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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Diana's Coffin Weighs Heavily on My Mind.

When Diana wrote a letter to say her husband was planning an Accident, the world was alerted that her life was in danger. It is unknown if she actually survived - despite how difficult it would be for people to accept. When my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards, she survived a car crash that looked like it had been through the crusher.

Diana did not die in the car. This was widely reported. The news report said she died afterwards. That night the cameras were turned off in the tunnel. Apparently the ambulance drove past a local hospital to take her some miles away.

When Diana appeared in a dream days after the crash, she was talking with me as still alive. It is more recently I thought 'what if' and that is only because the Queen was in the dream - we both spoke to her and the Queen acknowledged us both. That was really strange.

Then, the other day I came across this video after thinking about Diana's body being brought home to England from France. Take a good look at the coffin being carried out the building. It is being carried effortlessly by 4 men. Perhaps they are superstrong.

Look also how the coffin is being put inside the vehicle. Study this and then compare later in the video where there are 8 men who appear to carry a much heavier weight.

Never even considering the possibility that Diana might be alive, is because I accept that her spirit lives on and if she is communicating with me, she might be communicating to her children through dreams too. It was not appropriate to write to William and Harry about this. Thinking about them over the years knowing the trauma and also, they witnessed waring parents and a mistress, now a stepmother - for this reason I did not want to write.

Remembering the British government controlled media saying Diana was a loose cannon. Diana was anti-war and she made this message really clear. Diana also knew agendas.

For a young woman who adored children, it did not make sense why she would want to throw herself down the stairs that could have aborted her baby - William who she always named as Wills. This is because the name William means Will -I-AM - I AM a name of God,

Harry is named Henry - the name of the Roman Emperor. Charles the decision maker of names is said to have chosen Zara's name too. Zara means 'Eastern Splendor', 'Princess'.

In Hebrew and Jewish tradition, names have meaning.

Baby George is named after Kings, Pharaoh, Shah and Emperor. It was reported that Charles is going to take the name George when he is King...

Former MI5 agent speaks - Secret Service officials risk their lives and commit a crime of breaking the official secrets act according to man made laws. However assassinating people is a bigger crime. No law prevents anyone speaking out - only fear. David and Annie have an important role in revealing the truth and for other people to speak out too.

'Diana was about to go to Palestine and start campaigning on behalf of the Palestinian people'

Reading for a number of years Prince Charles was after the building in Jerusalem that is used by the Israeli government. The article said this was given to Prince Phillip. His heir will inherit personal property. In early 2013, other articles indicated that Prince William was to take over from his grandfather from being President of Lands in Trust.

President indicates being the Head Person. In another article William was said to be the Shepherd of the Monarchy. The man who leads the sheep....

The King of Israel is Jesus Christ. The King of Jerusalem is a title held by Juan Carlos - King of Spain. Speculations of Diana having an affair with Juan Carlos and William is his child are not known facts. People also say he is a clone of Jesus Christ. Diana's name is connected with St. Georges and IVF - she may have had IVF, genetic engineering taking place, with the eugenics mindset, what is the truth anything is possible.

The reason why it is clear that Jesus Christ is the Only begotten Son of God is in case anyone tries to claim that they are - There are people claiming to be Jesus Christ now and yet, it is a time for people to think and remember who is the Real King.

Here in this video Annie Machon former MI5 mentioned Diana was embalmed against the law 'so quickly' the coroner told me that anyone who dies away from home must have an autopsy to ascertain cause of death. The media expose a mix up of test results to indicate that 'something is not right' - Revisit the top video, was Diana in the coffin?

Annie uses the words 'taken out'.

Diana wanted to be taken out of the limelight...

There is a prophesy given to Muslims about the time of the Antichrist. Bringing someone who he killed alive again...Strange to read about this days ago. Not sure this even applies but sharing it here so the information and will write more another time.

Annie spoke of the car she was in almost crashing twice. There are people who can read minds who have powers to influence people even to cause crashes. The moment anyone gives their allegiance to anyone, you become their tool - you are not free and you can be influenced to your and someone else's detriment. UK media is silent about demon possessed beings.

In the Eastern Church people are aware of demonic possessions and protecting children from this. A Church that does not have God at the Head offers no Spiritual Protection.

Palestine and Israel were partitioned - in a gradual process the land map has changed. This land was given to be ruled over by God for the protection of the tribes of Israel who are scattered around the world. It is to remain under the authority of God. And as long as God is ruling over the land people are protected. Who is ruling over the land now?

The British royal males are reportedly circumsised by a Rabbi and baptised in water from the River Jordan. The Archbishop of Canterbury said he Christened 'meaning naming'. To be a King or Queen of Israel one would need to be Jewish, if I recall from the paternal line.

A Jewish lady said the British royals are pretenders. There are three crowns. The Crown of the Kingdom - David's Kingdom. The Priest Crown and the Torah Crown - the Law.

All the conspiracy theories are justified speculations and yet fact is fact. After denials that there was an engagement ring - the truth was told, Denials of Diana being pregnant than the truth is told that she was. (The Apocalyse means revealing truth)

We need the facts to be able to ascertain the truth.

Diana was loved by the people and this maintained the monarchy. After the divorce, as long as Diana was alive, she would overshadow Charles if he was King. King Edward abdicated to marry the divorcee Mrs. Wallis Simpson. The Queen and heir collect a vast fortune that maintains a lifestyle that the family are accustomed to. Would they give is all up?

David Cameron pushing to allow a lesbian Queen and sperm donor babies -is this is from bed hopping, IVF, Clone and even via a surrogate? A Queen/King must be born from within a lawful marriage and conceived by the same man and woman naturally.

Years ago I was threatened about opening a can of worms, naming and shaming corrupt lawyers and speaking about corruption - that is NOTHING compared to what is happening. These idiots are so preoccupied with covering up corruption to ensure they keep being paid.

With the cameras in the tunnel being turned off the night of the crash, we will never know exactly all the details of what happened....the crashed car cannot be denied.

Diana, in my dream said she is 'Free Now' - free in the spirit world or free living her life somewhere under a new identity...God knows - The One who raised the Dead.

Probably one of the most important points to make is, if we are not aware of the facts, we might be offering an opinion that has no value whatsoever, even mine. If we are not prepared to listen to the people who know the truth, we will never get to the facts. And if the people who know the truth were not at the scene, their information is incomplete.

The coffin is being carried out of a building named Bastion over the door - Camp Bastion is the main British military base in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is an ancient Kingdom too...

Sharing thoughts and observations, some understanding to perhaps gain a greater perspective of the truth and what is happening in our world. Global Peace is on my mind.

Global peace and healing is long overdue.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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