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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The British Royals - A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

A young couple days before they married. In this interview, it comes across as if Charles had sincere intentions in his marriage. Holding onto Diana's hand towards the end was a gesture of affection not acting. These two people have been major influences in society.

In all relationships of love, when trust is broken, this is a betrayal with distrust. When Charles married, it would have been right for Camilla to say, you have made your choice and I am going to let go of you with love. The ending might have been changed.

Did Camilla have a hold on Charles? People have said so.

The drama played out with the Royal family relationships, the trials and tragedies have been experienced in many peoples lives. A reminder not to repeat the same mistakes.

The second video found and discloses what took place afterwards. Never seeing this before and it contains content about Diana that might change people's perception of her. Diana was a human being and who she had relationships with is not who she is as a person.

Diana Princess of Wales - In The Name of Love

A marriage with betrayals and excusing Charles as being a complicated person - behind closed doors mental cruelty was likely two people lashing out at each other with hurt.

Diana was incredibly shy when first engaged with Charles, and yet through her experiences and personal struggles that could have completely broken her, she became stronger. The reason Diana was killed was not because of her relationship. There is much more to this.

When Diana was put in the position to pretend to the world that all was happy, this was to uphold Charles image - when her marriage was well and truly over.

Diana was the front face to maintain the British Monarchy. A documentary showed that Buckingham Palace rakes in £50 million a year. A pretty face sells as long as popularity continues the monarchy industry continues. (False idolatry is against God's Laws)

After the documentary there is an interview about Charles to Camilla. There are questions to the legality of their marriage that have been officially raised.

The marriage is said to be legally contentious. (No worries for Charles with lawyers and police in UK boaating that the system is corrupt and refuse to work for justice)

"'That is going to go into the history books"

What else is silenced that people are entitled to know?

'When the people look back and 'the fact' that the marriage being legally dubious is something that they will not like' He Said!

'The duty for Charles and Diana was constitutionally to stay married' not with affairs on the side. The royals have a moral and spiritual obligation to the people to set an example. They influence the masses. As above so below. Upper house influences society.

The wedding with Diana and Charles was said to be 'the best bet for the Windsors survival'. Were they unpopular before? Were they unpopular before Diana died?

Since the crash and funeral of Diana even today, sympathy is promoted. Her family are also using her name and photograph to profit, from people who loved her. Charities that have Diana attached, or set up in her memory are collecting a vast fortune too.

In the end, everyone betrayed Diana - not just Charles.

As beautiful Diana was from her heart, did she see herself as the same person? Did Diana feel unlovable and wanted just to feel that someone actually loved her for herself?

The manipulation of peoples minds and hearts - Monarch Programming to accept overlords and people believe they are lesser beings is disturbing. Millions of people idolise the British royals? What is their true character? Jesus Christ had 12 loyal followers.

All that outpouring of love gives power to people.

Diana may have outgrown Charles if Camilla was not on the scene. Traveling, meeting people, seeing what is happening in the real world, the suffering, homelessness the famine and knowing war is taking place and countless children now without parents too. Did she wake up and question why these were happening - Did she know about the planned war?

A Royal marriage is with a Duty to the people. A marriage of soulmates are called together for a higher purpose and this might be to serve humanity. If Diana and Charles had drifted apart with romance, they could have continued their work separately they had the opportunity to reach more people, not being tied to the hip. They both lost their way.

Unfortunately divorce, affairs, bed hopping and illegitimate children are now the acceptable norm in the society because the Royal family set this standard long ago.

Diana spoke of wanting to be remembered as the Queen of Hearts. With Charles holding the title Earl of Chester - Diana held the title Countess of Chester.

In Chester is a Queen Anne's Manor called Aston Park House. Prince William supports Aston Villa - Villa is another name for a house. Outside is covered in Hearts and being guided to find this one day, also with other information and Providence being revealed by something that happened to validate and connected with this information.

Diana married a man who was crowned in the Kingdom of Wales.Wales being an ancient Kingdom, the ceremony took place in a castle setting and televised. So I believe this was also meant to be. Castles have throne rooms and while the people are shown the Queen and Charles crowned openly, there is no excuse to have any secret crowning ceremonies today.

No one has a right to rule over anyone by deception.

Stating Charles marriage to Camilla is Legally dubious is not clarified. Recalling that 'it was decided' better Charles married Camilla than stay single with a lover - with keeping the respectable and 'honorable' gentlemen image people might see him fit to be King.

Also recalling Camilla in a car crash. Kanga spoke of being pushed out of a window that resulted in her being in a wheelchair. I felt the invisible force push me down the stairs - very nasty deep bruise for some weeks - Been in a freak car crashes too.

Diana had so much more she wanted to say. At least Panorama carried out her interview. She was not the cause of Charles betrayal - She had her own problems.

The heavy promotion of Kate Middleton is to accept her as a Queen, so now people are easily accepting that George will be a king too. They planned it so well.

Nothing would surprise me any more. Even if Diana was alive. What is of most interest is to understand what exactly was meant about the legality of marriage?

Princess Diana did not use the title Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla does not use the title Princess of Wales. There is a reason for everything - and many more.

William has used baby Georges birth certificate to legally document his and Kate's occupation as Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom. George's name is recorded as Prince.

Is there a pop singer named Prince? Actually a woman who was selling fake titles on the internet was confronted about her crimes and she went to court in USA and changed her name by deed poll to Princess. No credible Princess would do this.

Skyfall came to my mind. The 2012 movie Just reading that Daniel Craig is contracted to do two more Bond's so it definitely will not be the last.....

The Queen is supposed to be the Queen for the people. The World Kingdom is supposed to be belonging to Jesus Christ. Remember 'The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away'.

Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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