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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Mandate of Heaven - The Crown Ruling Power

Queen Elizabeth was crowned, it is said that she was appointed by God and I am not old enough to know what exactly happened preceding her coronation. I am not old enough to know what took place leading up to the predecessors being crowned before either.

What I came across recently was the Mandate of Heaven - heaven's orders. Actually this makes sense. This was used throughout the history of China to support the rule of the Emperors of China, including 'foreign' dynasties such as the Qing Dynasty.

Notice how Qing Dynasty sounds like King Dynasty.

The Mandate of Heaven had no time limitations, instead depending on the just and able performance of the ruler. In the past, times of poverty and natural disasters were taken as signs that heaven considered the incumbent ruler unjust and thus in need of replacement.

When writing about the 2012-2013 floods in UK, saying they were a sign to wash the royals ruling from this land - at the time I had no evidence of this. Where the floods happened were distinctively revealing - specific locations were reported in mainstream news.

Seeing is believing Newcastle Floods 28/06/2012 and so unusual were these floods that this person took photographs and uploaded them to YouTube. Think NEW CASTLE.

In recent years the world has witnessed more 'natural disasters' and water is the washing away of the land. When seeing the foam reported in Aberdeen Scotland, also in South England - my thoughts were this being like 'Fairy Liquid' giving also a good scrub to the land because the floods were ignored. Here also is QUEENS LAND in Australia.

Then in Newcastle four floods with the land giving way underneath a building named Spencer Court - the surname of Princess Diana and her brother. The name of the mother of Prince William and Harry. Again the British establishment were not getting the message.

People pay to enter the grounds of Althorpe estate where Diana's coffin was laid to rest, with a choice of morning or afternoon strictly between certain times. Reminds me of the traffic light mentality controlling people 'for profit' because if you stop on a line, you are fined, go to fast you are fined. Earl Spencer writing a few books and signing them - and people can now hire rooms 'would people want to go if this is not where Diana is said to have lived' - and the vast income made is this taxable. The landed estates held in trust - has William officially taken over yet as 'President of Lands in Trust' as reported?

Sea King helicopter flown by Prince William in 2010

With the dark pillars underneath the Spencer Court named apartment block in New Castle - thinking they looked like a dark underground temple. Getting on the wrong train, took me to see a former public underground toilets converted to a bar named 'The Temple'

There is a whole lot we do not know what is going on! And yet there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. Did Diana try and warn people of the war agenda?

What is William holding on his 30th Birthday - the article is not clear if it is a gift from his wife. Looks like a play torpedo, or bomb shape. The remembrance day pictures show a woman on the occasion of such a sombre service (inside the car)something to laugh about. It could be that she is secure in her part of the structure taking the world as fools.

Flash Floods Impacts St James' Parish (Newcastle), Nevis Island (St. James Palace is the Official residence of the Sovereign also the Christening named the 'Secret Affair' was held in St. James Chapel - the word for word transcript to the point, would be interesting to know. People in England do not generally know that God really is watching over everything - the All Seeing and All Knowing God includes what is going on behind closed doors.

Finding the following and sharing with ongoing learning:

Mandate of Heaven - Ancient China for Kids

'When the Chou tribe overthrew the last Shang king, they had to convince the people, especially the nobles, that they had the right to rule. The Chou told people that the gods in heaven had told them that they were to rule. This was called "The Mandate of Heaven", heaven's orders.

The Chou added that the gods had warned them that they would only rule as long as they were good rulers. If they became selfish, and thought of themselves first, before the people, that heaven would appoint another ruling family.

No one knows if the nobles in ancient China believed this fairy tale, but they most probably thought that the Mandate of Heaven sounded like a good idea.

The nobles were tired of war between the Shang and the Chou. Most of the nobles would have the same life under Shang or Chou rule, and they knew it. As for the peasants, it did not matter to them which family ruled.

The Mandate of Heaven is based on four principles:

1) The right to rule is granted by Heaven.

2) There is only one Heaven therefore there can be only one ruler.

3) The right to rule is based on the virtue of the ruler.

4) The right to rule is not limited to one dynasty.

Here are some of the ways these principles converted into action and justification:

1) It gives the ruler prestige and religious importance.

2) It gives the ruler supreme power.

3) It allows a new ruler to gain power quickly if the people believe he has the 'Mandate of Heaven'.

4) A ruler's power must be kept in check by virtue.

5) The Mandate of Heaven justifies rebellion as long as the rebellion is successful. Simply because it was successful, obviously then, the new ruler had to have had a Mandate from Heaven.'

'Flash Floods Impacts St James' Parish (Newcastle), Nevis Island' - St. James is the official residence of the Sovereign, in London. The office used by Princess Ann, Beatrice, Eugenie, William and Kate, also Harry has many staff. On top of this telephones are tracked and monitored by people so what is taking place behind closed doors is not kept secret.

The Capital of Nevis Island is Charlestown. Royal anthem: God Save the Queen. This is the Law of Nature is being shown to understand 'in context'. The Ruler over All is God.

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Great Britain, at the west end of the Grampian Mountains in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands, close to the town of Fort William. As shown the names of the royals have continued to connect to the planned map.

This is serving God's Purpose to bring His truth to people.

There are two roles are given to mankind - one is to take care of this earth. The other is to take care of each other. When we see these floods and cleaning the planet, we are to remember that we all have a responsibility and abusers in public office are a liability.

The men who believe they have a right to rule perhaps have forgotten that Jesus Christ is resurrected. And when He communicates He is communicating really clearly.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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