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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 8 November 2013

Fancy Dress Twin Towers Disturbing & Revealing!

The Mail Online Headline '9/11 families' fury after two British students WIN fancy dress competition wearing TWIN TOWERS outfits (and one of them is daughter of pilot who flew in US on day of terror attacks)'

Two university studend dressed up as the twin towers in fancy dress and won the competition. No wonder people are furious. Looking at the pictures before taking a break, just after completing my previous article - thinking is this in any way connected. So many people are suffering and have died back on September 11th 2001. Masses of people have been killed in wars ever since.

The families of 9/11 victims are outraged at the girls entering a Chester nightclub competition. Of all the choices in fancy dress, they chose the Twin Towers being hit by planes.

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, both 19, won the contest and a £150 prize.

'Today, families of those who lost loved ones in the New York terror attack said that they found the costumes distressing.

Patricia Bingley, 79, whose 43-year-old son Kevin Dennis died in the atrocity said: 'It's hard to understand where they've come from to do this.'

Mr Dennis was working as a bond trader on the 101st floor of the North Tower when a plane struck the skyscraper on September 11, 2001.'

The 101st floor is where Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York had offices for her charity, Not sure if this is in the same tower. I did not know they were named South and North Tower.

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge during the party at Rosies nightclub on October 31

With the 31st October, perhaps this was the girls way of remembering the people who have lost their lives - as shocking as it is we must not remember what happened. We must not be promoting war either - instead to look to see how issues can be dealt with and global peace is overdue.

When the twin towers and building 7 were demolished - yes a third building was taken down that day too. In this location was been built a memorial and also a tower that was initially named Freedom Tower. Since this. Freedom Tower has been named the 'One World Trade Center'.

It is impossible to comprehend what was going on with these girls to choose this dress, however, I would like to think that they did this to remember the 3000 people who died and remind people never to forget. On top of their heads the there is an American flag and so they make it very clear where their focus is with Halloween being a time of 'remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers'

'Miss Langford is from Menai Bridge, a small town on Anglesey, where she lives with her pilot father, her mother Marion and sister Freya, 22, a student at the University of Derby.'

'Miss Collinge was brought up on a dairy farm in Clitheroe, Lancashire, with her father Bryan, mother Carol, sister Katie, 22, and 24-year-old brother Tom.

She is vice-president of the university 'People and Planet Society', which says it is aimed at students who 'want to make a positive difference to the world they're living in'.'

'Apology: The company which owns Rosies said it was 'extremely concerned' about the competition.'

'A spokesman for the Stonegate Pub Company, which runs Rosies, said: 'We are extremely concerned that an award of vouchers was made to two young women who were dressed in a distasteful and offensive manner.

'There was a serious error of judgement made on the evening by a contracted DJ to award such a prize and we apologise to anybody who may have been upset or offended by this.'

'A full investigation by the company is taking place.'

wagsz55, Omaha, United States wrote 'Why does the media have the right to show their house? What journalistic purpose does that serve?'

Menai straits is revealed - also Anglesey is where William and Kate lived together before and since they married. Another news report reveals they want to go back to live there. The choice of location connects with holding the titles and being named Wales.

No idea if either of these ladies or their parents know William and Kate because it is such a small world. Looking at what is relevant to discover with the location.

Menai Bridge Surgery, Coronation Road, Menai Bridge - no coincidence Prince William is pictured scrubbed up and gowned in a surgery in another.(The Mail Online published also a photogragh when Diana did the same) In the same article link posted below, William and Kate are traveling a bus with Barbara Windsor, who played the landlady at Queen Victoria public house in Eastenders - a British sitcom. Windsor Castle is also the Queen's residence.

Church Island is a small island in the Menai Strait on the shores of Anglesey to which it is attached by a short causeway that is reachable only on foot off the Belgian Promenade

Brussels is in Belgium. Since the end of the Second World War, Brussels has been a principal centre for international politics. Hosting principal EU institutions and the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the city has become the polyglot home of numerous international organisations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants.

With Church Island identified, Henry VIII declared himself Supreme Head of the Church of England. The pushing of laws for gay marriage, lesbian Queens and sperm donors - might be to justify a pregnancy from bed hopping, surrogate or IVF - even clones, however these laws have been pushed to serve the interests of the law makers. The Church of England now being referred to as the Worldwide church needs precise clarity. When God is not the head of the Church, neither is Christ.

Where you can see the red arrow is Britannia Bridge.

Entering the Menai strait at the Caernarfon end is also hazardous because of the frequently shifting sand banks that make up Caernarfon bar. On the mainland side at this point is Fort Belan, an 18th-century defensive fort built in the times of the American War of Independence.

Britannia Bridge and the Nelson memorial

Daniel is identified on the map meaning in Hebrew "God is my Judge" Daniel was a Prince Prophet in the Book of Daniel of the Hebrew Bible who had apocalyptic visions; that have been interpreted as the Four monarchies.

Formerly part of Gwynedd, Anglesey, Holy Island and other smaller islands now make up the Isle of Anglesey County.

The fancy dress event took place in Chester. Prince Charles is also holding the title Earl of Chester and with Princess Diana being Countess of Chester, she also held the title Princess of Wales (I typed holds as if still alive William and Harry according to one report say, it is impossible for their mother to have survived the crash. She did not die inside that Mercedes.

What the world population know is what the media report.

The Romans founded Chester as Deva Victrix in the 70s AD. Chester is one of the three main Roman army bases, Deva later became a major settlement in the Roman province of Britannia.

We know the twin towers were standing and masses of people were killed. We also saw the flames by published images - some people saw the devils face to indicate this is the devils work. Since this the discovery that tens of thousands of marriage and birth records went up in smoke, this is typical of the destruction to try and make evidence of genealogy disappear forever.

In America people are tracing their genealogy, with the help of professionals and this is because the truth cannot be silenced. Reading the Declaration of Independence of America explains many things - JF Kennedy spoke of secret oaths - was this related to ruling by deception?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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