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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Government- Library of Congress Washington DC

Detail from 'Government'. Mural by Elihu Vedder.

Lobby to Main Reading Room, Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C. Main figure is seated atop a pedestal saying "GOVERNMENT" and holding a tablet saying "A GOVERNMENT / OF THE PEOPLE / BY THE PEOPLE / FOR THE PEOPLE". Artist's signature is "ELIHU VEDDER / ROMA–1896".

Washington DC is, in the District of Columbia.

So when you see Lady Columbia featured on Columbia Pictures, this is connected. As it happens, Queen Elizabeth 'was lifted up', after being crowned Queen on a seat placed on pyramid steps in Westminster Abbey. The coronation of Princess Elizabeth was televised, seen to be the start of transparency of people who rule over lands and therefore also people. No more secret crowning ceremonies.

This becomes especially so because throughout history people have married and this has brought tribes of people together. In the Holy Bible it is written about people and land being married.

Inside Royal Palaces are throne rooms. William and Kate's engagement was announced from the throne room at St. James Palace - the official residence of the sovereign. It is within the Palace's walls and behind closed doors (also with cameras, monitoring and recording telephone conversations too - there will be ethical people who know if people are being taken as fools too.

One time booking a flight to Athens in Greece, I learned of Athens in America too. Then Smyrna and so my mind and awareness being opened to something very relevant today too. Then with my aunt always being drawn to America, where my cousins were born, my brother went to live and his children were born there too, I was guided to Athens, ancient Greece. We are all guided for a reason.

Reading the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, explains why it was written. There are people in America who stand for Justice and Freedom from Slavery. This comes in many forms. There should be no silence of truth and no loss of sight of serving the people.

We are all instrumental in each others lives to evolve and grow. If people in roles of responsibility shy away from standing in integrity, being a servant of God and allowing Him to be the authority over all of us, it is easy to deviate from the right path and lose sight of the divine plan.

There is a big difference between profit and Prophet. In the former, we see great numbers of people making their wealth and yet neglect their inner learning. Many people do not consider what happens after they die - where money has no place. Evolution of the soul is not a priority.

A prosperous society of people, enables people to grow and succeed. Prosperity entails giving and encouraging other people to grow and succeed too. Thoughts and actions are creating an energy flow of intention. Prosperity thinking with giving intention, forms an upward spiral - There is no prosperity without giving. When any business operates with slave labour and maximum profit; this is creating poverty and promoting poverty too. The cause of poverty is greed and the root of this is not in the present time. Greed has seen the cost of living keep rising, creating more poverty.

Everyone can give back in some way, even if they do not have money to give. Time can be given, Skills can be shared. There are many ways of giving so that other people can prosper. A society of skilled people who refuse to share their skills and make use of their gifts, unless there is a price tag, can easily bring progress to a standstill. There is a new wave of young creative people in America who are just getting on with it, singing their song. Better to be happy and well adjusted.

When people are true to who they really are, they become more aware of other people. Homeless is a big issue in America as other parts of the world. Caring about people who are vulnerable and hit a hard point in their life, can sometimes be the strength, with hope, life is worth carrying on. If we are to live in a materialistic world with greater demands, unless we have an income to meet these demands, we can be easily distracted from what we are called to do.

With everyone being born FREE - as soon as you become caught in the rat race and create debt, you become a slave to this debt and a master overlord has a hold over you. There was a time, in our parents and grandparents generation, if they did not have it they did without.

Chasing materialistic dreams can divide people. Then there are people who are meant to make their fortune because they decided long before that they were going to make a positive difference. Each individual knows their calling - remembering is something that each of us must do.

Robert F Kennedy gave this speech after the assassination of Martin Luther King and I believe this message was as profoundly important then at the time, as it is today.There has been silencing of voices who speak the truth. When this happens the truth gets louder. Yes there are hidden truths and before addressing some of these problems, it is necessary to deal with the fundamentals.

Ted Kennedy Speaks of New World Society at RFK's Funeral

To influence change for people to progress, requires the vision to see potentials. And when there are problems, even illness, we must look to the cause of these to heal the problem too. For every goal we can set in life, if it is meant to be the way forward will come.

The assassins who are killing people are hired killers. Who is hiring who we do not know. The voices of the Kennedy's have been strong and for the people. Being against secret oaths and secret societies is not just about what takes place in America but also in UK too, moreso UK.

People are scaremongering about wars. My focus is in trying to identify the way to unite people in peace. Instead of people from different religious backgrounds arguing about the content being different in each book - how about people consider something. In history man has wanted to rule over people as God. The growing amount of atheists are not teachers of theology and divinity.

In September, a young girl came to tell me her dream about Jesus Christ, carrying a cross with roman solders. She said thee were two in front of him and four behind. And walking behind them all was a lone Mary Magdalene wearing a wedding dress very frightened about what will they do to him. On the few times this child has been to my home she suddenly starts singing - Sing.

In my time of living in Bolton since 1972, I have witnessed racism and rejection of people who are different. Also I have witnessed people look down on people who are physically or mentally disabled. Only more recently are people starting to see other people as human beings.

Everyone is given their voice to express their truth. Not everyone has had this. There are countless children even now who are growing up in fear, even in UK, yet if we remain blind, they remain scared and suffer in silence. Adults and children around our world who are suffering the most horrendous experiences because tradition is maintained that might be perversion of laws. ie female genital mutilation. The colour of someones skin is not who they are inside.

There is a far higher authority Ruling over all of mankind. On the Dollar is is written 'In God We Trust' so there is no excuse for any American not to be reminded to trust either.

If we want prayers to be heard and answered we must pray. My personal prayers are to be guided in the right way, to be guided in truth; and for other people - for Global Peace and healing.

And when information comes my way, or when dreams or visions show me something, this is for a reason and then the work begins to understand the reason, or the answers come in another way.

The message in America is clear. Let Freedom Sing.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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