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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

David and Samantha Cameron - Diwali 2013

Diwali - the Hindu celebration a festival of lights. Diwali is a five day festival of light that is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world.

The festival celebrates victory of good over evil.

Diwali is one of the most important events of the year. It is a time when families come together, a time with lots of light, of course and sweets are exchanged. People wear new clothes -there is a clearing away of the old to make away for the new. The festival honors goddess Lakshmi.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha attended the celebration of Diwali at the Neasden temple in London. The temple, The Swaminarayan Mandir is largest traditional Hindu temple built, outside India, The temple opened in 1995.

'Made of almost 2,820 tons of Bulgarian limestone and 2,000 tons of Italian carrara marble the temple was carved in India and then shipped to London for building. Since opening the temple has attracted almost three million visitors.'

This temple shows by it's origins of of the structure, unity of India, Bulgaria, Italy in England. The temple holds a permanent exhibition entitled ‘Understanding Hinduism’

'The Mandir is open to people of all faiths and none. Entrance is free, except to the ‘Understanding Hinduism’ exhibition where there is a £2 fee.'

In one photograph, with David and Samantha with the figure, standing in a gold coloured font, much like a baptism font. This open lotus flower font is cast out or brass. David and Samantha are holding pouring vessels, pouring what looks like water over the sacred figure.

In the background is a photograph with steps leading up to the temple - notice the very bright light. For this occasion, David and Samantha attend an ocassion to honor the goddess, in a sacred space of prayer and there is always a reminder of God watching over us all.

This temple has been divinely inspired to be built in London.

The mixed messages that politicians give can be confusing. We are living in a world where cruel people do not care who they harm or hurt, especially officials. This must change.

'Abhishek is the ancient Hindu practice of pouring water over the sacred image of God to honour him and to attain his blessings. It is also an opportunity for devotees to pray to God, asking him to cleanse one’s soul.' People who are sincere in their prayer is known to God.

'The gold lotus flower represents all achievement of all enlightenment.' A lotus flower fully bloomed and open represents full enlightenment and self-awareness.'

Lakshmi is mostly pictured standing or sitting on a pink lotus flower and gold coins. Her hand is shown to be bestowing blessings. Many people pray to the goddess to be blessed.

The pink lotus is the supreme lotus, associated with the highest deity. Lakshmi mostly appears holding lotuses in her hands to symbolize the descent of the “Upper Waters” towards the “Lower Waters”. Where elephants are pouring water from their trunks - this is also connected.

Few 'Royals give up everything to enter God's Temple' and yet this is the choice people have made. If we want to be divinely guided by God - we must also have pure intention.

Earlier I was thinking the Cameron's were not reportedly invited to the Baptism of Baby George. The royals chose the ceremony being kept private of the 'intimate affair' with 22 guests. Nothing can be kept completely private or hidden from the temple in heaven or on earth anymore.

The Hindu festival of Diwali is gathering of spiritual hearts. These people honor the divinely guided ones, for they are the link to God. Masses of people are now searching a higher road. As the memory of Christ is kept alive the faithful Christians, these days honor goddess Lakshmi.

'Samantha, who went barefoot in the temple, was draped in a floral garland as she was welcomed' - as people walk bare feet on sacred ground their whole body is connected. This is because on our feet is a map of our body and so the mysteries of bare feet, and washing feet is with this.

Prayer is traditionally for healing the mind body and soul. The ancient holy temple was built for prayer to heal the mind body and soul - to purify our heart, mind and also our intentions.

Each of these sweets and delicacies have been made with hands with pure heart and pure intention. Hindu festivals take very seriously their traditions and offerings to God.

Knowing a family from India, the elderly mother used to invite me to pray with her. Prayer is such a sacred communication and I am blessed to be invited to share with the family.

Some years ago I proposed to my friend to write about the gods and goddesses who are honored in the Hindu religion so people can understand why these people are important and remembered. It did not seem right that I do the research and write when she could write from her heart.

'The Pillars of Divinity - carved pillars of Deities representing the sacred faith and beliefs of a people that date back over 8,500 years.'

If we remove the reluctance to learn - and seek the truth, then we will understand. History has created so many divisions between people and religion has been the excuse.

Being spiritual is not a religion. Being spiritual is a way of being. A few weeks ago I had a dream with an Indian friend. She was living in a different house with a gathering of friends in her home all taking communion 'in the name of Jesus Christ'. This has not happened yet in reality.

There are people who keep within their own culture, out of tradition. People who are religious do not want to lose what they have been taught - passed down the generations. Sharing of spiritual tradition brings people together. The Hindu gods and goddesses were people who lived.

Throughout the ages people have become spiritually enlightened and divinely guided. It is not just a case of being chosen to bring wisdom and hope to people, there is a great responsibility with this too. When 'pure' teaching has been changed, it is no longer pure. And it is very sad to learn that people have been forced to change religion and even 'conned' to in Jesus name.

Each petal on a flower forms part of the whole. Each soul on this earth comes from God and there is not one more important than another. Without our soul we cannot know God.

From one candle a million candles can be lit. Inside your being is a light that shines, sometimes brightly and sometimes not so brightly - however it can never be extinguished. In this time of saving souls it is for the journey in our after life, not just in this lifetime.

Shine YOUR Light and realise you are born for a greater purpose

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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