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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Are There Cameras In Court Now? - Mac

'I hear you've got cameras in your court, today Gerald'

Does this look like a High Court scenario> What is being heard in the High Court to be recorded? Is exposure of evidence about the British royals being seen and heard in the High Court?

With Big Brother Society, one are that has been shut out from the public eye is law courts, with the concern of the lies and abuse taking place every day by lawyers and police.

Also, when a lawyer asks for a Judge to withhold evidence that would settle a case fairly and ethically, and the judge agrees, both are committing the serious crime of perverting justice.

There has to be someone over everyone in the law courts to ensure that these people are working for justice. As the legal system has persistently refused to work for justice, then there has to come a time when corrupt lawyers, police and court Judges are prosecuted too.

In Switzerland, so I am told, are lawyers in prison who got greedy. There is also a structure in court where, so i am told in Greece, people give their evidence and then this is looked over by a panel of judges. None of this oral evidence and refusing credible physical evidence.

This is to prevent corruption by the court by officials.

Even with corruption of the court officials happening every day - plus what lawyers are up to in fleesing people (allow me to speak just for England knowing it is going on) for cash payments, when they have also then after taking all they can dropped the client. This is criminal too.

For some years I have been inspired to paint and yet not being a fine artist, kept putting this off. Then after a dream, three years ago, I was shown that the paintings were not fine art, but inspired art. The medium was shown and yet I did not know such a product. Eventually finding this.

One of my paintings called Divine Justice (is a courtroom)

The days are numbered for corrupt officials. And if anyone is going to study for a number of years to gain a law degree, to then use this with criminal intent, they need to shred their diplomas and degrees and get out find a suitable alternative career. Pick up rubbish on the street!

It is not ok for any official who has taken an oath to lie in court, steal from people by deception, entrap people to enter into an oral contract 'that is recorded' and then deny someone's truth on oath. It is not permitted to deny anyone's professional training either - meaning if someone has trained as a professional for service, no lawyer can say that they have not.

Just wish I kept hold of every name of every lawyer who refused to work for justice - because this is a serious crime too. This is called obstructing justice.

People are so scared - it is the officials who need to be very careful now. The only reason they get away with their crimes all these years is because of the overlords in this country.

It is no ok to set out to destroy innocent peoples lives.

And the corrupt lawyers that are running away to be registered in another country, the positive out of a one world organsation that oversees access to enter into the legal profession and work in a law court is that corrupt lawyers who are proven to be so just by producing the evidence can be struck off. If this country was run by ethical officials right at the top, there would be no injustice whatsoever and no tolerance for injustice caused by oathtaking officials either.

The people who are in the media who are ethical have an obligation to serve the peoples best interest, not the corporate establishment. The police should be protecting people, not contributing to their suffering Pubic confidence. By prosecuting corrupt lawyers, this helps to clean up the system and is a warning to other lawyers - if you lie you will be found out.

Once a system is in place that protects the people and settles matters ethically, this sets an example in society to follow. As it is today, there are at least 70% cases that should not even get to court. The focus on making money by lawyers has people hating eachother and distrusting the system. Better to clean up the system and remove people from office.

The other day I had a letter about paying council tax and it said, taking slightly out of context, if I did not pay these two installments 'I will lose my rights' - REALLY!

No one can take away my rights or DIVINE RIGHTS.

It is not only knowledge that the Crown has been stolen - the Acropolis Marbles have been stolen too. The Acropolis was the seat of God's Government on earth. Small minded obedient conforming pen pushers are the people who bow down to puppets with a pretty face like Kate Middleton. It is time the courts examined the Birth Certificates being used to register a royal status.

Ruling over lands and people by deception, does not given anyone the right to rule. Forcing people into court to take an oath with a very sick power game theatre that pays all the officials in the room, either by the person who is in court, or by the system is not justice at all.

Choosing to take on cases of people who own their home is because the loser pays the legal bill. The courts also send baliffs to people's homes for payment, when court officials are the perpetrators of the crime - a corporation that has operated with corruption for a very long time.

It is unknown how many people have a charge on their home - hidden so that they are unable to move because once the property is sold this payment is due.

British courts are under obligation. Payment is overdue.

Looking forward to see the clean up of the UK legal system.

Every injustice that takes place, with refusal to put wrongs right - the Queen is accountable and if she passes the crown to her son, grandsons and all the other members of her family - they are accountable too. There is an obligation to put wrongs right without delay.

War based on lies....a corrupt system based on lies. This is what officials say - lawyers and police. No one is doing anything about it. Eventually something will be done...

Perhaps the cameras are a sign to show Change.

If I am to change my name 'by deed poll' to HIH Princess Pauline Maria, this would indicate that I am trying to take another name and status that might discredit the truth. Being born from a Greek mother who the City of Athens is named after, of course I know the truth. The problem is that officials in England do not know the truth and many do not even care about the people.

This explains why there are so many human rights abuses.

While in recent years since speaking out very openly, there is a rise of Zero Tolerance of Corruption in public office. England is changing and creating laws for their own self serving interests. The introduction of gay marriage is just one of those laws and the people cannot even see it.

A mentality of people who know that if they maintain popularity of the people, and portray and illusion of trust, not only will people pour out their love - they will be willing to become dependent too. And for those who do not, the voting system is to giving permission to other people to make decisions on your behalf. These decisions might be to the people's detriment.

Reading comments by people speaking about lying MP's - they can lie to theirselves, make mistakes and learn from them. It is not OK to use public office to lie to the people, exploit, and abuse people. When a role of a Member of Parliament has the responsibility is to serve the people.

No Court Judge is above Jesus Christ - He was crucified before and will not be again. The system in England can be easily crushed - England has known many ruins from history. Perhaps there are people right at the top who know this and so now an ethical system is being created.

The alternative is a totalitarian state run by people who continue to oppress, exploit, abuse and even kill people. England has landed estates with housing estates built on top. The laws for profit being created with the fines are one issue. Selling contracts to people in relation to energy bills by enticement can be seen as coercion and a voidable contract by law.

Masses of people have brain tumors. This is one of the symptoms during the testing of Aspartame on rats and deemed deadly by the FDA. Because lawyers did not move to ban Aspartame it is in around 6000 food and drink products. Fluoride - contributes to diminished brain function and cancer.

Even with training to assist healing - I sought out credible evidence to find out the truth. My sharing is out of deep concern with what is happening to humanity. When the people are in positions to serve and protect people, are using their positions to exploit with harm to people then silence is not an option. Of the billions of people taking prescription drugs - this is being excreted. If this water is being processed to be consumed - this explains so much, especially in UK.

If lawyers did not refuse to prosecute corrupt officials, they would find no shortage of work in this country. Also the British royals are not above the law - not being divinely appointed.

The Queen was crowned - SHE is OBLIGED to be Obedient to God and HER OATH is not retractable. She cannot make a load of mistakes with people suffering and then take another oath. Her obligation is to set wrongs right and ensure people are not harmed or suffering by Her Officials.

And it could be, people entering the royal family take the Queen as a fool. Always thought Andrew was rather formal about his grandmother 'all of the time' and yet, with all his mistakes and errors, perhaps 'he really does hold her in high regard and listens to her advice now'.

If people are seeing the Queen as a woman of wealth, they are blind to see why she has been crowned and also what are her obligations to the people. Justice for ALL is God's Holy Law!

And if the Queen has been crowned to maintain and promote a corporate empire that exploits, lies and oppresses people, while smiling and waving - this explains the corruptible crown.

There are cameras everywhere now - watching EVERYONE.

Cameras in Court -> Cameras in the Royal Court Now!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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