To Wake Up

In earlier articles I have written about planting trees. If today everyone planted a tree there would be over 7 billion trees on this planet. For a family, plant a tree for each member.

A couple of months ago I decided to plant orange pips - now little trees are growing. Just to give the example and personal experience, that we do not need to spend a fortune to grow and plant fruit tree and this is to provide free food in future.

There is a crisis today that we are living in a world of tree and life destroyers - however it is important to be clear, people who are harvesting trees are also planting replacements.

What comes to mind is 'Avatar' and the tree destruction. We live in a beautiful planet and yet man is destroying it for profit and not considering the bigger picture.

Green Death of the Forests - this documentary contains no narrative or dialogue and yet helps us understand complex commodity chains. Elephants chained, powerful yet held as prisoners, A gorilla dying and scenes of western consumerism to show how we ignore the problem. All we can think of is wanting more - seeing so much wood furniture for sale, all I can think of is the trees being cut down to meet consumer desires - we are living in a throwaway society!

BBC Documentary - The Magical Forest (HD) The Wood Wide Web - shows the dependable relationship that the trees have to animals and a forest grown from floods - our evolving planet, where nature is nurtured can be by taking care of the planet or if we destroy it, we will be destroyed.

This image shows the scale of forest cover and changes. The image is shown to identify 2013 and the mass black is identifying water....'

'Using Landsat imagery and cloud computing, researchers mapped forest cover worldwide as well as forest loss and gain. Over 12 years, 888,000 square miles (2.3 million square kilometers) of forest were lost, and 309,000 square miles (800,000 square kilometers) regrew

Yakutsk is a major port on the Lena River, served by the Yakutsk Airport as well as the smaller Magan Airport. Yakutsk produces 5th of the worlds diamonds and is capital of the republic. Yakutsk is home to ALROSA and other mining companies. The city is also home to a significant food industry, to tanneries, to sawmills, and to factories for building materials.

In February 15th a meteorite landed in Russia 'from the heavens' at a specific location identified the uniting of lands 'under the authority of God'. Around this time I discovered a replica crown of Katerina the Great, Empress of Russia is made so no one can take that.

Trees emit oxygen. If we diminishing the air quality, this upsets the balance of nature too. Today in a throwaway society, people are discarding furniture to buy new and now wood is being in fashion, there is a price that we are paying from taking and not giving back.

'The border between Malaysia and Indonesia on the island of Borneo stands out in the Landsat-based map of forest disturbance. Red pixels represent forest loss between 2000 and 2012'

'Malaysia Kingdom has an elected King who serves 5 years. Malaysia has never recognised Israel and has no diplomatic ties with it. It has remained a strong supporter of the State of Palestine, and has called for Israel to be taken to the International Criminal Court over the Gaza flotilla raid. Malaysian peacekeeping forces are present in Lebanon and have contributed to many other UN peacekeeping missions.' (there is surely a whole more that people are not told about)

Destruction caused by deforestation, wildfires and storms globally, show forests experienced an overall loss of 1.5 million sq km during 2000-2012.

Compare this to land size of the entire state of Alaska.

'Malaysia's heavy logging along forest roads is visible right up to the Indonesian border, where forests were still largely intact as of 2012.

In Côte d'Ivoire, a civil war in 2002 corresponded with intense deforestation of several previously protected nature reserves.

'The maps, created by a team involving Nasa, Google and the University of Maryland researchers, used images from the Landsat satellite'

A different pattern of change appears in the southeastern U.S., where landowners harvest trees for timber and quickly plant their replacements'

‘Of this eco-region in the southeast, 30 per cent of the forest land was regrown or lost during this period,’ Professor Hansen said.'

Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria
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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Crowned Miss World Asia 2013 Miss Pillipipines

A few weeks ago Miss Philippines was crowned Miss World.

This year people were reacting badly to the Miss World Competition. Perhaps people were picking up on something - People reacting 'to something' more...

It was no surprise for Miss Philippines to win Miss World in relation to the divine plan. If anything this confirmed that the spiritual crown wearer, is connected with Asia - the Bible Identifies the 7 Churches of Asia. The Philippines is in Asia.

'The winner spends a year travelling to represent the Miss World Organization and its various causes. The current Miss World is Megan Young of the Philippines.'

Traditionally, Miss World lives in London during her reign.'

It is interesting for the year! When Miss World lives in London England; therefore as long as there is a Miss World 'crowned' no one else can take her place!

See this from a spiritual perspective - not necessarily directly connected to the Miss World Competitions. However the organisers run Miss Universe and Miss Earth competitions too. So the Miss Universe title cannot be taken by anyone else or Miss Earth Either. Also, we have now a Lady crowned from Asia so the Crown for Asia is taken too.

Sometimes God makes it really clear so that we see!

'Since its launch in 1951, the Miss World Organization has raised more than £250 million for children’s charities. Miss World is franchised in more than 100 countries.Miss World Limited is a privately held firm, and thus figures for its earnings, expenses and charitable contributions are not publicly available.'

In these days, there has been devastation in the Philippines and this has happened for a reason. Keeping in the theme of what is shared above, it is possibly something to do with a crown that is connected to London and The World? - we do not know for sure.

Just reading now, Miss World 2013, Megan Young narrowly escaped serious injury after a building in Port-au-Prince, Haiti collapsed. Delegates from the contest included Julia Morley, the competition Chairman, were visiting an orphanage in the capital.

Brit Julia smashed her hip and was airlifted to a hospital in Miami where she had surgery for five hours. The floor of the home collapsed after about 20 of the 78 children who live there rushed towards the beauty queen when she arrived.

Julia said: “I was so relieved that nearly everyone escaped unhurt. I will return to Haiti as soon as I can." “This accident highlights the need to provide a safe environment for these young kids.” The Young children were rescued in this situation.

Port of Prince - who is the Prince. All these freaky goings on, someone said the other week, this is like the Omen movie. The makers of this movie knew something!

Nothing is just an accident. It is stated that Megan Young escaped serious injury and what bothers me greatly - Is this yet another example of those who are abusing power to try and cause serious injury 'to the Crown of Asia wearer'. This is a serious concern.

An earlier article with Richard Chartres explains concerns.

In the Miss World Competition, many ladies are seen wearing crowns. There are countless women who are born Princess by right and denied this. The theme seems today to promote false idols having taken away peoples rights, even their God given Birthright.

When beauty is about vanity - the superficial, this loses the value of what is inside the person, the beauty of the soul. Megan is beautiful inside and out.

In some countries women are forced to cover up and yet going back 60 years ago they were not. Laws have been introduced with interpretation of the law. Countless 'covered woman' are oppressed and living in fear even in the west. There are women who are not even allowed to engage in conversation with people outside their family and community.

Being a woman should be celebrated internationally. Women are the carriers and bringers of life in this world, the primary (first) teacher and guide in a child's life.

The divine plan in choosing this year Miss Philippines is highlighting a lady from Asia as being The World Crown wearer. The Holy Bible identifies the Crowns of Asia.

In an earlier article I wrote about Sian Green the Asian lady from Britain who was injured in New York and her foot was severed. The name Sian means 'Princess' from Asia.

The 7 Ancient Churches were in Asia Minor. The Greek Roman Province of Asia was named in the East and the 7 churches are named in the Holy Bible. Istanbul in Turkey is where East meets West; joined by a bridge - Europe meets Asia is how Eurasia came to be known.

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands.

The name Phillip is seen written in Philippines.

'The Philippine Islands, derived from the King Philip II of Spain (16th century). Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos named Las Islas Filipinas in honour of the then-Prince of Asturias, originally referring to the islands of Leyte and Samar. The Greek name is traced to the father of Alexander the Great, Philipp II of Macedon, Greece.'

Cleopatra was Greek from Macedonia and the last Pharaoh of Egypt and so here we learn there is another connection being made - with Alexandria being in Egypt too. And with Mount Sinai being in South Egypt - this is how the Queen of the South became known.

In Philippines, according to the 2000 census, more than 90% of the population are Christians: about 80% belong to the Roman Catholic Church while 10% belong to other Christian denominations, with between 5% and 10% of the population being Muslims.

'The Spanish Inquisition in the 16th Century forced many Jews in Spain to convert to Christianity or to flee.' 'Sephardi Jews are those Jews coming from the Iberian Peninsula and settled in the Philippines, particularly, in Northern Samar.'

The Sephardi Jews came originally came from the East, especially from Turkey and Anatolia, Asia Minor. Izmir (Smyrna) Asia Minor, named in the Holy Bible. The now ruined acropolis of the ancient city was known the "crown of Smyrna",

The first permanent settlement of Jews in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial years began with the arrival of three Levy brothers from Alsace-Lorraine, who were escaping the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870.

The Levy brothers - were these gentlemen Levites?

Julia Morley injured, not good at all. She is connected with the Miss World Competitions. There are people who know there are unseen invisible forces. Although the building was said to have collapsed due to the children running towards the newly crowned Queen - Miss World, it is known if someone is wearing this crown, it cannot be taken by anyone else.

In the time Julia was injured, there was also devastation to the Philippines, destruction on the lands and the force brought the ships from the water on the land. In this time Prince Charles and Camilla had traveled to the Hymalayas and India, both lands are connected with the Spiritual Crown - both are in Asia. Mount Everest is in the Himalayas.

Consider this. If someone is wearing a Crown and living in England, as Miss World is, this shows someone is chosen for this. Each year, people are reminded that only one Queen of the World will be crowned officially and live in London, through this competition.

'Megan Lynne Young (born February 27, 1990 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA) is a Filipino beauty queen, actress and model. She won the Miss World Philippines title and was later crowned as Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

Megan Young also received the Continental Queen of Beauty title as Miss World Asia 2013, the highest ranked contestant in the Asian region.'

So we learn from this lady, the Chosen Queen is from Asia, connected to the USA, Philippines; related to Philipp II and Alexander the Great - connected with Egypt because Alexandria has been identified with Megan. Mount Sinai is in South Egypt. Mount Sinai is where Moses received the Stone Tablets with the Ten Commandments.

In different ways we are being reminded this and also that God appoints the Queen - Jesus Christ appoints his footstool on this earth and this is so people can know Him. In this time the reason why there is a rise of people returning to their faith, it is because there are people who are defying the Laws of God who go totally against His authority.

In the year of being Miss World, Megan Young will travel and meet many people in her role, and raise awareness to causes and the needs of the people. Megan might not have the means to fix the problems in the world - She can still give her love, care and compassion.

In some way, each person serves to remind everyone that we are to take care of the people and this land we are living on. If people are prevented from progress, this is a generation of people who influence the next generation. Hearing the words in England 'You are a Nothing and a nobody' - This is the diabolical set up that exists now.

It is quite possible that Megan Young is more eligible to be Queen in reality than those who manipulate and change the laws to gain and maintain their positions!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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