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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Rapper DMX - Lord Give Me a Sign (Validation)

Unless you ask Jesus Christ to guide you, to show you the signs and the way, how is he going to lead you to Him? And it is this time, that people now are being misguided because they are being taken away from The Saviour of Mankind. It is with Jesus Christ revealing himself to me, that I became a witness to the Living Lord and once this happens, there is no denial or doubt any more.

In an earlier article, after finding a video of someone who had gone through a really destructive path with drink, drugs and prostitution, I found another and another. People are sharing their hearts and experience of dreams and visitations of Christ - the turning point of their lives.

We live in a world with many millions of hurting people.

We are all sinners and until we see the Living Lord, we really are lost souls. There are people preaching today and also people who claim they are The Saviour. There are people saying they are Christ reincarnated into this lifetime - when they are not.

The day Jesus Christ makes Himself Known to you, then you will Know Truth. Jesus Christ knows everything about you, all you have ever done, exactly who you are and who you are related to. Your birth and life has already been planned before you were born.

There are people claiming a right to rule over people - they do not. Everyone is given Free Will and Christians are told not to take an oath in case it is used to your detriment.

If you examine your life and go backwards, trace your heritage back to a time, when God was given to everyone as their authority - and then Christ was born and he pointed people to God. He instructed people with the Lords prayer. Notice something about this rapper - He is Outside.

If the ministers in churches are misguiding people, they are accountable. Nothing is stopping people gathering outside. Not all ministers are misguiding people but some are. There is no obstruction to pray to God, other than what is taught by man. There is no obstruction to talk to Jesus Christ - and to sing to him, other than your own voice. He knows if your heart is sincere.

We can make many mistakes in life and yet there are some things that are not forgivable. Humanity is blind when overlords take away their human rights - God gave everyone Divine Rights. This is every reason why people need to examine the truth and see who or what they are serving.

There is no man on earth who rules over Jesus Christ!

It is natural for people of faith to want assurance of knowing God is hearing our prayer. In a time when we are all being deceived it is natural to ask Jesus Christ for a sign too.

Last August the day after a dream of the cosmos and seeing the blue eye in the sky, I decided to go for a sleep again. Waking up while still reclined, I just said aloud God I wish I had a sign to see that you are really there' (even with many experiences and validations). Seconds later G O D was written in the clouds clear as this in rarely clear blue skies. Validation.

Days Later, writing an article about the Crown related to being spiritually crowned; meaning being guided by the Holy Spirit of God. Writing openly for everyone carries responsibility - not to change the truth through fear of repercussions by man or the wizard wand wavers either. When explaining what everyone is entitled to know in relation to Jesus Christ, it is important to get it right.

Moments after completing the article, a knock at the door came and a lady handed me a gift. It was a crowned reclining Buddha - relating to the spiritual crown. I was given a spiritual gift - a crowned Buddha. The gift is a sign to show that I am being given the spiritual crown.

When spiritual food is not coming from Church ministers, God is going to find a way to bring This food to people. Each minister is an individual - ministers are human beings and if anyone has erred and gone the wrong way when ministering to people as as Servant of Christ, being silent is not an option. When anyone is corrupting the Holy Laws given by Christ we must ask why.

Rapper DMX is showing with his words 'Lord Give He a Sign' and as people are repeating the words, said with pure intention, the people are asking for signs from the Lord too. This is taking place 'outside' and while a church building is a shelter, communicating to God in prayer and talking to Him, can take place anywhere. Jesus Christ is The Teacher outside and inside homes too.

Anyone who is a servant of God, is also connected to other people who are servants of God too. The sincere servants of God are all being divinely guided at the same time, the same message. People who are spiritually guided are connected with other people who are spiritual too.

The Light of Christ cannot be extinguished....They Try!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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