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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ecumenical Church Service Westminster Abbey

There are people today who are in uproar about the churches being united - when any church that holds Jesus Christ as King and Head of the Church should not be in conflict.

Jesus Christ has not given anyone permission to use him or his name to create conflict and division between people. He has not given anyone permission to use him or his name to cause loss, suffering, harm, injustice, war and death to people either.

Jesus Christ has not given anyone the right to rule over lands and people by deception - the mask of being portrayed as being superior beings, the royals are certainly not.

Take the example of Jesus Christ and His Mother a Holy Family born in a Royal bloodline. Then to ensure this could never be denied, Mary married Joseph who was from a Royal lineage too.
Jesus Christ resurrected and was lifted up into heaven for a reason.

Humanity was not ready to receive Jesus Christ as their King. Humanity were not ready to accept God as their authority, even though they were prepared for this long before. As in history, people have not understood the message given for everyone.

Find this video The Ecumenical Celebration at Westminster Abbey, City of Westminster, 17 September 2010 In attendance is also Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI

The Hymn Christ is made the sure foundation

This hymn was chosen in Charles and Diana's wedding.

The words written in Latin, c7th--8th century, were translated by John Mason Neale.
Music bu Henry Purcell and Sung by: Westminster Abbey Choir

The words are written as follows

Christ is made the sure foundation,
and the precious corner-stone,
who, the two walls underlying,
bound in each, binds both in one,
holy Sion's help for ever,
and her confidence alone.

All that dedicated city,
dearly loved by God on high,
in exultant jubilation
pours perpetual melody,
God the One, in threefold glory,
singing everlastingly.

To this temple, where we call thee,
come, O Lord of hosts, today;
with thy wonted loving-kindness,
hear thy people as they pray;
and thy fullest benediction
shed within its walls for ay.

Here vouchsafe to all thy servants
gifts of grace by prayer to gain;
here to have and hold for ever,
those good things their prayers obtain,
and hereafter, in thy glory,
with thy bless├Ęd ones to reign.

Laud and honour to the Father;
laud and honour to the Son,
laud and honour to the Spirit,
ever Three, and ever One,
One in love, and One in splendour,
while unending ages run. Amen.

Holy Mount Zion is in Jerusalem and is always going to be connected to Jesus Christ. It is on Holy Mount Zion where the tomb of King David is laid to show also that Jesus Christ is also connected to King David and anyway it is written in the Holy Bible to be so.

A long time ago the Church divided - I have no idea how many times there have been differences in history. Then in learning that Henry VIII was refused a divorce by the Pope he declared himself Supreme Head of the Church of England, and it is said turned people against the Catholic Church. The detail of the facts is not know....

What I know as a woman of faith is that God has always been for all people. Man has rejected God. And when humanity has been in danger of self destruction, God works in his own way to bring people back to him again. Not everyone will learn the lesson.

The meaning of Catholic is 'Universal' and the meaning of Ecumenical is pertaining to the World Church that is Universally under the Authority of God through Jesus Christ.

My cosmopolitan family covers several countries, even with family having lived in Egypt on my mothers side, I have no issue with 'foreigners' being often told by British people that I am one myself - in the most derogatory way. Being European was written on my passport - that I allowed to expire. They do not issue passports to state being Citizen of the World.

The Churches are buildings with ministers and officals who have a duty to serve appropriately and ethically the people with their spiritual needs. A church is traditionally an assembly of people. However, there have been churches who have had officials abuse this.

There have been churches set up and people asked to join, even by deception - overseas. People using Jesus Christ and pretending to carry out miracles. There have been churches who have turned people against their own families - offering benefits by joining a church and then dividing people - separating families is not the way God works either.

In the Marriage vow it is said 'Whom God has joined together let no man part' - so why would God contradict himself and break up families. The Sacred Marriage of two souls being brought together by God is lost. As the Bishop of London said during the wedding of William and Kate Middleton, by Right every wedding is a Royal Wedding.

In one aspect I am comforted by the church uniting together and working together, for the ministers to enrich their understanding and working together for the greater good for humanity as a whole. All who are sincere servants of God would do this.

My concerns when a service took place in an Anglican Cathedral in the Solomon Islands with an Archbishop, were after seeing William and Kate pictured wearing floral crowns. This service was said to be an Ecumenical Church Service ' one where they were crowned.

There were photographs indicating that a ceremony had taken place. Just a few weeks ago I learned that the church was full three hours before Kate and William arrived. This service was said to be for the Queen's Jubilee. In Jubilee Laws this relates to giving the land to whom it rightfully belong to. Also Jubilee relates to return and repentance.

The Solomon Islands have the same name as King Solomon.

Officials right at the very top know what is happening. We are living in a world where people are Spiritually Enlightened - divinely guided by God directly. There are people who know what is happening, they understand Providence and the Signs of the times.

What I share is limited with what is being revealed.

If someone is going to be crowned the head of an World Empire, Imperial is related to an Empire, the crowned heads are Emperor and Empress. The Pope has crowned Emperors in history. So has the Archbishop of York for the Eastern Roman Empire.

Trusting God is with knowing mistakes are made and people trip up. I hope that I am wrong about the secret crowning ceremony of Kate and William to rule over lands and people by deception. They are not an authority over God, or seen as trustworthy either. This is said because I do not buy into the spoon fed propaganda about people being nice!

Our innocence is stolen and the system in this country has conditioned people to give their power (there energy and free will) away to people who claim to be Kings by right by God - this is an example of what is means by taking God's name in vain. God who does not deceive any people - In the Holy Bible the Antichrist has been foretold.

We are in the end times now....

Emiritus Pope Benedict XVI stirred people with his retirement, yet he did say he heard God tell him it was time to go. People who are divinely guided by God hear very clearly. No doubt he prayed and even the most faithful are reminded to Trust God.

'My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.' John 10:27

By this Ecumenical Church Celebration a snippet shown arriving are Church leaders who are united together in Christ. The chosen song for this entrance, provides the message 'in the Eyes of God' for the people to know and sing to. If there is to be a legitimate crowning ceremony, it would have taken place in Westminster Abbey where Queen Elizabeth was crowned, presided by The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, not in secret.

Queen Elizabeth II did not have a secret crowning ceremony.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Appreciation to Mrs.Regal.Eyes for the photograph.

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