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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 11 November 2013

Prince William: Royal Marsden NHS & Cancer

'William follows in Diana's footsteps by donning full hospital scrubs to watch medics perform life-saving cancer surgery and a breast reconstruction'

The Daily Mail Online have reported on Prince William's visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital. Scrubbed up, capped and gowned, the photographers capture the occasion.

'Prince William Oversees Cancer Surgeries in Royal Marsden' is another headline. The Daily Mirror writes 'Prince William dons scrubs and hails "incredible" work of surgeons'

William is reported to be observing breast reconstruction surgery of a female patient during the visit.

Prince William has been made President of the NHS hospital since 2007. Princess Diana was made President from 1989 and held the position until her death in 1997.

Prince Williams visit took place on 7th November (same day as the previous Remembrance Park opening at Westminster Abbey in my previous article). The report highlights William following in his mother's footsteps, observing live surgery as she did 17 years ago.

'The visit closely matched a 1996 visit by Princess Diana to Harefield Hospital in Middlesex, where she too donned surgical clothing to watching a heart operation on a small boy from Cameroon.' The hospital specialises in heart and lung disease.

''That's amazing!': The Duke spoke of his admiration for the incricate procedure as he watched through a micro-vascular microscope placed above the patient'

The National Health Service was formed in 1948, when the Royal Marsden became a post-graduate teaching hospital. To meet the expansion of treating more patients and training more doctors, a second hospital in Sutton, London was opened in 1962.

The Royal Marsden was the first hospital in the world dedicated to the study and treatment of cancer. Founded as the Free Cancer Hospital in 1851 by Dr William Marsden at 1, Cannon Row, Westminster. The NHS Foundation Trust, operates facilities on two sites: The Chelsea site in Brompton next to the Royal Brompton Hospital, on Fulham Road. The Sutton site is in Belmont, close to Sutton Hospital, High Down and Downview Prisons.

'Interested: Lead surgeon Stuart James, left, explained the breast reconstruction procedure to the Prince'

William observed a breast reconstruction operation and the removal of a cancerous bladder tumour. To become a Medical professional takes several years of study and the people rely on trust on ethical experts. However in some hospitals, patients have been neglected.

The illness industry is booming when people use the service. Back in 2000 when I first was intending to open my business to assist healing (car accident injury and what was to follow prevented this) - healing the root cause of illness was my primary focus.

There was a time when all doctors and nurses took an oath to God to work in their profession and this being that they are the helping hands on earth to enable people. The oath was not taken lightly - the oath is also a reminder to be ethical and conscientious.

William gains a lot of praise and adoration, yet he is not the Qualified professional saving life of these people. Masses of people who serve the people are being overshadowed by the British royals. People are also being trained to accept generations of overlords.

William is warmly welcomed by Royal Marsden CEO Cally Palmer.

With the Royal Marsden Hospital being named, also with NHS being identified, is it unknown if William is holding the role as 'President' of the NHS Foundation Trust too?

In the stepping aside of Prince Phillip as President of Lands in Trust in 2013, the media announced William taking over. The vast landed estates held in trust, throughout UK housing estates built on top. Who is the law maker of the lands?

The map identifies Dovehouse Street and a public house named 'The Crown'. The dove is connected with the Holy Spirit. Chelsea Square is identified, next to Old Church Street also Queen Elms Square off this, close to Birgit Israel. Birgit means 'The exalted one'.

Also notice on the map 'Sydney House Chelsea' in between Sydney Street and Stewart's Grove - with Sydney being in Australia, has a landmark 'house' been created and named in UK? The Stewarts are from the Scottish Royal King and Queen lineage.

In the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the Parish Church of St Mary The Boltons. Notice the shape like an eye. The Church of Saint Maria is in the Boltons - With now living in Bolton, this detail did not escape my eyes. At the least this is a reminder of what is happening on this land is under the ever watchful eye of heaven.

Sharing on this article some important videos that provide awareness in relation to diagnosis of cancer and pharmaceutical applications for treatment.

Last night thinking about this article, Dr. Simoncini came to my mind. This Oncologist has been treating cancer patients successfully with Sodium Bicarbonate. (See 1.12 in video) This is seen on video progress reports and treating cancer as fungus. Much kinder than aggressive treatments and looking into this would be ethical and appropriate in this time.

In the ancient times, plants and compress applications were used as cures for illness. People lived for hundreds of years too. This is a time to understand psychosomatic illness, not ignore this either. When the mind is thinking illness, the body responds accordingly (an area of interest in my study). Toxic drugs and surgery are not always the cure.

The National Health Service was set up so no one is denied medical help. The timing of this was after the war and we do not not know what toxic chemicals were dumped in UK. The service has evolved with the staff - the team are each valuable from being the porter staff, a staff nurse to specialist consultants and surgeons, who take care of the people.

John Yiamouyiannis PdD (1943-2000) another Greek, was called to study and examine the effects of consuming fluoride in one of the most compelling lectures that is as valuable to listen today as it was in his time. Perhaps people are ready to take notice now.

Fluoride consumption chronically poisons people; contributing to cancer and early death. John identifies genetic damage - this being passed on through the generations. Millions of people have arthritis - if due to drinking water, do drugs really solve the problem?

People do not usually train for years to assist healing, to then deliberately prescribe toxins that might contribute to early mortality. What cannot be ignored is the consumption of fluoride and this contributing to cancer too. Fluoride is in tap water now.

In relation to Dr. Simoncini using Sodium Bicarbonate:

'This claim is not supported by science or clinical evidence and is contrary to widely-accepted basic facts of oncology and microbiology. Sodium bicarbonate is used as a conventional treatment for disorders in which the blood is too acidic. It is also used as an over-the-counter remedy for heartburn.' according to the report.

There has been a silencing of cures for cancer. However, claiming to cure cancer, might not be so - we only need to look at the amount of people selling pills claiming to do different things include being for nutrition. It is necessary for people to start to seek the voices of trained professionals who are ethical and have done the study.

The power of the mind sometimes is shown in different ways to consider possibilities of the power of our words and thoughts how this impacts our own body. There are people who have been given diagnosis to die of cancer and yet they defy death 'until they give up'.

There are different cancers and tumor growths - it is most appropriate for experts to address what is causing the growths. Is the cause hormonal, or is something else contributing to this growth? During testing Aspartame, rats developed brain tumors.

While aspartame is deemed deadly and dangerous, this was once banned by the FDA. Why is now Aspartame is in 6000 food and drink products today? When lawyers and judges refuse to work for justice, or told to ignore/drop cases, this explains why this chemical is not banned. With the mindset who 'assume' authority to rule over the masses, they are making decisions to the peoples detriment - war reduces the population. Poisoning people does too.

When a system in society is not taking care of the people in everyone's best interests as a priority, this is because of the overlords. If profit is a focus, the health and well being of the individual will not be. When there is focus to gain and maintain positions of power, the focus of serving the people in their best interests is lost too.

There is no doubt that in many cases, medical treatment is successful and yet I have met people who had treatment that weakened their immune. There are women who have had breast removal, to then only to discover cancer growing in another part of the body.

The cause and contributing factors are many possibles.

Cancer is a killer - Yet there are people who survived.

There is a demand for dentists because of the demand has been created. If we see superficial damage, what is happening internally. If we see superficial damage there is a sure sign that there might be much more. Many women are prone to osteoporosis, partly due to hormonal change however what if this is escalated with the consumption of fluoride in water?

The deliberate dumbing down of society is by decision makers and people who set the standard. ie, if teachers are not interested in enabling students to learn and move on to realise higher learning and greater possibilities, this brings consequence. Prince Charles refers to people who are said to be commoners, now as ordinary folk - maintaining popularity is high on the royal agenda, 'now' with the pretense to empower people.

The Royal Bolton Hospital in Bolton is built on Minerva Road. Minerva being the goddess of healing waters, the spirit and application of medicine. This is situated within the Royal Duchy of Lancaster. The Princess Anne Maternity unit is named.

'Draconian' plans to close off departments under the banner of financial cuts, people were saying the hospital is going to be closed down. There has been denial of this. The 'New' centre was opened officially by Princess Anne in 2013, after postponement.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust was formerly Hope Hospital. This hospital first opened in 1882 as Salford Union Infirmary. The Union is this connected with the Union of the United Kingdom, with the Union Rose being the Tudor Rose and the House of Tudor?

During 2007, a substantial redevelopment commenced under a Private Finance Initiative (PFI), which included re-branding the hospital as "Salford Royal" and the construction of the Hope Building, which opened in September 2011.

So in 2007, Prince William became President of the Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Hospital. As He wrote on the Birth Certificate of Prince George, he and his wife have declared their occupations as Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom. And with Kate Middleton being made Patron of a Hope Charity on Addictions - 'Hope' is the name of the Blue Diamond from the Crown of France (this is held in the Smithsonian Museum in USA)

'NHS foundation trusts are not-for-profit, public benefit corporations. They are part of the NHS and provide over half of all NHS hospital, mental health and ambulance services.

NHS foundation trusts were created to devolve decision making from central government to local organisations and communities. They provide and develop healthcare according to core NHS principles - free care, based on need and not ability to pay.'

In England 'The Liverpool Care Pathway' has been identified. 'Care for the dying patient'. A former nurse told me that they were not allowed to give food or drink to patients - a sure way to help weak and ill people to die more quickly.

'Under figures gained from a 2012 freedom of information request by The Daily Telegraph, 85 per cent of NHS trusts were revealed to have adopted the Liverpool Care Pathway. Just over half of the total of NHS trusts have received or are due to receive financial rewards for doing so.' Do people in the United Kingdom have reason to be concerned?

There is no room for treading for eggshells and being kind, when humanity are being lied to abused, neglected and also taken to war based on lies. Christians are armed with guns and carrying out orders to kill innocent unarmed people, when it is against God's Law to Kill anyone. There are also health professionals killing people too.

Ethical experts raise the standard of service. The professionals who witness corruption must speak out - don't worry about threats, silence allows evil to escalate.

Life saving cancer surgery is not being ignored however, addressing the root cause of cancer cannot be ignored or silenced any longer. Treatments can be silenced, eventually the cause of cancer is to be addressed. The cancer charities collect an absolute fortune.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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