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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 3 November 2013

2 Dreams, Wearing a Crown & a ROUND Piano

Another night with dream messages.

In one dream I was observing myself in a big room wearing a crown. Other people were there. This was not in the public eye and yet the people inside obviously know. To be wearing a crown, someone has placed the crown on the persons head. So this dream was given for a reason to know.

The crown seen was gold with red material inside.

In the second dream, this was something totally unexpected too. I was handed a round piano. A man was playing it by running his fingers across the keys and he spoke of more instruments in the cellar. This was shown to belong to someone I know and am not in personal contact with.

There were other parts of the dream that I did not write down - usually dreams have different elements as in different scenes. The last part, people were meeting up. A man and woman were introduced and went off together on a date. She was pretty blond both casually dressed.

Perhaps romance will be blossoming for many people...

Having never seen or known about a round piano before, I thought this was another 'distortion dream' where something seems real and yet it is impossible to be so. Then just now, taken by surprise to discover that there is a round piano...and really not knowing symbolic meaning of this.

This piano is shown in a black background. I was standing in a light coloured room when holding the piano - the width would be about 3 feet and it was not heavy.

In my dream I was on one side and the man on the other, Perhaps showing two people can play a tune together - a harmony. Perhaps this is a piano I will hold or be given in my life.

The lady who was reminded of in the dream, even though she was not there, was a composer, so that might relate. Perhaps the dream is about creating music and learning to play the piano.

What comes to mind today, many people are using the internet to have virtual relationships and not getting together beyond this. The internet can be a good way to get to know a person - using Skype as a telephone so before meeting, the person inside is already known. There are also romance scammers and people who steal hearts, while with a spouse sitting unaware in another room.

Also perhaps round pianos are being made or will be again. 'Roundhouse' just popped into my mind. Just looking to see what is about this to see if anything is connected.

'The Roundhouse is a Grade II listed former railway engine shed in Chalk Farm, London, England, which has been converted into a performing arts and concert venue. '

'Since 2006, Roundhouse has hosted the BBC Electric Proms[5] and numerous iTunes Festivals, as well as award ceremonies such as the BT Digital Music Awards and the Vodafone Live Music Awards'

Spoken Word Festival: The Last Word At Roundhouse

Dreams carry messages and yet there are many layers of dreams and many messages. What is certain, If I was Queen, I would not want to be put on a pedistal to have all the paparazzi in my face. They are only interested in a photograph for profit and often not even interested in the person.

When a crown is reduced to celebrity status, it has no value.

Just seeing the line 'All the world's a stage'

Listening to the Dean of Westminster during Queen Elizabeth's 60th Anniversary at Westminster Abbey use used the word 'Theatre' in relation to war. Politicians are described to be 'on the world stage'. People have even referred to the British royals as puppets or a puppet show.

There is in Manchester the Palace Theatre and the Royal Exchange Theatre. Actually the land marks in Manchester and road signs tell a story to show everything is mapped out already.

Outside Cenurion House and Starbucks on Deansgate is the Fryderyk Chopin Memorial Monument. This sculpture is placed on a stone rock on top of two steps. A reminder to everyone.

'Chopin at the piano gazing across at his muse Baroness Aurore Lucile Dupon. Carved into the work is an eagle in flight, the symbol of Poland for over a thousand years and a battle scene representing the Polish fight for freedom.'

The Road that runs to the side of this is Queen Street and I noticed next door to the Manchester Building Society is a pub named Rising Sun...EVERYTHING has been planned.

Then the other day, I discovered Manchester Square, London.

Notice Duke Street leading to Manchester Square - this is almost 200 miles away. Also notice George Street, Manchester Street, Spanish Street and Jacob's Well Mews etc.

Portman Square and Portman street made me think of The Bodyguard - except I have no police protection here. Notice many people have bodyguards now. This is because there is danger around.

In Manchester there are buses written with 'The Witches Way'. Nothing is hidden and while many people think witchcraft is a joke, or harmless there are people creating curses and hurting people.

There are people who say the piano is evil and yet, organ music which is played by a keyboard is found in churches. Many a time, even though I do not have a signing voice, a tune comes to mind. The great composers 'hear' clearly before they document this down. Being inspired in song is to deliver a message. This is not the same as writing of experience, or writing lyrics to influence.

Witney Houston (named after a City in Texas) held one of her most memorable roles, the first time she took the role as an actress, in the Bodyguard, with Kevin Costner. Now this beautiful voice is no longer with us. In Kevin Costner's speech at her funeral he says to people 'Guard your bodies and guard the precious miracle of your own life and sing your hearts out; knowing there is a lady in heaven who is making God himself wonder how he created something so perfect.'

Kevin Costner's emotional speech at Whitney Houston's funeral.

'When you sing before him, don't worry you will be good enough'

Being famous has a very high price. Not everyone will be famous - Not everyone wants to be famous. However, the people who sing are meant to sing. Witney Houston was meant to shine.

Witney Houston was chosen by God to sing and to deliver the message of song to peoples hearts. She also reminded people that playing at being tough, as a front, does not hide the truth.

In the movie The Bodyguard, the assassin was called Portman.

On the map shown above, Jacob's Well Mews is running side by side to Spanish Street. Jacob's Well is where Jesus Christ spoke to the lady from Samaria who become spiritually enlightened. She became divinely guided and was an important figure in Orthodox Christianity. Today St. Fotini Greek Orthodox is over Jacob's well - The name of the Cathedral Church I was baptised in Greece.

Some time ago I wrote of 'hearing' 'The Jews are Ruling from Valencia'. With descending from the Counts of Requena on my fathers family, I discovered, Real Requena meaning Royal Requena: -

The ladder shown is Jacobs ladder that is foretold.

In American Citizens do not hold titles, everyone is equal....When people have names of Cities - they might have come from a Royal bloodline. Was Witney Houston a Princess too? Possible. Michael Jackson a Prince? Witney was African American, Native American and Dutch descent.

One of Witney Houston's songs is 'Queen of the Night'.

The connection to Africa is also very interesting because in Ethiopia, in St. Mary of Zion Chapel the Ark of the Covenant has been said to be held to show that whoever is successor to the Crown, would be connected to this particularly family line and therefore Africa too.

Kevin Costner starred in a movie Field of Dreams...the message if I recall is 'if you built it they will come' America is built on Providence. Vision for growth is stunted when profit as the priority. Now if the focus is on service and meeting the needs of people - humanity will flourish.

Movie Scripts can be inspired and also based on real life stories. The impression I have from this and also the focus of the movie is this was an inspired movie. Behind Kevin Costner is a clear sky with white clouds that could indicate he had an experience beyond this world for the film.

Similar to this background, I experienced a dream vision being in the heavens, being shown the Ark of the Covenant with a sheep sitting on top. There were two guardians standing side by side, one I saw as being Jesus Christ. A dream vision the day afterwards of an open maroon cape mantle.

Living in Bolton, the town maps out UK, Portugal Street is off Bradford Street - Bradford is in Yorkshire and both are connected to the Imperial Crown. Here is also Moses Gate Country Park; being connected with the Holy Land. God is 10 steps ahead of man's devious plans.

The Laws of God were given to protect the people...When man ignores the authority of God, this is why he will not understand people are being divinely guided by God for the greater good of all.

Everyone was born FREE - even if man says otherwise.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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