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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 30 November 2013

An Ancient Menorah Bread Stamp

In this video you will see a menorah bread stamp.

To my understanding, food consumed by religious Jews is Kosher - blessed by the Rabbi. The strictness in storage and preparation of food is maintained by observant Jews even today.

At one time all that we ate would be prayed over and food asked to be be blessed, There was also the emphasis to be purified by the Lord - these traditions have a purpose today.

In seeing this ancient bread stamp, this could have been used to identify bread that had been prepared and baked especially for Jewish people according to the religious law. This would not make anyone else exempt from this because breaking bread was instructed by Christ in his remembrance.

The 7 branch menorah is connected with the temple and so it would indicate that this bread has been blessed - where prayer has been said over this before being consumed.

In a time when our foods have additives, preservatives and whatever other toxins included, including hormones, genetically modified foods - more than anything we must become aware of what we are eating and read the labels of what we are buying in the shops. Do not take anything for granted.

If we do not know the ingredients of what we eat and if this is safe, we might be consuming something that is not. As more people become conscious, people are understanding the reasons to pray. Prayer is a way to communicate to God - we can God to purify the foods that we eat. When food is unsafe to eat we can pray and ask God to give us the clear warning so that we understand.

My interpretation of this ancient bread stamp is what I am being guided to understand with common sense. with this being connected to the Byzantine antiquity finds, with the gold menorah pendant, this is another example of a connection with the Jewish people and origins.

There is also the understanding of consuming food that has been prepared with love and by people who are pure in their heart with intention. What we eat and were carries energy. Cash that passes our hands carries energy of the people who handle this - and blood money is still very real today.

Religious Jewish people have been given the understanding of doing work that is with pure intention - not to accept work that will cause loss, suffering hardship and destitution to people. What we do is accountable and the laws of cause and effect apply. If we earn money by causing the above, this is 'energy' that we would be inviting to return and could suffer the same fate.

Today many people are struggling because of greed and corruption. It is alarming and disturbing to warn people 'even the police' that our food and water is being poisoned - they are told aspartame during testing on rats showed brain tumors as one of the symptoms and was banned, yet today is in over 6000 food and drink products. Millions of people are being killed by cancer and officials shurg their shoulders - the wars based on lies, they sit back and do nothing.

There are so many Jewish people who say 'this is Jewish and taking possession of something where the 7 branch menorah is about 7 ancient churches and tribes - 7 days of creation and the Holy Light of God. This was a light to share with the world as the word of God has been translated and shared with with the world...The Holy land is land where God is always the Authority ruling over!

And He does not rule over lands and people by deception.

This is a time for planting new seeds and trees, also for returning back to nourishing our mind body and soul. Breaking bread together is what Christ taught us with his apostles.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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