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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 11 November 2013

Bishop of London: Profit, Climate Politcs & War

Just came across this video with a very important message. Bishop of London speaks out very openly and honestly on sustainable profit, climate change, politics and war.

You will notice when people who are recognised and ordained to be Ministers of Christ, the true servants are helpers who speak out in truth out of necessity. We live in a world with greedy people and those who are hungry for power. WE DO NOT SERVE THOSE!

There are not enough 'spiritually awakened and aware' people

It is undeniable that climate change is occurring, of various kinds....

We are facing a deterioration of the conditions of which human beings live on this planet and in particular there are some homelands that will become totally uninhabitable, possibly within the lifetimes of our children and so this is a very urgent thing. It is a world in which we are afloat in one Ark and the message for the people in the first class, is well you wont be long insulated from a leak in steerage. It affects us all.

Religion if it is not seriously undertaken can very easily fall prey to a phenomenon that is present in all religions and that is that bruised egos surreptitiously ascend by making a God in their own image. This is very dangerous. And of course it gets translated very easily into political terms. In all religious traditions, the cure for that is to be spiritually evolved - to be much more serious about your religion, rather than less.

And I think as we look around the world of course, there is huge competition for resources and I would say greed and appetite has been the source of most of the wars, in most of the worlds history. I'd say also looking at the 20th century, it was the people who hoped to build heaven on earth by social engineeringwho proved utterly lethal....

The dangers of idolatry, the dangers of egos surreptitiously ascending by inventing a God in their own image, this is immensely serious and has got to be exposed seriously. I would say of course as someone who tries to profess the Christian faith, that in this context as we look upon the human face of our God in Jesus Christ, we see somebody who was prepared to give up his life because he loved the world so much. And this is not a very good message for the egos who want to surreptitiously reascend. This is one of the things that convinces me about Christianity that nobody in their right minds would have invented it.

Reascend indicates to climb again 'to the throne'
Surreptitiously means having obtained, done, made - by stealth; secret or unauthorized; clandestine. (As repeatedly said 'ruling over lands and people by deception)

Two artists have depicted Kate Middleton as if she is the Virgin Mary. This may indicate that if they were inspired to create, to bring a hidden agenda out into the open. Notice the corgi sitting by her feet - the corgi is the Queen's favourite dog.

Last year in a dream, I was to witness Kate Middleton being photographed in a Mosque where she was pretending to pray to win the appeal of the Muslim people. After the photographer was done she put up her arms to stretch as seen in the photograph below.

One of the commandments is not to worship false idols.

Prayers by people who wave wizard wands are unreliable.

It has been said that only one head can wear The Crown. The Kohinoor diamond seated in the crown of the Queen of England, is connected to India. The curse of the Kohinoor is said for a reason. It is also said the wearer of this crown is possessor of the world.

Remembering the Ark Royal being taken to Izmir to be destroyed by dismantling there. Izmir being ancient Smyrna in Asia Minor....In history the British colonised Smyrna, likely because of the biblical prophesy in relation to the Crown of Life.

Secret ceremonies could well have taken place already. However, for a crowning of a King and Queen, Emperor and Empress this must be done by the appropriate hierarchy in the church. If the Archbishop or Pope placing a crown is not fully dressed in their attire and crowned with their mitre, any crowning ceremony has no merit or value.

Might as well put paper party hats on the head.

Because the law was changed that if Kate Middleton was to give birth to a baby girl, after what seemed to be a crowning ceremony in the Solomon Islands, this explains the painting with the halo and the corgi dog. To give birth to a future Queen, the mother would have to be a Queen by Right and so it appears planning took place to cover all eventualities.

People who are sincere in their faith do not Mock God!

With the publication of the 60th Diamond Jubilee Bible, it is unknown if this comes with copyright with expiring after 70 years. However when Queen Elizabeth was crowned a new edition of the Holy Bible was published 'that was given away' - perhaps a sign to show that there must be no blocks or obstruction for anyone to know the Laws of God.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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